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      Hi everyone! I started playing a few days ago on Ps4 and I’m a ranger. I’m already level 30 and already defeated the Hollow King (the last boss) and I wanted to try to kill the hard mode bosses later on. But I’m not sure what are the best equips/build for ranger. I search on google but most posts are outdated. I like the full crit build (Crit damage and Crit chance), using bow etc and I would want to know wich equips are the best for that since I don’t have any of the hard mode bosses gear and the stats and talents.
      Ill add a photo with my gear atm, my stat points is full Dex and my talents are:
      -Bow Specialization;
      -Sentry Stance;
      -Dodge Chance;
      -Potion Mastery;
      -Orb Thief;
      -Sharp Shooter;
      -Exploit Weakness.
      I have been playing alone, sometimes with my cousins but they don’t want to play anymore so, I would like to have someone to play with and hopefully we could beat some hard mode bosses but if someone could help me with this, I would be so grateful! My PSN nickname is: JustAVampire with the same avatar image.

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      Just a update, now I have Joren’s Pyro bow too.

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      Hey JustAVampire,
      I’m also trying to figure out the same thing for an up-to-date Ranger build on PS4. I’m in the same situation and can’t seem to beat the HM Worm boss solo. Using Titanium Bow/Crossbow with full set from PK Sanctuary. 15 added to Const, the rest added to Dext. Let me know if you want to team up for the HM bosses!

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