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      And suggestions and what gear would I need?

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      Here is my best Ranger Build in my Opinion:

      All Attribute Points spent in Dexteritiy for maximum Damage

      Weapon: Righteous Swarm, Bolt Bringer, Crystalline Ruin (Depends vs which Elemental)

      Hat: Plunderers Helm (+2 Additional Strikes is really OP on a Critt Build)

      Chest: Legendary Rift Ranger Chestpiece (Most Critical strike chance of all Chest Pieces)

      Gloves: High Reaper Gloves (Just for the Critical Chance)

      Legs: Avenger Legbraces (Critical strike chance / Damage)

      Cape: Cape of the Ranger Prince (ofc the best one for ranger)

      ring: Ring of fire (critical strike chance / Damage)


      Bow Expert

      Sentry Stance

      Dodge Chance -> Evasive Maneuver can also be picked but would not be a good combination with Sentry Stance

      Potion Mastery

      Orb Thief

      Sharp shooter or In the Face of Evil -> Depends what you like

      Exploit Weakness

      TOTAL CRITICAL STRIKE CHANCE of 73% with my Build.

      You could reach 81% if you would change the hat for the Critical Strike Hat but you want to go for additional strikes because it’s more DPS.

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        Sry I need to change something about that old-build even if it was yesterday written:

        Hear the Gear again:

        Hat: Plunderer’s Helmet

        Chest: Legendary Rift Ranger chestpiece

        Gloves: Legendary Rift Ranger Gauntlets (Sustain)

        Legs: Avenger Legbraces

        Cape: Cape of the Ranger Prince

        Ring: Ring of Divine Protection (additional Strikes are more DPS)


        Bow Expert, Fading, Dodge Chance, Potion Mastery, Dodger, Cheat Death (Boss fights) or In the face of Evil,
        Exploit Weakness

        Weapons are the same -> Righteous Swarm, Bolt Bringer, Crystalline Ruin (Depends vs which Elemental)

        Critical Chance -> 61%
        Multistrikes -> 3 and a 9% chance of 4th -> Means you have a 9% Chance to do 5 Hits per Second. (4 are guranteed)

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