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      Giving the community early access to Portal Knights is key to the future development of the title and of course, we want to hear your thoughts! However… Before you post your ideas into this ‘wish list’ forum, think about it long and hard about it…

      1. Tell us your ideas but give us as much detail as possible.
      2. Explain to us how it will benefit Portal Knights.
      3. Be realistic! (Asking us to develop an island the size of the USA, to scale, isn’t going to happen – sorry!)

      DO NOT…
      1. Be disrespectful of other community member’s ideas.
      2. Expect us to know exactly what you’re talking about. Please be as thorough as possible!
      3. SHOUT AT THE REST OF THE COMMUNITY AND EXPECT US TO LISTEN TO YOU! – Take a deep breath, turn caps lock off and talk to us nicely! We will read all suggestions that come through.

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      Hey there – Loving the game, and got in early thanks to me being a Youtuber.

      Now I love mining and the range of hitting/placing blocks is stupidly high. I love this, but could do without it for immersion (Quality of Life>immersion in that case in my opinion)

      However, not being able to move while mining at all makes it a little stiff. I’d love being able to run around while mining, would be really useful.

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      I wasn’t sure if this would fall under Gameplay or Crafting, but are you able to split items? If not, being able to split a stack of items in half or “split one” would be a huge bonus! It would make it a lot easier to share items or divide items up amongst chests, workbenches, and other crafting furniture.

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      Could we get more variety in color on the blocks?
      It seems like all the placeable blocks are brown, grey, or gold.

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      I find it really confusing to find recipes given you see all recipes no matter what station you are at. I would really like a checkbox that lets me hide all the recipes I don’t have ingredients for or at least that are not possible at the current station.

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      … are you able to split items? If not, being able to split a stack of items in half or “split one” would be a huge bonus! It would make it a lot easier to share items or divide items up amongst chests, workbenches, and other crafting furniture.


      I was playing with a friend and when he needed some of my copper to craft something I had no choice but to give him all of it, making me wait with my crafting until he was finished and could give it back.

      Stack splitting (as well as maybe item dropping) would be a huge improvement.

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      Not being able to move while mining at all makes it a little stiff. I’d love being able to run around while mining, would be really useful.

      Not being able to dodge while attacking is annoying too but maybe it would be a little too op

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      wasn’t sure if this would fall under Gameplay or Crafting, but are you able to split items? If not, being able to split a stack of items in half or “split one” would be a huge bonus! It would make it a lot easier to share items or divide items up amongst chests, workbenches, and other crafting furniture.


      If you have a full stack of items and you are sure you would need only couple of them and want to put the rest in a chest or so, would be great.

      It would be nice as well being able to deconstruct items for a bit of ingredients (like if you make a weapon with say 3 ingots, by deconstructing you would get 1 back) , not just throw them out.

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      Another thing that would greatly benefit the crafting system. Is only seeing the items that you can craft at each individual crafting station, rather than everything from every station.

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      Personally, I’d like to see sloped/staired block types for building.
      As stated above, more variety in placed blocks or a way to paint them.

      The crafting stations are a bit big and bulky, perhaps a more slender appearance. Like 2 blocks length, 1 high and 1 width.
      As said above, each station should only show what it can craft.

      All I have for now.

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      Hi there,

      I have played 20 hours now, just posted my RPG suggestions and now here’s some Mining/Crafting suggestions:

      1. Reduce Smelting Costs! So right now it requires 10 Iron Ore to make 1 Iron Bar and 20 Gold Ore to make 1 Gold Bar, to me that is way too high I think something more reasonable would be a flat rate of 8 ore = 1 bar that will allow you to create 8 bars per 64 stack of ore. or you could increase the amount of ore dropped per block and increase the Stack size.

      2. Stack Size! Please make it so that all resource items stack to the same amount(ore,gems,cloth etc..). 64 is good. Blocks stack to 400 so no complaints there.

      3. Please only allow the proper tools for the job! Is there any benefits from using a Axe over a pickaxe for getting wood? Doesn’t seem like there’s any difference to me, it took me the same amount of hits on a tree with a pickaxe as it did with an axe so why have multiple tools if they all can be used to gather all resources?

      4. Split Stacks! As others have suggested already the ability to split stacks or take singles would be much appreciated.

      5. Show only recipes for that Crafting Station! As others have suggested.

      6. Rework Recipes! Why do i need 4 gold bars to craft a Rogue hood? You would think this would require cloth and maybe something else but not metals. I would like to see this fixed up so things make a little more sense 🙂

      7. Crafting from Chests! Would be pretty awesome if i could craft an item and have it use the ingredients right from what i have in my chests.

      Thats all i got for now hope to see some of this in future updates!

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      Just got the game today with a friend, and right away, there were a few different things that we noticed that would help the game. Here’s a short list of things we noticed would help improve the crafting system.

      1: Stack control – Being able to split a stack into certain amounts helps organization for crafting, as well as multiplayer use.

      2: Recipe Sort/Filter – Maybe not necessarily only showing the recipes that are available on that crafting station, but put all recipes available at the current crafting station at the top, and grey out the ones that aren’t available, at the bottom. For example, at the Altar, under the Materials tab, things like metal bars would be down at the bottom of the list, greyed out, while the Altar only materials would be at the top

      3: Recipe Description – What exactly am I crafting and what does it do? Now for some things this is straightforward, or already listed… I know the Altar is “Used for crafting Magic Items”. What purpose does the stool or fireplace serve? Are they merely decorations, or is there some point to make them? How many inventory slots are in Chest II?

      4: First person block placement – I don’t know if others are bothered by this… but when I place blocks in first person, it sets me off with the gigantic block that covers 80% of my screen. Just a scale down of block items when held in the hand.

      5: Mining range – HUGE… It’s as simple as that. As a Warrior, I can mine blocks 8 blocks away. Isn’t that a little extreme, when I myself am only 2 blocks tall?

