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      Was this really necessary? Seriously. 200 events is a bit much don’t you think? Considering you’re lucky if you get 2-3 events to spawn a day, per world. Even if you do manage to grab them, some events are insanely more tedious than others. This really should’ve been narrowed down to 25 and 50 events completed. 200 is ridiculously grindy.

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      I agree, 200 is to much, achievement of 50 is enough.
      Already finished the story, I’m lvl 30 and wanted to do it but they do not appear very often 🙁 and its like 15 of them which is boring.

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      Same, I already got the 50 one but 200?? I think it should be 100, atleast, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to get. Becouse, after some time, it gets really boring playing the game becouse there’s not much to do after you beat the game. Except the Hard Bosses but I can’t do them becouse I don’t have anyone to play with. So yeah.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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