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      I have had this game a long time,I preordered it on ps4.My son and I have never had any problems with it until last night. I played with a new person online and the game started freezing during load screens and lagging. They said it had been happening to them a lot. After I quit playing with them it started happening in my game. After i played with my son, it started happening in his game. It is pretty much unplayable now because of the constant lag and disconnecting us from each other. If ypu are trying to collect something you crafted when the lag hits, you lose the item and the ingredients used to make it. This is ridiculous. What did ypu change in the past few days to cause this and how can i fix it?

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      Getting this as well. Server load maybe because it is free on PS Plus maybe? It was so bad that I shut down the PS4 and walked away.

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      I did not experience lag, but I did have a 2-6 second freeze every few minutes while playing offline coop. Last night, 12/8 between 6-10 pm MST I was online with 3 other people and I only froze once in the 3-4 hour time frame, but I did experience a stutter. I would just be walking around and BAM…it was like my foot would get stuck on a pebble and my character would vibrate for a second or 2. I will play again this evening and see if it is still doing that and check online vs offline and report my findings to assist in resolution.

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      Idk why it is so bad. I found turning off “detail objects” in display settings really helped reduce it.i only see it in online co-op or if i spam to many containers in a short time frame.

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