      6: Mining efficiency – I’m not sure whether this is already in game, as I haven’t noticed it, but costing extra durability when mining with tools that aren’t fit for it… Like using your bow to cut down trees should consume more durability loss than shooting enemies with the bow.

      7: Mining viewpoint in 3rd person view – I don’t know if anyone else has seen this, but if I’m facing south with a tree just to my north, and move my camera so it’s between the camera and my character… then left click, I can actually break the tree that was in the way of the camera, even though my character was facing away from the tree. (the following is more gameplay related, but I believe is essentially caused by the same factor) This also causes issues for Rangers when trying to shoot long distance targets – if they move their back to the wall, the archer will start lobbing arrows, instead of shooting straight.

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      So when I have pickaxe out it doesn’t break the block where my cursor is facing, instead you have this blue block icon where it shows you’re going to break it at. First off, an option to disable the blue block grid, second I want to be able to break the block my crosshair is facing!!! This is the first most bothersome thing.

      Secondly, it does the same exact thing when placing blocks, I mean the blue grid is neat and all but it’s not for anyone and the fact that its not letting me place it exactly where my crosshairs is at drives me bonkers! (Probably due to minecraft addiction.)

      All crafting tables shouldn’t show all crafting recipes! Neither should your inventory, if you want to see certain recipes you should have to go up to the correct crafting station!

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      4. Split Stacks! As others have suggested already the ability to split stacks or take singles would be much appreciated.
      5. Show only recipes for that Crafting Station! As others have suggested.

      I Agree with these two things.

      Perhaps it is possible to deconstruct my old weapons/armor into the basic materials at the work bench.
      At the moment i only can destroy them.

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      Another thing that would greatly benefit the crafting system. Is only seeing the items that you can craft at each individual crafting station, rather than everything from every station.

      Absolutely agreed. It can be really confusing to have all of these recipes being thrown at you. “Do I craft here, oh wait nope here, wait…no…here then there then over there.”

      It’d really improve the system to have some sort of filter or something of the sort.

      Love the game! Keep up the great work, devs. I’m very excited to see what you have in store.

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      When harvesting resource plants, could there be an option to not collect the seeds? When I just need wood, for example, I don’t necessarily want the seeds so then have to trash them. It’d be nice to have some kind of filter to either auto-drop them or just not pick them up in the first place.

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      Great work on the game! The early access release is very polished and fun right out of the box. Before I tear into mining, I want to make it clear that I enjoy the game overall.

      For mining:

      I’ve found the mining aspect of the game to be very shallow so far. In any given world, there are only one or two ores to mine and actually digging into the terrain isn’t very productive to find those ores. By far the best strategy is just to pick the surface clean. There are a wide variety of tools available, but I rarely use anything other than the pick as all I really need to do is clear surface ores. Not only that, but if you actually dig in, you won’t dig very far before you reach the end of the world.

      To fix that:

      – Surface ores should be rarer, but there should be more ore overall. The idea would be to make exploratory mining more useful and dig speed bonuses would actually matter.

      – Large world size. I’m sure this will come up a lot and there are no doubt engine limitations involved… but the worlds just feel way too small right now. They can be explored in just a few minutes, which doesn’t leave much room for mystery. Often dungeons are cut apart by the bottom of the world just when they’re starting to seem interesting. If worlds where about 4x the size (in each x/y/z dimension) of the current worlds, I think the exploration game would be vastly improved and exploratory mining would have a chance.

      – More ore variety should exist. I understand that finding a purpose for those ores will take a lot of work content wise. It would have to tie in to the crafting system. Perhaps require the use of those ores for various cosmetic blocks and furniture, as well as gear variants.

      – Ultra-rare ores and buried treasures should exist. In games that do mining well, there is always some rare thing that gives you cause to celebrate when you find it. Minecraft’s diamonds are the obvious example. We need something like that to strive for.

      – A special helmet with an attached light and reduced combat stats would be useful

      – World reset! A way to forcefully regenerate a world we’ve depleted would be useful, particularly when we’re grinding materials to build our own giant castle. Maybe something like this happens though? I’m still not at the end of the game so I haven’t dug into fortress building yet. It feels like I’ll run out of a stone strip mining the first few worlds though if I try to build a big castle. I haven’t looked at save files yet either, it might be possible for us to just nuke a world file and have it regeneration automatically. Of course, integrating the feature into the game would be better.

      – Random endless new world generation. It would be fun to be able to generate a new world on the fly. To work with the current UI format (ie, all the worlds are plotted out), have [?] space at the end of the world chain. When visiting, it would generate a random world with all ores/monsters/ect possible. The world would not be saved, so you’d go there just to explore, grab resources, and upon leaving, that world is deleted. Each time you visit, it would be a different random thing. This feature might already exist though… I’m not at the end yet. I’m hoping it does! If not, I want it.


      – We need a way to split stacks. I’m sure you all will implement this at some point.

      – When accessing chests, we should see both the chest and our inventory at the same time. It’s awkward switching back and forth.

      – Some recipes would benefit from randomized stats. This probably requires some work on the backend as the game doesn’t seem to support stat variation per item. I’d say the primary recipes should be fixed, and the found recipes should have some stat variation.

      – Experimental crafting would be fun… something like leaving one crafting ingredient variable. So you could say, have a recipe that takes fur and iron and an extra ingredient to make an iron sword with extra stats based on the extra ingredient added. Bone? Emerald? Dragon tooth? Some ultra rare thing dropped by a monster? Let’s make something awesome!

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      I guess I would consider this crafting I don’t know about you dev’s but anyway I feel that you should be able to get Titanium Bars out of Titanium-Plated Blocks and also that for the rest of the Plated Blocks (Copper Plated, Iron Plated, Gold Plated, Titanium Plated) From those blocks you should be able to obtain the Bar form of that block when and if you break it, so if you break a copper plated block you will receive a Copper Bar, or if you break a Titanium Plated Block you will receive a Titanium Bar, I don’t know but I feel this would flow a lot better for the community of Portal Knights that way we don’t have to create a new universe to mine more Titanium and we don’t have to farm the Final Boss to obtain his often dropped Titanium Bar.
      Thanks for reading- Really Hope you implement this.

