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      I didn’t see this on your “Known Issues” so I am posting this here. It seems like some people are simply unable to join any multiplayer games regardless of settings or options selected. For example, you can see DjTechLive’s stream from last night where he tried to get a game going with 2 other people:


      For 40 minutes, he tried to get multiplayer to work until he finally quit. He tried:

      -Joining through steam friends list
      -Inviting through friends list
      -Joining through in-game friends menu
      -Linking up with Hamachi VPN and joining as LAN game

      As you guys know, this game is really most enjoyable if you can play with your friends. Please prioritize this issue before players start to give up on it.

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      i have this bug too
      i cant join any of my friends
      but my friends can join me normaly

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        We tried this patch last night. The same players are still unable to join any multiplayer games of any kind.

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      first off all i had set up my list TO friends before all of this
      and have been playing with friends before
      only its when they JOIN my world that i can play with them

      when i try to join THEYR world
      even tho its set to friends (and i know cause i can see their stream)
      it doesnt show up in my friends list
      NON of my friends show up in the join list
      and i got 5 people playing this game and i cant join a single one of them
      some of em have the same issue as me
      and others can simply join me with no problem

      and second if you make a hot fix
      dont put it on a beta section
      alot of players will never check that
      and for an early release game a hotfix should never be a beta build

      now cause you put it in the beta section
      the people that dont have issue’s will never check that box
      so the people that did have the issue will still not be able to play togheter
      cause its a different Build of the game

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      Same Problem here. My friend and i both are not abel to join each other. If we check the Game for broken files there allways is found a mistake. Than if you check again the mistake is away but as soon as you start the game and check again the broken file is found again, maybe this is part of the Problem. We also tried the hotfix beta but same Problem there. Hope it will be fixed soon.

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