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      We want our Portal Knights forums to be an enjoyable and welcoming place for fans. To ensure this happens, we ask you to please respect the following Terms and Conditions. Should you have any questions, please contact one of our moderators who will be happy to help!


      DO NOT…

      Post Spam
      We will not tolerate multiple image posts, links to external sites, memes or duplicate threads on our forums. Not only does spam make the forums appear messy, but other community members will find it a nuisance.

      Troll or Insult Others
      It should go without saying; any trolling/harassment/insults against other members of the community will NOT be tolerated. We expect our community members to interact with one another in a friendly manner. Please respect one another! Failure to do so will result in a warning, followed by a permanent ban from the Portal Knights forums.

      Our forums are all about Portal Knights… Not your own personal website. Please do not use this community space to promote or advertise. If you have something cool to show us, (such as a fan page) please contact our team privately.

      Publish Personal Information
      This includes name, phone numbers, home address, email address, etc.

      Post Hacks, Cheats or Malicious Programmes
      If a member of the community is found to have posted any hacks, cheats or malicious programmes across the forums, they will be permanently banned from the Portal Knights forums.

      Impersonate a 505 Games Employee
      Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the Portal Knights forums.

      Create Multiple Accounts
      Our forums are intended to be used by one person.

      Post links to external sites
      This includes links to leaked content, game exploits, violent threats, porn, unlawful, copyrighted material, piracy, auctioning, drugs, alcohol, religious, political or any other content that may be deemed as offensive and against the T&C’s.

      Bump Forum Threads Intentionally
      Please don’t intentionally bump threads. HOWEVER, if there’s an active discussion taking place, then this isn’t a problem.


      Be Considerate
      Please be considerate of others and think before you type! What you may find comical may be seen as offensive to other members of the community. Do not publish material that is hateful towards sex, race, religion etc. Every community member deserves to be treated as equals!

      Remain on Topic
      Please remain on the topic of discussion. Should you want to start a new discussion, create a new thread.

      Help Others!
      If a community member has issues with the game, or has questions, then feel free to speak to them! We want to encourage a welcoming community environment and whilst we will do all we can to reply to comments, we won’t be able to reply to them all.

      Report Content
      If you believe a community member is engaging in activity which breaks the rules, please inform one of our moderators. They will then look into the post/thread/topic in question and take relevant action if necessary. Moderators reserve the right to delete any content if they feel it breaches the T&C’s. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, please contact our moderators for more information.

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      I have a question about external sites, Lets say i do fan art and i want to show a link to lets say a deviant art or my art blog. Is that allowed? Cause.. i have something in the works for fan art.

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        Hi LadyOpal – We have a forum specifically for fan art 🙂 So be sure to post it in there! However, we are more than happy for you to post a link, so long as it leads to the relevant destination. Hope this helps.

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      Bump Forum Threads Intentionally
      Please don’t intentionally bump threads. HOWEVER, if there’s an active discussion taking place, then this isn’t a problem.

      Don’t forget to add not to NECRO or GRAVE DIG old topics…

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      Don’t forget to add not to NECRO or GRAVE DIG old topics…

      Honestly, sometimes necroing is better than every month having someone create a new topic on the same subject. Over. And. Over.

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        I believe he means threads that are completely dead and are irrelevant now. For example, lets say someone replies to a thread and we’re on a game patch 10, the thread they post in is about game patch 1 ( obviously example numbers). Usually forums have types of threads’ ask a simple question get a simple answer’ for threads usually asking like ‘ when is the game coming out’ ‘ how much is the game’

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      I assume external websites/advertising include twitch and youtube channels?

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      I have a question about the External Links thing as well…

      In a recent post of mine about a MAC platform suggestion for this game, I mentioned Shubble from YouTube who did a Sponsored video for Portal Knights, I included the link to her YouTube video for the sponsored video for this game. Is this alright?

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      thanks for such a great post , keep it up

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