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      What use is there for old equipment? I’d love to be able to salvage or do something with it, even display it.

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      Ladders. I’m not seeing anyone mention this, and it makes me feel like I missed something, but I would love to have craftable ladders for building. You know, put some wood together in a workbench, it makes a ladder that when your character walks up to they slide up and down a wall. Pretty straight forward.

      Although, something new would be ropes and hooks for scaling walls. It can be crafted with silk and a metal ore or such, but the ability to place a hook..say at the top of a castle wall that you are constructing, and then have the rope that allows you to jump down or climb sections at a time. Think like rock climbing in real life. This would be really useful (and fun) when constructing large structures, while maintaining more realism than flight, as well as useful for mining on the edges of islands. It would be more useful than using ladders for this task because then there is no ladder to clean up, you just climb up your rope and unhook the hook. Not to be confused with a grappling hook.

      Also, chests are really too small at the lowest tier and too expensive at the highest. It would be nice if there was a middle ground where you could upgrade a chest similar to how you do the crafting equipment.

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      Alchemy Table with special potions, food crafting for large time buffs and fishing!I really want see that in the game *^*

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      I don’t know if you’re going to be adding to the craft list, but I’d love to be able to craft the statues and the like that we can get from other areas. It’d add to the decoration list (and I can’t find them on mine) not to mention a variety of light sources that aren’t torches. (I loved the lanterns! I was looking forward to making them, but they aren’t there.)

      Perhaps I’ve missed something, and if so, could someone correct me?

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      Hello again,

      About the crafting I have a few suggestions:

      1-In recipes I think it should be a link between items (by clicking on a refined element, the game take me to its recipe). This feature will facilitate the location to craft new itens.

      2-In armor/weapons/rings I believe there should be a ‘recommended to’ because I look at the craft list and don’t know what I can use! What is best for me? Must have a visual indication or a items separation by class.

      3-Equipping a new item sometimes we realize that it gets ugly in character or spoils the look of our char (which we spent hours to choose). So I think I should have a way to customize items in craft (color and pattern) or a way to hide them of char (equipped but hidden).

      That’s all, thank you!

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      Gonna agree with all of the suggestions to somehow make ore less ridiculous to get come endgame. I shouldn’t have to start a new world or do a 30 second boss fight with like a 30-60 seconds of load screens repeatedly just to gear out my character with tools, benches, armor, and weapons. It kills the fun. Either balance the recipes, make ore more plentiful, or do a mix

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      I am not sure if this has been mentioned, but I noticed a rather big flaw. When you are mining or placing items, you get interrupted if there is a transparent tree or object in your way. It is often really hard to avoid having trees or objects in your view, but you should still be able to mine or place items if there is something blocking the view of your character. I could see if the object was completely blocking your view, but when it’s transparent it shouldn’t make a difference.

      I hope that makes sense, if not I can attach photos or elaborate. 🙂

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      Hi there. I’ve been streaming Portal Knights since it’s release and represent a community of gamers called the Otterman Empire. Many of us have been enjoying the game, but we have some suggestions that we believe will improve the game as it continues it’s development through early access:

      Mining and Crafting Suggestions:

      1. The exponential growth required to smelt ore into bars really limits the fun of the game at higher levels. Farming 40 titanium ore to make one bar is tedious and grindy. It would be better to have all ore smelt into a bar for the same amount. Let’s say it’s 4 ore = one bar. But the trick is make the ore much more scarce on the maps. Make the player have to explore and search for it and get excited when they find it. If titanium was very rare, it would be exciting when you found some, but only if you only needed a few ore to smelt a full bar.

      2. It would be useful to be able to salvage old gear to get some of the materials back that were used to create it.

      3. Once you unlock all of the low level portals, the portal shards become obsolete. Perhaps they can be used to create furniture or decoration recipes?

      I will post our other suggestions in the other topic threads.

      Thank you.

      Bog Otter

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      I hope that armour set will have extra effects. Currently I’m on Gold Tier Crafting, and the only difference between the Gold Berserker Set and the Guardian Set is that Berserker has Melee Resist while Guardian has Magic Resist. The total defence they both give to the user is the same. So I hope you can add different set effects like the Berserker Complete set having a +Att, while Full Guardian Set have +Def. It would help a lot in deciding which to wear base on gameplay instead of choosing base on which looks cooler.

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      about being able to find ore. there should be a way to breakdown the blocks u get in to bars or even ores.

      and i know this will sound stupid but the worlds should be able to regenerate ore after a certain amount of time to help from having to restart from the beginning of another world.

      one more thing i would suggest is to either try and make the worlds a bit bigger or add in more ore spots. during mid game iron and gold ore are somewhat hard to find.

      love the game over all and i hope u all continue to update it for many years to come. it is a good substitute to minecraft if not better

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      After a dozen hours or so of play, I really like the game! I do feel there are a few things that could be better:

      The slight “lock-on” feel is irritating. I find myself too dependent on the blue block overlay. It would be much more cleaner if it was a bit more (forgive me) “minecrafty”…I’d like to be able to quickly change blocks that I’m mining. As it stands, one button push initiates a couple hits, and if I’m hitting the wrong block, I want to be able to switch over quickly.

      If I’m viewing my character with a tree between me and him, I can’t mine, so I have to stop, chop down the tree/shroom/whatever to get back to it.

      Not being able to move while mining is a bummer.

      Pretty good system. I wouldn’t mind being able to see the whole “menu”, without upgrades, but for immersion purposes, I think the way it’s set up now is pretty darn good.

      Keep up the good work, guys. Fun game!

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      AvatarWolff Laarcen

      – Streamlining Tools
      When all tools of a specific material tier are built, it would be cool to be able to combine them all to build an all-purpose tool that is good at mining everything.

      – Deconstruct Items/Blocks
      What do you do with old items? Trash them or put them in a chest to collect dust? It would be useful to be able to deconstruct them and reclaim at least some of the materials. Looking at you, Titanium-Plated Blocks.

