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      When does Portal Knights come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
      Portal Knights launches onto console on April 28th 2017 in Europe, then on May 2nd in North America.

      Where can I pre-order Portal Knights for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
      Head over to our Official website for more info on how to pre-order Portal Knights on console.

      What are the advantages to pre-ordering Portal Knights? Will I get any exclusive items?
      Head over to our Official website for more info on exclusive console pre-order items.

      When does Portal Knights leave Early Access?
      Portal Knights leaves Early Access on April 28th 2017.

      I’m already playing Portal Knights on PC. What will happen once the game launches on console? Will anything change?
      Nope! You’ll be pleased to know that nothing’s going to change. We’re going to continue listening to our community and take your suggestions on board. The plan is to keep on updating Portal Knights in the same fashion we always have done and we really hope you guys stick with us.

      Will Portal Knights Early Access players be rewarded in one way or another once the game leaves Early Access?
      For those who have joined us already during Early Access on Steam, we want to thank you for your support. Early Access adopters have already been given the Pioneer Flag and Cape, but we want to give you something extra. Once Portal Knights leaves Early Access, we want to award our players with some more bonus items! Stay tuned for more info.

      Will there be any differences between the PC and console editions of Portal Knights?
      Right now, the developers are in the optimization stages with console, so we’ll be able to give you more info in the coming weeks of any technical differences between the console and PC editions, should there be any at all! With regards to content, everything the PC community has, the console community will have. The content that PC and console users will receive will remain the same and the plan going forward is to sync our updates the best we can.

      Does Portal Knights support split-screen?
      Split-screen is coming to Portal Knights in a future update! Players can expect to see it in the console and PC editions of Portal Knights.

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