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      I find this concept of having to dig holes everywhere in order to find portals located in very unusual and isolated spots surrounded by dirt to be a major nuisance. If that’s really part of the game then we should have a ‘portal scanner’ like the resource scanner to make it easier to find them, instead of relying on luck and wasting our time and resources.

      I’ve been looking for that portal for 2 days, and the map looks like a Swiss cheese. What I’m doing now is just poke a couple holes for 5 min so then I can go play something else. It feels pointless.

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      I hade same problem, until i read a post somewhere in forum.

      Turn off music and listen for it. Portals have a special sound when you get close to it.
      I followed the crater-walls around and when i heard it, i dig it out.

      Should be a hint in game to listening for it, a sign or something.

      Good luck.

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      One is hard to find, the other is in a huge hole, but you shouldn’t need to be digging to find it

      If no one is around to hear the dank memes, do they really ever happen?

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      Thanks for the feedback guys!

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      The music turning off and listening helped my husband and I on our map. My other world the two portals were pretty out in the open. This was the only area we had a real issue in finding the second portal in. Was nice for a challenge but I did read what others were going through to find the portal.. ^^; Some spending quite a few hours to track it down or not even finding it.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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