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      Hi everyone,

      Just saw the notation on the top navbar!

      I noticed that there are no “release dates” does this mean Switch users will automatically get this update and when can we expect it?

      Console players are craving for more information, but don’t leave us without answers for too long, else we may change our focus to an entirely different game… like DQB2!

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      Hi! Switch just got the Adventurer’s Update, and we’re now at 1.3.5. It automatically updated for me, which is why I’m on now. :p It’s most likely going to be a while before we get 1.4, but 1.3.5 is getting me back into PK.

      I think games automatically update if they’ve been played recently. Not sure because I recently went and manually checked every game on my system for updates, and it was the games I hadn’t played in a long time that needed to download updates.

      (I’m also looking forward to DQB2, it’s looking so good!)

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      Due to the validation process on consoles, they have to wait until they have a stable enough version working. Which means it takes longer to roll out updates. Anything they want to change has to go through Nintendo first, who tend to be particularly strict.

      Creators update released just recently on PC, so I wouldn’t expect anything on that for at least 4 or more weeks. Especially since we just got the Adventurers update(which I’m ecstatic about).

      The reason PC gets them so early is because it lacks a validation process. So they can release updates at will, even if they’re imperfect. Then they can patch or hotfix any issues they missed in internal testing.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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