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      Dear Portal Knights Developers…

      This list is the best i could come up with and i think others will agree!

      I would LOVE to see Elf ears on my Character that goes well with all hairstyles! Personally it’s on the top of my list. Seeing as though this is a fantasy game why not? I would also like to see Cat Ears, Deer Antlers, Devil Horns and a Halo!

      The Wings in this game are awesome and i would like to see other colors especially Black. Would also like to see other styles like Fairy Wings, Butterfly Wings, Eagle Feathers and Bat wings.

      As for better organization, different Colored Storage Chests would be a life saver! I find it hard to remember where i put things so this would really help.

      I would really love to see more Character Creation options like fantacy skin colors. A color wheel would help with unique skin tones. More face option styles like different Eye’s and Mouth types, Birthmarks and Freckles would be awesome! Also more hairstyles would be nice, all these new options can be great for better overall Character Creation…(Freckles Please) LoL!

      What we all can agree on for sure is more Animals like Farm Animals! Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Pigs, even a Poney would be pretty nice! even if you can’t ride it, just having them in a barn would be sweet!

      For more unique worlds Special Dirt Blocks that allow you to grow trees and other crops from other lands would be amazing! If that can’t work then how about a Special Deed to a land where anything grows there?

      DLC with all new worlds to explore and bosses to defeat. All new furniture with color options to give your home a whole new look. Also please get some new windows styles like Stain Glass for example!

      How about more Feminine Clothes or unisex clothing to craft? Would also be nice to color dye them…Who wouldn’t want to fight a dragon with a princess dress on? I know i would! LOL

      What about Growing flowers? farming can be so much more then what it is!

      Pets have perks? for example, the princess of fire dragon could give you a bonus fire damage perk and the cats give you less fall damage perk and etc.

      Livin up the forest with some Forest Animals like Deer, Fox, Wolves, Bears etc.

      Why not expand your creation mode and let the Adventures be Endless by allowing players to create a level for others to explore and play in with enemy’s and bosses to battle!

      Lastly please add more unique NPCs to make the world’s more lively. I’d love to collect them all!

      I believe you have something truly special here and would love to see this list make it into the game. I believe many players who love this game, would even pay for this to be in a DLC. I for one sure would! It would be a dream come true…Thank you for making such a wonderful game, i hope to see it succeed and become a popular franchise in the future. I look forward to anything new coming to Portal knights. I truly love this game^^

      Sincerely Ninako-Chan7


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