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    Kayli Moon

    I think it would be cool for decoration to be able to display different things like old Armor, Pets, Weapons, and various items. I hate to sell some of the cooler things I find, especially pets, and it would be cool to make Armor Stands and Weapon Racks, and maybe Terrariums or Pens to keep pets in. It’s just one of those hoarding desires I have to not throw away things I like. X-X

    So if anything something to display pets? But also maybe Armor stands and Weapon racks for display?

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    I’d love to see that in game too, I have a bunch of armor that I don’t use anymore because it has no use to me because of better tier armor and I hate throwing it away also. It would be awesome for showing them off in a separate room of all the armor that you have instead of stockpiling them in chests.

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    I would love to display pets or set them on top of things. I took over an npc shop just to have a cat on a bed.

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