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      Hi all,

      This is for the devs/mods. I think their should be and “Suggesitons/Ideas” forum for everyone to share their creative input. Right now there is the “Creative Corner” “Info On Bugs” and a section for each platform. I hope the forums get looked at often, and having a section dedicated for suggestions will give you guys an idea an what your fans want from portal knights. I created a long list in the PS4/XB1 sub forum but I don’t think it is going to get much exposure there. Just a thought, thanks!

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      -add a powerful “set bonus” for HL stuff when full armor is equiped like diablo III
      because all HL/hardcore player have ugly mixed armor for better stats….


      full Retribution set: +50% Critical Damage
      full Kings’Armor set: +500 armor
      full Crusader set: +200 light damage

      full king’archer set: +60% Critical chance
      full plunderer’set: +60% Multistrike

      full Grand Magus set : +300% mana regen in fight
      full Magi General Set: +100 mana +30% multistrike chance
      full Renowned Exploiter Set: fire spell are free

      add more mana regen for Blizzard stuff level 26-30 because it’s the wrost damage class and not fun to play in level 30.

      and add a gamemode: NEWGAME + with more stuff, harder mobs/boss

      Thank you

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