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      sword and melee combat more like zelda
      Sword attacks different for moving in directions or standing still. This could help solve the early game issue of flying creatures
      Wands and staff’s charging shots, maybe like a beam blast.
      Bows perhaps more risk and reward – long range with chance to miss at lower character levels. Higher damage and more accuracy at closer range

      Archer spells like rain of arrows
      Upgraded shots
      power shots
      arrow effects like poison/damage over time, ice/slowing, acid/armor reducing

      Pets with uses like light or aura’s

      Quickstack feature for chests

      Altering the combat style to be more skill based could make a pvp server possible. Like making a race to go through so many portals for rewards.

      Monk class. The warrior goes more tank, but the monk would have higher melee dps
      Warrior class has shields ie like zelda
      Shaman or wizard could have the ability to set up totems which could be like aura’s or small towers that shoot. Make it a spell or other similar ability
      All classes have a small but noticeable amount of mana regen with no items

      Useable furniture
      Bed able to sleep to morning or evening

      Placeable stalls or buildings that invite npc’s to move where you want them to in your world.
      Traveling salespeople with rotating inventory.
      Able to change hairstyles or other things via potion or npc or something.
      A tool similar to the drill but instead of digging downwards it digs in front of you and places dirt where there are holes so you can level out an area quickly. sort of like a bulldozer.

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