      – Light Sources While Mining
      I’d really love to have some sort of constant light source while mining that didnt require my character to hold a torch. Maybe a light source spell or a portable lantern or a miner’s helmet? Anything effective and hands-free would be a huge plus.

      – Static Light Sources
      Allow lanterns and torches to attach upwards to a ceiling as well as to walls. Make lanterns craftable.

      – Designated Crafting Area
      (From THIS thread)
      I really like the idea of opening a single crafting station and having access to all nearby crafting stations as well as any items in nearby chests.

      Maybe a ‘Workshop’ feature could be implemented, where the player is allowed to designate a small area (my current crafting area is 3Hx8Wx6L for example) within which any constructed crafting stations and all items stored within any chests are immediately available for use via the crafting menu without having to move items in or out of the player’s inventory.

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      AvatarWolff Laarcen

      – Displaying Old Gear and Weapons
      Implement craftable wooden mannequins that can display unused gear and craftable weapons plaques to mount unused weapons on walls. Mannequins with complete armor sets placed in the ‘Home’ map could confer a small stat bonus to the player.

      – Bomb Improvements
      If any degree of precision is required to aim a bomb or if the player wants to bomb directly downwards it becomes difficult to make the bomb explode where you want. Make bomb throws go exactly where the cursor is pointing. Allow bombs to be crafted.

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      AvatarWolff Laarcen

      – Smarter Resource Locator
      If the resource locator’s hot/cold display were to use shapes and colors, it would be possible for a player to tell exactly what was being tracked at a given time.

      The interface could use a diamond shape to indicate gems and a square to indicate ores. There are 4 tiers of metal and 6 tiers of gems, so each shape + color combination would indicate a specific ore or gem (there would be 2 colors unused for ores): i.e. a blue square could mean iron, a blue diamond could mean frost sapphire, a green diamond could be verdant emerald, a red square could be copper, etc.

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      AvatarWolff Laarcen

      – Increase Stack Size
      999 for Blocks, 99 for everything else. Larger stacks cut down on inventory management and needed storage space while removing the (seemingly) arbitrary stack size limits.

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      AvatarWolff Laarcen

      – More Zoom in Temporary Pointer Mode
      When placing or removing blocks in Temporary Pointer Mode, it could be useful to have 2x or 3x the current zoom level in order to get the best view and angle of the intended (de)construction area. Often it’s not possible to get a good angle for placement.

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      Okay so I’m not sure how many people have said the same things I’m about to say, but I will say them nonetheless. I love this game. It’s addicting. The best way I can describe it to my friends is, “It’s like Minecraft had a love child with The Legend of Zelda and Boundless(because of the portals and different worlds),” and it seems to get the point across well enough. However, there are some things that I feel that the game could benefit from having:

      1. Being able to move while either mining, or attacking: This one is kind of a take or leave it suggestion. Personally I would prefer being able to move while attacking instead of being stationary because the response time between stopping your attack and trying to dodge isn’t as responsive as I think it should be. Unless you do it way ahead of the attack. However, moving while mining is beneficial in it’s own rights. Seeing as how the ores(iron/gold/titanium) are spread out in the worlds and you can actually find them within the world’s ground itself I would think it would make it a lot easier to mine out the worlds to get as much ore as possible.

      2. Ore abundence/placement: So this one is another that’s probably been touched on just like the first. The ores throughout the world seem to spawn really differently(makes sense though it is a different world technically so I get that). But considering the cost of ores, and some worlds spawn less than others, it would be nice to have more ore in the worlds. Or instead of that maybe set a distinct line in the world’s generation process that prevents the game from spawning ore at the bottom of bum #$*& nowhere where you can’t get to it and when you fall of the world’s edge you get to see all the ore you can’t get too. It’s like the gaming god is laughing in your face at how you’re powerless to stop those ores from falling to the abyss when you try to mine them.

      3. The right tool yields more resource: So this one kind of touches on #2. Whenever you cut down a tree, you get at least 3-4 logs this makes sense. However, when I mine ore blocks, which have all these nice little ore nodes sticking out of them, I get one ore per block. Now this seems a bit odd considering resources don’t respawn in the world(save for the ones you can plant). So I feel like the right tool(pickaxe) should in fact yield more ore. Especially when you’ve painstakingly sacrificed iron ore(since it’s less abundant than copper seems to be) to make that brand new iron pickaxe to mine faster. Now I’m not saying a wooden pickaxe should do the same thing. I mean, it’s wooden why would it, but when you mine the right amount of ore to get an advanced pickaxe I feel like that pickaxe should do a better job at mining more ore per block. The same can be said for the mining claw. That one threw me for a loop. I figured getting that claw would mean I would get more gems per block since it’s a resource specific tool. But it didn’t, it was the same as it was for the pickaxe. The only difference is, is it mines the gems faster than the pickaxe. Resource specific tools should yield more resource in my honest opinion. It doesn’t have to be a large number. Heck I would take 2 or 3 more ore per block.

      4. Better ore cost or More ore per stack: I’m not complaining about the cost so much as I am the way the cost is divided. It takes 4 Copper Ore, 10 Iron Ore, 20 Gold Ore & 40 Titanium to make each of their respective ingots. Personally I feel like the cost should be done through 5’s instead since it goes from 4 to 10 then 20 and then 40. Also upping the amount of ore per stack in correspondence to this would make a lot of sense as well.

      5. Recipes should be viewable only by their respective crafting stations: This is a tiny nit pick of mine. It doesn’t affect much but it would make it more realistic and would make sense for the recipes to be only viewable by their respective station. Not a big deal, but enough said.

      6. Splitting of Stacks: Pretty straight forward. It’d be nice to be able to divide stacks or take out from stacks the amount needed instead of having to take the whole stacks.

      I don’t think I’ve said anything that hasn’t been said before but that’s all I feel like adding. Every bit of feedback helps an all that.

