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    stray love

    i found the bug portal defeated that. but now i cant find the other portal in garnet peaks. would anyone know where to find it?? i been at this for about a month or more on and off looking and still no luck. that watch still feels like its broken. a screenshot would be helpful. i got a large universe btw.

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    Hey Stray Love,

    Unfortunately a screenshot will not do much good, since a lot of the areas are randomly generated, which means your Garnet Peaks will look different than my Garnet Peaks. You said the compass was not helping you (some of these portals are really well hidden, so dig through walls in the dungeons or dig straight down where the signal is strongest because you can hear the portal), so the only thing I can suggest is to “refresh” your universe.

    When you are selecting your universe in the main menu, there is a little symbol that says “refresh” when highlighted and it reorganizes your universe areas. It does not erase your progress or lock your unlocked areas. It will just update and redesign the areas you explored (more NPCs, different layout, etc.). I do not know if your built home will reset, however, if you built it in non-vacant island like Garnet Peaks for example (the menu says it won’t but I cannot confirm). Let me know if this helped at all.

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    Home world and the vacant islands will NOT reset. I’ve done it dozens of times. Just make sure you have the correct world selected as home world, I goofed on that one the first time! (Forgot I had moved all my stuff lol)

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