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      AvatarKayli Moon

      I love Portal Knights to bits! It’s one of my top games of all time, I have it on PS4, Switch, and Steam. I play switch most frequently though, so I’m adding this post to the Switch Discussions instead of the other 2. I have a few suggestions that might make things easier and nicer.

      1. Hidden NPCs tend to be a big problem of the game for completionists, especially people like me who love to stay on Large Worlds. The Hidden NPCs are almost always somewhere underground and if you don’t get lucky enough to have them spawn with their entrances close to the edge of the island, then you’re going to have to be lucky and dig around for it. This is tedious, especially when the NPC offers nothing. Personally I only do it because it irks me to see ??? for an NPC list. A couple of suggestions could fix this: 1. either change the algorithm of how those NPCs spawn to always appear on a visible edge (even off the side of the island is fine, just as long as its not buried completely where you have to get a lucky dig) or 2. (I like this one better) An NPC finder. We have a resource finder for ores and a compass for finding portals, it makes sense for a quest somewhere along the line, even end game at the Sanctuary, to give you a recipe to make a device that locates unfound NPCs. It doesn’t have to be easy to get, but it would make finding NPCs less of a chore and more of a fun exploration experience.

      2. I like the Random Events, but some of them don’t appear enough. I propose a recipe that allows you to summon a specific Event. Of course I don’t expect it to be easy, how about several Energy Crystals (to ensure you have to do random events to even summon a specific one), and an item pertaining to the Event. (Examples: a number of Sandblocks for Sand Storm Event, a number of Coal or Ores to trigger an All you Can Mine Event, etc.) It would help people find stuff that only comes from events like some of the recipes.

      3.Dyes! I love the customization in the game, but recoloring things would be much nicer. Not much I can say here, but maybe you can make dyes from different plants and materials?

      These are just thoughts from a PK fan 🙂 Thanks for listening

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      AvatarKayli Moon

      4. Level 30 melee armor for ranger and a craftable stealth spell would make using high level daggers more popular. Dagger seems to go so unused minus a few very niche situations. I think having a stealth skill at least would make it more viable as a weapon choice. Stealth could give you 5 or 10 seconds of invisibility, enabling you to sneak around enemies undetected. The first strike you deal to an enemy while stealthes will unstealth you and deal a large percent of bonus weapon damage. It also would be an excellent addition to other class use since the spells seem to be universal for classes.

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      I agree with several of your points. Allow me to suggest on point 1 to incorporate this NPC tracker on the current pets that the game contains. Maybe having to buy the 10k animal to gain this effect.

      Point 4. I agree that having several melee weapons in the game seem VERY unusable with not only the ranger but also the mage. I would love to see more variability in the weapon list to not only fit the class but make them feel more specialized so when your playing your intended class it feels that way.
      Thanks 🙂

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