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      AvatarWolff Laarcen

      – Craft Specific Number of Items
      Rather than having to click once to craft each desired item, it would be very convenient to have the ability to craft items by predetermined amounts such as 1/5/10/all.

      – Higher Crafting Max
      The limit on simultaneously crafted items should be removed or significantly raised. It shouldn’t be necessary to use additional crafting stations to create a large number of items such as blocks or torches at the same time.

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      AvatarWolff Laarcen

      – Sharpening Stones
      Sharpening stones could possibly use some changes in regards to usefulness and utility.

      Despite increased durability gain, it doesn’t seem worth it to make Obsidian or Anorthosite sharpening stones because of the significant additional material cost over Basalt sharpening stones. The higher cost is even more prohibitive when considering that the recipes for Obsidian and Anorthosite sharpening stones still yield only a single item despite the additional materials.

      Exclusively using Basalt sharpening stones seems like a much better idea than gathering the additional stones and gems for Obsidian and Anorthosite because Basalt is so much easier to make that the player can simply use two if any additional durability gain is required.

      For the extra materials they require, the higher tier sharpening stones could be stronger and more useful. Some general ideas to make higher tier sharpening stones more attractive include:
      Normalize the cost of sharpening stones: Make the lower tier ones more expensive or the higher tier ones less expensive. Add gems to all the recipes or remove gems from all the recipes.
      – Leave the cost of Obsidian and Anorthosite sharpening stones unchanged, but increase the yield of the recipes.
      – Leave the cost and yield of Obsidian and Anorthosite sharpening stones unchanged, but give the player a timed buff to mining damage and/or weapon damage when using them.
      Adding additional tiers of sharpening stones with better stats and benefits to support higher cost recipes
      – Any combination of adjusting and normalizing recipe cost and yield

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      i would like to suggest adding a system of random special items that give you the ability to craft a randomly generated weapon crafting recipe stats and all of course the materials and stats would be scaled accordingly a way to share them would be great two. maybe using a materiel value system or a more advanced version like this is worth 1 point this 2 this 3 ect ect and maybe a little something extra just to increase materiel to weapon conherence. again these are just my ideas the game looks great cant wait to play it

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        i apologize but i made a opsy on my previous post i meant not just weapons but all equipment spells weapons armor that kinda thing.

    • #3428

      Idk if somebody has suggested this, but i think it would be an awesome idea to be able to craft armors and weapons that have similarities in design to the bosses. Let’s say you beat a boss and instead of getting a blueprint for a copper sword/dagger you get blueprints for armor and weapons that look like they were made from the boss. Maybe by making the boss drop exclusive materials to craft the equipment, it makes the bosses more rewarding, and it gives more replay value to the bosses. Also, it would be cool if the had stats based on the boss(first boss’ weapons cause poison damage on hit, and armors give you poison resistance/extra damage). Pretty much something similar to Monster Hunter.

    • #3631

      This game is my new addiction. As such, just a few suggestions.
      1.Simplify crafting recipes by allowing selective ore/wood input for different output results. eg. use iron for iron axe, and gold for gold axe without different recipes ala “SkySaga“.
      2. Crafting tables are nice n chunky, but maybe just a tad smaller.
      3. Different “dirt” options for planting unique plants in the same biome or add a dirt conversion recipe.
      4. Coal recipe. Wood + Forge = Coal
      5. More decor. Candles, banners, flags, etc.
      6. Better recipe randomization for drops. Explosion Bomb recipe dropping a lot.
      7. Gem weapons. Mainly for aesthetics, but they could be uber powerful too.
      Now being new to the game I haven’t found everything or explored every nook and cranny. I am sure there is a lot I have yet to see, so if there is anything already in the game that I have suggested, I apologize!

    • #3639

      I think I need to echo several posts here – Coal is an absolute limiter. Is used for a huge amount of recipes, in relatively high amounts, and far and away the roadblock on crafting. Refined stone blocks, bars, ruinstone(regular and studded), red stone bricks, etcetcetc, and the net result is you often spend 4 times as long gathering coal, as the other materials.
      I’d propose either drastically boosting the amount of coal that spawns – or drops from each block, cutting down on which recipes require it, or, adding a recipe in to craft it, for eg 2 wood in a furnace = 1 ‘coal’ .(I realise that’d be technically charcoal,but for simplicity on affected recipes, it could just be coal)

    • #3640

      (duplicate, sorry!)

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    • #3818

      I would like to see craftable corner or diagonal blocks so I can round out structures. Perfect example shown on this minecraft mod:


    • #3861

      Personally I love being able to mine from such a distance away. Some of the maps are really torn up and if I had to build a bridge to every little node I doubt I would bother. While this is a sandbox game I don’t really want it to turn into a chore where I have to start strip mining like I did in Minecraft. 😛 Plus as someone said.. there isn’t a flight mode or any want to assist with builds so it has been a huge help to be able to place blocks from such a distance from my character. Not realistic .. well no. But neither is shooting magic from a staff or healing myself when a fire goblin thing shoots me when I fail to dodge.

      I can agree with maybe decreasing some of the ore required to make a bar. I forget the exact number of ore you need to finish all of the final upgrades to the crafting stations.. but it was a pretty hefty number. Plus count in the weapons and armor, and the largest box using 8 of the bars (40 ore is one bar, ouch).

    • #3873

      Hi guys!

      So reached the end of the game. Love the game. Helping fill the Portal Knights Wiki im loving it that much.


      Something that I have noticed however as I’ve been copying over recipes is the gratuitous use of wood. More importantly the use of only 1 kind of wood. We have 4 different types of Stone, 6 different types of gems, dirt that matches each Biome, and 1 type of wood.

      Whilst the game is obviously still in development and I can understand if this is a place holder; there should be tiers of wood that should also match the tiers of stone.


      – Adds far more crafting style and colour opportunities. Palm furniture and walnut walls, fir branch thatch roofing etc
      – Adds a more linear difficulty to crafting and tool tiers. It would make far more sense that the Tier 2 Iron tools and workstation upgrades use tier 2 wood.


