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      Looking for a group to play with, I’m currently a level 21 warrior, looking to play on my world or others, even if your low level send me an add, I’ll get you up to speed!
      PSN is SovietRuski, add me!!

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      Looking to play with someone ^-^
      Im a level 12 or 13 ranger. I dont have a mic rn but im planning on getting one at some point. Im 17 ps. U can add my discord so we could msg there! Discord is Insignificant#7683 and my portal knights name is Katherine Snow (idk if thats important). Also my psn name is DuckyThatCould

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      I am on all the time add me. my psn online id is the same as here….Bonjoyle. I am a 20 ranger with a lvl 5 mage as a back up when I play with the wife. I have a cool house, (still under construction), several merchants at the crib, a few gardens to pick from and I have planted seeds in other worlds for harvesting when I need silk. Most of my crafting stations are level 3 for sure. Don’t have titanium yet. Hit me up. Will be on in about 34 minutes MST. I am in Denver.

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      Hello, im a lvl 30 knight who has every world open and hard mode bosses unlocked with one victory against hard mode worm. I have a whole crew who are lvl 30 so if anyone needs help add me on ps4. My gamertag is DeuceLuvsYou, just message me whatever you need help with. I have max benches and all that good shiz

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      Hey there. Level 30 ranger lf other players. Have max crafting tables and such. Working on a warrior and mage as well. Vix-reaper-xiv is the gt. Hit me up. Wouldnt mind help on the hard bosses. Or a pwr lvl trade. Whatever.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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