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      Found 1 portal and then the beast thing which is locked guess this is the other portal just wondering where the missing artifice/totom peice is please help ???

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      Go 1-04 Shrieking Sands to do some quests with the person near the portal. She will eventually ask u to wear a mask to enter a temple-like building to speak to high cultist Zeebo who will reward u the totem.

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      The NPC for the quest is missing. I don’t see anyone next to the portal. I can’t complete this quest and move on. I heard about reseting the world, but no idea how to do that on PS4.

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      You don’t need to regenerate your world which you do at the world loading screen. The “Worm” totem is what Zeebo trades you for the C’Thiris Mask which is downstairs on a podium where the Female Acolyte NPC says to go get it. This is all accomplished in Shrieking Sands. She is not at a portal, just the entrance to a mine area. Once you come back up with it and trade it to Zeebo, he will give you the Green Orb which is the Worm Totem. Then you travel to Garnet Peaks, if you do not already know where the Beast portal is, use your arcane Compass, (Which does work regardless of what you see on here as that is exactly how I found it), and then you insert the green orb and whoosh, You are at the great worm pit. You can always add me and I can hop on tonight and run you through it. Bonjoyle is my PS4 online id.
      Cheers and good hunting

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      You have to take the portal that is underground in fort finch to shrieking sands

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