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      Well.. What is the motivation to still playing Portal Knights? To loot mobs and discovery new recipes for anything. And.. New weapons or equipment. Today, when we complete all Islands, the only thing that we got to do is.. Build.. Why we will hunt more mobs? I think that the game connect RPG to Build. Then, will be a nice thing if you Devs bring the PVP to the game. A PvP Island. Think about. People want to battle with your friends, in any perspective. That will be a good thing to the game.
      Imagine that haha: Two friends. Both got New equipment of “rare events”, and both want to challeng each and other. PvP Will be a great Idea.

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      ja, PvP Kämpfe wären echt toll. Ich habe das Spiel jetzt auch schon “durchgespielt” und irgendwann wird das Bauen halt langweilig

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