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      Hi! Big portal knight fan here! Been playing almost everyday since first discovered and now I am at a point where all I want to do is build my castle!

      My problem is that there isn’t enough furniture or decorative items available for use! I can’t get stone furniture unless I steal it from other islands. I can’t find the metal grates unless I raid dungeons thoroughly and it gets a bit boring. I’ve also been trying to farm recipes but the drop rate is rediculous in the sense that when I do get a recipe most of the time it’s the same as the last and then to see if I get the correct one next time I have to kill 50+ of a certain spieces and that also gets a bit tiring and boring.

      It’d be great to see a vast variety of furniture, decor, blocks and their design.

      Though I’d like to say, the variety of amour and weapons are great! I really like this about the game, also I was thinking the other day that it’d be pretty cool if now and again my home island got attacked! As so to protect what I have built! It’d be a rush of the fantasy!

      Hope to hear back.

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