      **Recipe layout**

      Minecraft’s recipe system works for them because its based on where blocks are placed on a grid. They don’t need super long lists, they have a don’t need filters, they have a template form and the output is then dependant on what blocks are used on the template.

      Terraria’s recipe system is that the recipes only turn up if the player is near the required workspace, and if the required items are in the player’s inventory. This allows an automatic filter of what the player obviously isn’t looking for since they are not near the crafting station in question, and also filters out the items that are currently unavailable to be crafted.

      Starbound’s recipe system allows for a search function and can be filtered by the station active and the tier of item to balance out the face that all of their items are listed with descriptions.

      The Portal Knight’s recipe system is suffering because there is too much information being thrown at the player at once, even with the current filters. My suggestion is that because you have decided to go with an extended item description layout, it NEEDS to be filtered by workstation activated.

      My next suggestion is that there needs to be a new tab in the crafting window: Workstation needed. This is specifically for when reviewing crafting recipes in field when a station is not active. These tabs/filters would be directly above the item type filter.

      Finally, if you want to take it a step further, add tier filters (I, II, III, IV, V, in little circles) below the item type filters, this will filter the items again by the tier of workstation needed and get rid of those really annoying drop-down lists which are hard to navigate.

      Hope it helps.

    • #3901

      It would REALLY be nice if we could have mining helmets with a better light source than torches for underground mining. Torches are a pain in the butt…yeah, they can be placed, but continuously having to place them and then move them gets old and swapping from pick to torch all the time is equally irritating. Having a mining helmet would make things a lot easier and the hit you would take while wearing this instead of your armor helm would be an acceptable price to pay.

    • #3928

      One simple suggestion.
      The problem: When in first person and placing a block, your hand with the block moves upward obstructing your view for a second and when placing blocks quickly your character basically spasms and is constantly covering your view.
      The solution: Make your character’s hand with the material move downward and forward to keep your view clear so you can see where you’re placing blocks.

    • #4221

      crafting and creating own banners

    • #4405

      I’d love to see a ‘Craft All’ button implemented, so that we don’t have to click for every item we want to craft – it would instantly start crafting the maximum amount (according to the materials available). In addition to that, and along the same lines, a feature where we can choose how many of the item we want to create. It might look a bit like this: | – 0 + |
      So, selecting the + would increase the amount, and selecting the – would decrease it. 🙂

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    • #4442

      Hi !

      I just bought this game n early access and I really like it. You did a great job 🙂

      I have a suggestion for house building. I spent time to place blocks for a simple house.
      Is it possible to improve this ?

      There is an example at 3’14 with purple blocks (it’s very fast to place them here) :

      Thx in advance !

    • #4504

      Not sure if you guys actually read the suggestions, but damn this game could use more blocks. It lacks variety, and it would be interesting to see a survival mode where you need to find animals and stuff to feed on. This game has the things that Minecraft lacks, and that’s beautiful visuals and better crafting.

      Like I said; this game lacks variety of materials and blocks. We need clay, coloring clay, glass, etc. It would also be nice to see weather effects 🙂

    • #4682

      Provide a way of canceling crafting. I had been accumulating iron bars for a gear/armor upgrade and in my haste found myself on the “create iron-plated block” tab not the “create iron bar” tab. I quickly queued up the creation of as many “bars” as I could with what I had only to realize I was creating blocks with the bar’s I had stockpiled — which I couldn’t cancel.

      Since ore seems to be limited and there’s no way to deconstruct an item or a block (nor do I think there should be so long as they’re given as a chest reward) I was annoyed. Mostly at myself, but it did kill my joy (momentarily) Alternatively, move the create block tab to the far right to better reflect how often it’s used in comparison to the other tabs or change the color of the background of tabs as an additional clue where you are and what you’re about to do.

    • #4950

      Hi! Big portal knight fan here! Been playing almost everyday since first discovered and now I am at a point where all I want to do is build my castle!

      My problem is that there isn’t enough furniture or decorative items available for use! I can’t get stone furniture unless I steal it from other islands. I can’t find the metal grates unless I raid dungeons thoroughly and it gets a bit boring. I’ve also been trying to farm recipes but the drop rate is rediculous in the sense that when I do get a recipe most of the time it’s the same as the last and then to see if I get the correct one next time I have to kill 50+ of a certain spieces and that also gets a bit tiring and boring.

      It’d be great to see a vast variety of furniture, decor, blocks and their design.

      Though I’d like to say, the variety of amour and weapons are great! I really like this about the game, also I was thinking the other day that it’d be pretty cool if now and again my home island got attacked! As so to protect what I have built! It’d be a rush of the fantasy!

      Hope to hear back.

    • #4971

      Allow upgrading chests that are already placed without having to re-place them. (Player can upgrade chests like they upgrade the Workshop, Anvil, Furnace, etc. This prevents a situation in which the player owns a lot of outdated chests.)

      This, we need this!
      Or use the old chest as request for craft a new one (whit less matirials) bcus i have chests whit chest inside chestception

    • #5151

      Hay there.
      I played the game a few days and i did notice some little things that can improved.

      1: Stack control – Being able to split a stack into certain amounts helps organization for crafting, as well as multiplayer use.

      2: Recipe Sort/Filter – Maybe not necessarily only showing the recipes that are available on that crafting station, but put all recipes available at the current crafting station at the top, and grey out the ones that aren’t available, at the bottom. For example, at the Altar, under the Materials tab, things like metal bars would be down at the bottom of the list, greyed out, while the Altar only materials would be at the top

      3: Take all Buttons – It will helpe you to resore chests

      and the most importend

      4: Wall/Standing-Signs – This will help you to find the way back by mining like a spider or marking our chests.

      I hope i can halp you to make this game brilliant.

