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      I’ve never reset a universe before, so I wanna get some information before I try it.

      1. Are ALL islands affected? Do my unlocked vacant islands or home island stay untouched?
      2. Are NPCs I’ve found reset? Are Quests that I’ve completed reset for those islands?
      3. Do I have to unlock any portals again?
      4. Do the islands regenerate the same way they did when I started the universe? Or do they regenerate in a completely new design as if I made a new universe seed?
      5. On worlds with Special Items (like 1-04 Shrieking Sands’ Ceremonial Mask of C’Thiris), do the special items respawn since I’ve already used it for the quest?

      I play on Nintendo Switch, so the the game is still Version 1.3.5, just to clarify in case any changes were made to this in the Creative Update. I just wanna make sure I don’t accidentally regen worlds I care about and lose stuff I need xD

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      So I had to regen my main world when the Adventurer’s Update came out.
      Regenerating a universe affects all the islands except main and vacant islands. Whatever you build, store, NPCs placed here, etc. are not removed or altered.

      All other islands are reset. This includes respawning NPCs, new landscapes and resetting quests.

      I don’t know if there was a restructuring in recipes, but I lost certain recipes when I applied. Most of those were purchased recipes.

      Hope this helps, and add me on switch if you want to play together!

      200+ hours logged!
      hmu to co-op!

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