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      AvatarM. H. Walker

      I was playing online Multiplayer with a few friends, when my game crashed. No big deal. I started the game back up and we all joined back in together. One of my friends returned to the Vacant Black Forest Island I had set as my Home Island, to find that many random chunks of the world had vanished, chiefly being the one the landing pad was on, causing anyone who loads into that island to fall through the world indefinitely.

      I spent a lot of time farming and crafting resources to start a big build I had planned, but now all of them are gone since the chunks they were loaded on have disappeared.

      I doubt there is a fix for this, and I’m assuming everything I had worked for is now gone, but I want this to be known by the developers. Google searches had returned saying this might be a connection issue in Multiplayer, but it’s persisting in single-player and Offline mode, so I’m about 99% sure that island is just corrupt. There was only 1 island with a backup in my Steam folders, and reverting to it didn’t change anything.

      No other islands seem to have been affected.

      If anyone can offer insight, a solution, or preventative measures I can take, please do.

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      AvatarM. H. Walker


      I was able to remove the old island file. Loading back in afterwards reset the island to default. Obviously, all of my resources are still gone, but I grateful that I don’t need to reset my entire universe and re-open all of the portals.

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      AvatarM. H. Walker

      (I’ll preface this by saying I am in no way, shape, or form a programming or network expert.)

      My game had crashed while my friend was loading into the Home island. Myself and the other friend were on the same island. I’m guessing that, when my game crashed and disconnected us, whatever chunks had already loaded on the Vacant Black Forest Island were the ones that were saved, and the ones that hadn’t loaded just ceased to exist… if that makes sense.

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      Ive just had the same thing happen, 18 hours or so of work gone in an instant 😭

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