    • #5164

      Love the game so far and the potential is amazing! Wasn’t 100% sure these should all be posted here but it seems appropiate enough.. Also, sorry if any of this has been mentioned before or is already planned/in the game and i just don’t know it

      1: so far, gathering ingredients for higher level potions seems tedious, having to world hop all over (i almost always play this game with a friend), would love either the ability to create mini biomes in any world for seed planting or a world where there is a patch of every biome, mainly meant for home building/farming ingredients. Normally, in these kind of games i go crazy crafting all sorts of potions somewhere around the end of midgame because i love feeling prepared for boss encounters.

      2: i would love the ability to be able to “recruit” vendors to your home world, either through some sort of mini quest, a large bribe or something else. My friend and i are stuck with our home on a really early world (3?) that has the bomb vendor, because we buy explosives so often it doesnt make sense to spend time relocating to a more interesting world (would love to take over one of the castles or build a moonbase).

      3: basic circuitry. The thing i loved most about minecraft (and alot of games like it) was the fact that you can automate base defenses, build auto farmers and really just go crazy. Are there any plans to add a basic on/off switch with electric circuits to open/close doors, move blocks around or active some kind of robot? 😛

    • #9840

      I think there needs to be more bookshelves that we can craft like the ones in the sanctuary, there should also be a way to “display” pets like a glass cage or something and there should be an armor stand for displaying armor

    • #10134

      Hello there,

      I’m not sure that I’m the right place, please direct me to where I can re-post this. I have a few suggestions for Mining and crafting. I play on XBox One.

      1. Add craft-able Armor display and weapon display stands as furniture. Players would be encourage to build one set or several sets of every type or clothing/armor regardless of their character class just to be able to display them as decorative furniture.
      2. Make all potion blocks craft-able or harvest-able . The little glowing blue and orange blocks that give you mana potions are very pretty I would like to use them to decorate.
      3. Add movable blocks of any kind in order to create hidden doors or secret passages. Or something like a mechanism that extends and retracts which players can attach any block type so when it’s retracted they will look like a wall. A button would extend said mechanism to reveal a secret entrance.
      4. Make water generating blocks craft-able or harvest-able in order to create custom water pools or lakes, fountains, waterfalls,etc. Each water source generator would have a limited amount of water so the player would place them accordingly depending on the desired amount of water. (Please fix water blocks so that the surface does not have visible square lines at certain viewing angles after water levels have been tampered with, the water surface looks like a grid)
      5. Add indoor craft-able crop plots on which players can plant any type of small or medium plant and it will grow regardless of the natural environment, if not for farming purposes then for decorative purposes only.
      6. Make the dragon eggs collectible or craft-able then they can be placed on top of furniture or blocks as decor.
      7. Add a camera photo mode then pictures can be placed or turned into different size paintings for decor.
      8. Add more unique pieces of furniture or blocks that cannot be crafted only found in certain locations.

    • #10252

      I think an armorstand would fit the game very well. The many armors are so beatyfull and well designed and it’s a shame to scrap them or sell them. I like, for example, to collect them. But right now I have to store them in clossets wich looks realy bad. U could maby craft it out of refined wood and copper bars and beatifuller ones out of iron and gold. Eventually u could make some even hold weapons. I don’t know if this itme is eddet right now cus I havent played this far in the game but i havent read of it on the wiki ether. If it’s in the game right now I’m sorry.

    • #10332

      I noticed there is a popular concern with game emulsion when it comes to mining/placing distance. I too felt that it was strange when I first started, but later came to love it.
      Perhaps an item like a Construction hat could be used here. Have the mining distance a few blocks as a base and when the helmet is equipped, then the distance will be increased.
      Another feature of the helmet (or another item) could be a way to build more than one block at a time. Maybe so you can hold down the placement button/mouse click and drag to create a section of blocks to place at once.
      It’s also very off putting to have recipes and quests that require seasonal items with no explanation. I haven’t had the game long and as I was playing I was getting excited to discover bamboo and Jade. As I got closer to the last world I kept wondering if I was missing something. I was missing something and felt pretty bummed to find out I will have to wait many months before I can acquire those items.
      I love this game and you all have done a great job! Thank you for listening to your community to make it even better!

    • #11728

      As someone who has a passion for these types of games (countless thousands of hours in Minecraft and Terraria) I’m happy to see a new game enter the genre that isn’t just a cheap knock-off. Portal Knights is a unique game that I think is unique and really brings a lot to the sandbox-voxel genre! I am really excited to see the game grow, and I can’t wait to see how to evolves over time.

      One idea that I have to help manage storage a bit better is to have a “quick stack” option in the chest UI. This could function as a huge time saver for players, especially late game when someone may have a massive chest room. When the player opens a chest, a button could be there that when clicked auto dumps items from their inventory that already have stacks in that chest. Say, for example, I have dirt and stone in my inventory, and I open a chest that has only dirt in it. The quick stack option would automatically deposit all the dirt in my inventory into the chest, but it wouldn’t do anything with the stone (because the chest contained no stone already).

      A similar concept could be a “deposit all” and “withdraw all” option that would quickly empty the entire inventory into a chest or vice versa.

    • #1491

      tl;dr: “Experiment” is a crafting alternative which costs more, takes longer, but adds unpredictable & fun item variety to the core crafting experience.

      – – –

      Motivation: Right now, crafting is “pick a recipe, craft, get result.” Hmm. Experimenting on a recipe would be “pick a recipe, craft, add new ingredients & craft (repeat 1x-4x), get modified result with random, unique traits!” A fun, opt-in experience! The resulting items would usually feel richer and worthwhile.

      Normal Crafting: Copper Bow
      Experiment: “Redboar”, Polycoat Two-String Copper Bow (+1% Durability On-Kill, +15% Knockback)

      – – –

      How It’d Work: You have an item you want: “Copper Bow”. You’ve got extra material, so you decide “I’ll Experiment with this one!”. You commit. It takes a while to craft, but…voila! You’re on a breakthrough!

      Now it’s asking for +8 Pumpkin Seeds. (You heard they boil down to a good resin.) You’ve got a few on-hand, so you’re in luck. You add them to the mix, keep crafting and…oh, you’re getting closer! It needs something else! +19 Palm Leaves? Hmm, none here, I’ll look out for those! You move the in-progress item to a chest and go adventuring.

