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      Any chane there a update features like cloud save and sync soon?

      Don’t want to start over or lose progress I have Made..

      Think I am speaking for everyone.

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      Hi – No promises but our team are certainly aware of this request.

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      I second the request. I would love for my iPhone and iPad to sync with each other. I have my wizard and my level 17 ranger on my ipad.

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      This is needed
      Have the game on Steam, Android and iOS.
      Progress made on Android but with crashes it is making that file redundant as can’t pickup the gameplay on another device.
      Cloud save which can be picked up across device types would streamline the user experience and make it more accessible

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      “no promises”. Cool, a paid game that devs can’t make any NEEDED promises. I’m very regretful from buy a so bad optimized game with lack of cloud-resources.

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      Now that Portal Knights has been included with Playstation plus has that helped the user base increased enough to add weight to this request?

      We all love the game in my house and I would definitely buy the game on Nintendo Switch if it meant I could transfer my PS4 save to it (and back again) to give me the option to take Portal Knights out and about with me.

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      Hello , I’ve playing for a while and the game is great! But my iPhone crashed and now I just discovered that I lost all the progress on the game and there is no cloud save on Game Center. Not even for the character. I’m very sad because I have to give away all the time invested and it doesn’t feel good to play back again knowing that I can lose all over again with no backup option.
      I hope you on 505 Games can fix that soon. I certainly will wait for that option before start playing the game again.

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      I just logged on this morning, and everything I did from the night before had been lost (One of those greasy 14 hour sessions). I wont be returning to this game until that gets resolved.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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