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      The Android version shouldnt have been created until the switch version had all DLC and update, not fair to us switch players, if people who don’t have a system to play on want to play then they should have had no choice but to go buy a system, why do people who pay 30 bucks for the game get less content then those who pay 10 bucks, they get more stuff because they can’t afford a system it’s really just wrong, we paid good money for a game that we are limited on, it’s frustrating you wasted all that time on creating a new version for Android when you should have been working on the switch version.

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      Wow ok….. I am sure not all people who are playing on android couldn’t afford a switch. Console users will never have the same perks mobile and pc users have as its much easier to update and manipulate code on the latter. Stop crying because apparently you are rich enough to get a gaming rig. Its the only way to take full advantage of all the perks headed our way

Viewing 1 reply thread
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