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      Hi all,
      in 2 days, the phisical version of PK for Switch is out.
      Despite this, I really want the producer of this game to give to the Switch version the same amount of contents as the Compute oner, ’cause we have payed a ‘not very low’ price for this, and we are getting only the base contents and I think that this is really … unfair?

      I don’t know why they’re understimating so bad this version, I don’t understand anything of programming things and so like and I don’t even know how much can be difficult to implement new things in a game, but I really think that we need a complete game as the other platforms. Also I just read that on the PC version a new set of weapons and contents is coming… and for us?

      Please don’t let this game fall into complete unknowledge.

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      The creators of “Nine Parchments” announced that a patch for the Switch was ready a month before Nintendo released it. It’s much easier to provide updates and downloaded content on Steam than it is on any gaming system, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t already working on it, though I don’t have the slightest clue.

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      An why does it cost so much more on the switch then the other platforms. I’m waiting to buy it until it’s closer to being the same with the other platforms an more bugs worked out of it.

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      I completely agree we pay more for way less, they should have focused on the switch version before even thinking of an Android version it’s sad a 10 Android version has more content the a 30 dollar system version, we loved the game at first but recently have been very disappointed in the lack of content available to us, we have stopped playing PK and went to Pokemon Quest because there just isn’t anything else to do in PK for switch, we have even done the special events and got everything available (to the switch players),if they don’t update or add DLC within a month me and all my friends have sworn to delete PK, not worth 30 bucks for a quarter of content available, especially if they put more work in an Android version then the switch

Viewing 3 reply threads
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