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      Since the last update, my islands are always missing items like windows, lamps, etc. If I reload the map, they are back for other things missing. The items are there but not visible. Does anyone have similar problems and maybe a solution, or helps here only a hotfix from the developer?

      With this bug, building is no fun at all and I’ve spent more than 1100 hours in 2 huge construction projects.

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      Hey Dudeļ¼Œ i’m suffered with the same problem as decribed by you. Everytime I load the map, different decorations will have display problems. If I hit those decrorations by weapons or tools, they will appear. Then if I load other maps and when Im back to my home, they disappear again.

      I love building and I bought this game on different platforms, but this bug kills me.

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      Hey guys! The team are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

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        Was a patch ever applied for this? Not sure if its related but I noticed the miner helmet light sometimes doesn’t work when I have my mages titanium shadow wand out.

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