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      Got a burning question for our dev team? Well… Now’s your chance to get your questions answered. Over the coming months, we’re going to give our community the opportunity to get their questions answered!

      This week, we have Creative Manager, David Welch on board. Throw us your questions in the comments and we’ll get them answered next week…


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      Are you going to power up the lights?
      This is in my house at daytime.


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      I understand that getting new content isn’t always easy but could we at least get an idea of what you guys are working on because right now the game doesnt have much in re-playability and is for people who have finished it, it’s lacking in terms of content. I really like the game but communication on what’s to come, for me and I’m sure for lots of people, would make it much more interesting to stick around. Thank you for you’re answer and a great game!

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      1. Do you guys plan on making it so people can create dedicated servers to play with others online?

      2. Are there going to be friendly NPCs and/or quests in the future?

      3. Are we going to be seeing some new modes of transportation in the future?

      And lastly,

      4. Can we get a road map of what the devs plan on doing?

      If no one is around to hear the dank memes, do they really ever happen?

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      AvatarM. H. Walker

      I’m interested to see a “Minecraft like” open world mode. Start in a location on a very large, procedurally generated map, and just work to progress and create. Is this something that we could possibly see, or are there engine limitations?

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      Do you plan on improving the co-op? I have played a lot with my friends and I get a bit frustration over having to use a chest to trade items. Will we in the future be able to droppe items or even trade. This will be usefull for example when you are out in a world, and have to do a trade and you dont have time to bring a chest or craft one out in the field.

      Will you add new mobs to the game? The game tends to get a bit monotone after a few hours when you kill the same mobs just with different skins.

      Will you add more loot to the game? Its a bit demotivating going through a long dungeon so you can find a chest at the end containing a few medeoker items. It doesnt feel rewarding exploring dungeons or “hidden” parts of a map.

      Will this game have many small updates or few big ones?

      Can you give us a Map of what you want to add to the game in the future?

      Hope to get some good answears.
      Really like the game so for, even tho it lacks a lot in content.

      Cheers from Norway 🙂

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      I know this is a group focus game, but in the interest of friends developing one world being able to play together but do their own things, is there plans to allow a player to travel to separate location without dragging the group.

      It is quite frustrating if my friend fills up his bags and needs to go back home to drop off I have to go with him etc

      Also I would love to see some class specific things. Mainly skills. The mage benefits most from spells but everyone can use them. I think it would be good if there were some class specifics, for example level 10 unlock a small aoe ability. Warrior whirlwind, ranger rain of arrows, mage arcane explosion, or some such things.

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      AvatarSanteri Koponen

      Is it possible to have a text chat on multiplayer? That would be nice if you don’t have headphones, or you don’t want to use them. Thanks!

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