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      I have beaten the end boss a few times to try out different gear as well as explored the game and unlocked all the zones on a map. I have enjoyed it so far as a mix of Spiral Knights, Minecraft and Torchlight but it still lacks the replay ability of those games but I’m giving it the chance to grow beyond early access. At this point I got a few suggestions of some minor things I noticed.

      Suggestion (Gear): Improve tool tips

      – As an example it is not really apparent to me what “additional strikes” does and at this point it is my guess that it works in combination with multi-strike only but doesn’t stack. Since with a combined +2 and some multi strike chance I often see a single attack do triple damage but never dual (As if multi strike worked independent) or quadruple (As if it works with multi strike and adds both). I can’t tell if any of that is a bug or intentional, since the tool tip is none existent.

      Suggestion (Spells): This may be due to my play style and that I haven’t really played any other class than ranger but looking at the stats of those classes of the classes that should really make a difference in what I can observe, so here’s the thing – Besides Enrage and maybe the heal spell (even if I never needed healing) I don’t see the point of the other spells except maybe Recklessness if I wanted to tank. The direct damage spells seems like a waste of time to cast and a gimmick at best.

      With the exception of the Wizard class’s level 30 unlock perk I don’t see that class having any real advantages with spells. From what I saw the base stats looked identical and while the wizard gains 30% int early the other two can gain 25% int later.

      I question why you even have classes and feel like they were added like a last minute afterthought to split a few level perks up a bit. Which leads to the next three suggestions.

      Suggestion (Gear/Classes): On a similar note. Let the gear have stats requirements. The classes seems pointless when my character is running around in heavy plate pants, swinging a wand.

      Suggestion (Gear/Classes): Make wands and staffs count as “spell damage” and have their damage be improved by the intelligence stat to make them less favorable to the other classes. Let the class choice matter a little more and have them stay a little more in their theme.

      Suggestion (Classes): Get rid of the initial class choice and have us design our own class through the level perks.

      Suggestion (Environment): Give us the option to customize the islands sizes.

      It’s a shame that the plants are tier based. Otherwise it would be easy to create more variation by taking advantage of the portal setting and not have us proceed through the game as if it was any other land travel we so often see in rp games, like now where the themes are linked. The would improve the replay ability even more should you at a later point decide to add more biomes.

      Suggestion (Gear – Possible bug): If we learn a recipe before unlocking it by upgrading the station then don’t have the recipe appear twice in the menu after upgrading. (I assume it’s a bug but this saves me the trouble of making two posts)

      semi-Suggestion (Environment/RP’ish): It struck me as odd that you added all these furniture but didn’t give them any functionality. Perhaps make the beds serve the function to set a spawn location for when you log in and when used in-game have them reset the day/night to morning. Or make the bookshelves serve as spell, scroll and potion containers, etc. It’s not something I consider important but hey, why not mention it.

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      When game is available for mac please answer me

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      Tarpol, I like your ideas. I am still VERY new to the game, but I have noticed a few of the things as well.

      The Classes do seem a bit strange, when you can just equip any armor or weapon and go to town. You could either have different levels of armor, or maybe have effects Positive or Negative for Spells or Fighting, based on the type of armor you are wearing.

      If someone is wearing light armor and casting spells, everything is normal. But if you cast spells with heavy armor on, it is slower to cast.

      Setting the classes as having proficiency with a weapon type or armor type would fit, but could be annoying if you only seem to get one type of armor and can’t use it.

      Setting a spawn location to a bed, or maybe having a rest action for the bed that heals you and restores mana.

      An idea for handling learning how to create new items, is to have an item that you find (window, door, chair, etc) that you find, and take it to the workbench, then deconstruct it and learn to make it.

      Making Wands and Staves being effected by Int makes sense. I am running a wizard and noticed that my wand damage wasn’t really changing, I had to use the ability spells to do more.

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