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      Hello Guys,

      So as the title already leaked a little bit I want to bring some Ideas People already got I think and that’s all about
      Adding Stat’s to Pet’s. They’re really cool until now and give us some extra Fashion. So I was just playing the Game a few Hours and just asking myself: ,,Hey I would like to have more Manaregeneration on my Ranger´´ or like ,,Double Jump would be nice without unequip my Damage-Gear´´. So I just thought about the Idea and wanted to start this Topic.
      So here are some Stat’s which I would give to the Pet’s without killing the Meta like Critt’s back these days.

      – Double Jump +1 / +2 (Would be really nice against the Ice Dragon, because to behonest: No one can dodge that Icebreathe)

      – Manaregeneration +20-40 (I feel like I dont want to play with Manapotion’s because everytime to go back to my Corner to just crafting them is a little bit pain in the àss.

      – Abilities like “Rush”, “Encore”, “Absorber” or “Aggressor” etc.

      – Critical Strike Chance / Damage (I know there were already a nerf but to be honest that nerf was really hard and everyone is playing Mulitstrike now. I also wouldnt go high with critical strike chance just like 2-3% and Damage the same 2-3%)

      – Multistrike Chance -> 3-4% (I would be really carefull with adding ,,+1 Additional Strike´´ because may it can destroy Meta with some Multistrike Builds)

      – Health +20-150 (Pretty usefull for not getting Oneshotted at the Ultra Bosses so I can pick something else as “Cheat Death”)

      – Mana +20-150 (Higher Mana Pool for casting Abilities with other classes then Mage would be really nice)

      – Constitution, Strenght, Agility, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intellegence +5 (Each Pet 1 Stat)

      Because you can equip only 1 Pet at a Time I wouldnt say it’s gamebreaking.
      There are many Pet’s which are really hard to get and I would just give them the best Stat’s / Abilities because it really take long to get these like the “Pink Imp” which can only be crafted at the High Rift’s and if People didn’t
      got the DLC -> “Bright Prince” is also really hard to farm! 🙂

      I really want to hear what you would say to that! 🙂

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