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    I was curious how other people customized their controls, but I’m also really confused as to why I can’t set the “minus” button to be usable outside of the “Customize Control” menu? I’m not sure if that was intentional because in the diagram it shows Minus as “Unassigned,” which I can’t assign it because Minus unassigns anything you’ve selected to assign.

    Anyway, I had to replace the “Jump/Evade (when locked)” with B for Evade and A for Jump. Y then became “Interact (hold)/Rotate Object (tap).” I always prefer quick-keys to cycling menus, so Slots 1-8 on my action bar became X, ZR, L, R, Left, Up, Right, Left-Thumbstick-Button (I haven’t played online enough to need emotes).

    I’ve found this set-up really helps the playability of movement and combat, though it takes a little getting used to when trying to build. X us usually my pickaxe and ZR is always my main weapon, so using Left, Up, and Right for abilities that only need hit once to be used (like potions, magic, and sharpening stones) works best. L and R are then generally either building materials or secondary weapons/abilities. And the Left-Thumbstick-Button is usually a torch or other light source, which is surprisingly intuitive compared to the d-pad quick-keys.

    Edit: I completely forgot I could take pictures with my Switch.

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