      An hour later, you gather plenty of Palm Leaves – extra, in case you need more another day. You get your in-progress bow from the chest, start crafting again, and…it’s done! You unveil the final result: “Redboar”, a hardened bow with a strong draw weight. It knocks enemies back and heals itself! Neat.

      Epilogue: Your friend loves Redboar for its Knockback! He wants to trade. You’ve been eyeing his Oak Bow, “Thundering One” for a while. (“With every shot hit, you have a 4% chance to reset the cooldown of all Lightning abilities equipped.”) You trade, and happily make progress on your Lightning-focused build.

      – – –

      Why: Diversity in items & crafting is important. I don’t want make the same things as everyone else. I want my wide variety of ingredients to feel important! Experimenting would add value to our collections of ingredients. Anything could suddenly be useful in crafting. If we don’t have it available, it gives us a self-directed mission to search for it.

      Anyway, that’s my take on how to enhance crafting. The (optional) unpredictability, the increased usefulness of each ingredient, the exciting diversity in the final result! Can’t wait to get your feedback, all. =)


    • #1848

      Hi !

      To begin, I’m sorry if i make lot of mistakes my english is not very good.
      So I’m here because I like build on this game.
      For exemple my Castle :

      And I think in the future it was good to add New blocks.

      Here all my idea :

      – Copper and Iron Fence
      – Iron and Copper Door
      – Add Water and Lava
      – Add weather ( Rain / Snow / … ).
      – Reduce the coast of Iron and Titanium for Chest III and IV (People prefer craft more Copper or Iron chest because Chest III and IV are more expansive !)
      – Add more Flags (as Pionnier Flag for exemple)
      – Add Safe world for Build or PNJ Town (for trade with us)
      – Add pacific mob
      – Mini-Boss in each island for loot recipe or ore
      – More Quest

    • #1868

      There are different islands with different terrains so in a way that is their weather system.

    • #1884

      I’m ok for this. But I was nice if they are Snow fall in Snow Island (Not all the time)
      Or rain on forest and plains …

    • #2422

      i agreed

    • #1852

      Hello! Thanks for the interesting game! I faced with the first problem: sometimes it’s not clear where is the item or how to make it. I think the most easy way is to add more detailed text after the name.

      I attached 2 items I have problems with. I don’t understand where to take the scale (location and person) and for example what should be there for coper bar creation (need to have a hearth).

      If I am mistaken with names, please look into attachments.

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    • #1865

      What do you mean you don’t know where to take the scale?

      Copper bar creation is using the furnace. You need copper ore and coal to make copper bars using the furnace.

    • #2301

      I’m probably not the first or last to make this mistake and it’s really a shame as there is much potential for cool buildings to be made off of dungeons. But I used a castle that leads to a dungeon as my bas. I blocked off the dungeon but skeletons and gazers still spawn in the castle, even though I’ve made some huge changes to the castle the still spawn everytime I come back to my home. Can’t there be some way to block spawning mobs in my home? I’m quite annoyed by constantly having to clear out my own home.

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    • #2411

      they can make a craft who block span. or Make the world you put Home no span in building

    • #2438


      After some time in play i see the detector.
      Its good but it will be better to have one for each material:
      or you can change is scanner whit putting the component you want in a socket

      because when you want iron and you always found coal is not very pleasant

    • #2507

      maybe a good idea my friend! 😀

    • #2522

      I love this idea. When I am looking for iron deposits, I hate that coal sets the detector off, since it’s many times more common.

    • #2582

      I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel the mining distance is well too extreme. Been able to mine blocks 10+ meters away just doesn’t seem right. Unless our characters have extremely long arms. XD

      Guess the same could be said for placing blocks too but it does make it extremely easy while building.

      What does everyone else think?

      Gaming Channel:

      Gaming is fun
      Gaming for life
      Gaming is everything

      Marsh2907 (2016)

    • #2587

      I agree, while it is nice to mine and place blocks 8 blocks away it’s not realistic. Maybe reduce it to like 3. You can’t jump higher than 2 blocks so how could you mine blocks 5 blocks away. Good Suggestion.

      Ah Ha

    • #2595

      I agree too

    • #2612

      I honestly disagree. The game dont have a ‘flight way’ to generate big constructions … so I think this feature helps a lot. It’s just get used to it.

    • #2687
      AvatarWolff Laarcen


      Is there really a good reason to reduce it? It makes large structures and deconstruction jobs more convenient. It’s a much needed quality-of-life feature, IMO.

      Please don’t reduce the mining distance.

    • #11773

      I have been playing for about a week now, and I agree with several suggestions by other posters and have one of my own.

      My suggestion is that we should be able to craft more than one of an item at a time. Things like potions or cloth can be frustrating to craft in bulk, as you have to click 50 times (for cloth). If we could press a certain button (like shift or control) to craft several at a time (5x maybe) or craft a whole stack, that would be very helpful.

      I agree with the following suggestions by other posters:
      Sort crafting recipes, to reduce confusion.
      More detailed descriptions of items you are about to craft (what is the purpose of something, how many more slots do you get for an upgraded chest, etc)
      Stack Splitting
      Ways to make sorting your backpack inventory into chests easier. Having an auto stack puller that you can click to pull anything that already has a stack in that chest. Being able to right click to transfer from backpack to chest when the chest is active, like Minecraft. It seems small, but that movement of my mouse from each item up to the chest icon then back to the next item makes storing my items take a lot longer than necessary.
      Craftable armor/weapon stands that display the items.
      Updating chests without having to replace them like the crafting stations.
      The right tool uses more resources.
      Increase the stack sizes, and make them more consistent.

      There are some suggestions I do not agree with:
      I disagree that the mining/stacking distance should be reduced. While it is a little unrealistic, certain areas where chests are would be nearly impossible to reach without the ability to place far away. For the game set up the way it is, being able to place far away makes sense.

      Thank you!

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