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    Me and my 2 friends are fascinated with this game but it requiers more content in the future 😀
    I hope u’ll add in close future some new updates with new story line and stuff.

    Also I would like to see that archer has some type of magic powers too (maybe enchanting arrows or anything) also u could give possibility for archers to put traps on boss maps (cuz mages can put their totems, so why archer can’t put traps? ;/ )

    And maybe a new class in the future :D? so if ppl are playing as 4 they all can take different classes.
    I hope community of this game will grow as same as the game 😀

    PS: I would like to face much more powerful and difficult bosses in the future too cuz me and my friends love challenges

    See ya around portal knights 😀

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    here are some suggestions on what to add in this game

    -random generation of bosses
    -random generation of worlds
    -random generation of resources
    -randomize the whole world

    -friendly AI that actually does something besides stand there
    -more character options like hair, beard, scars, ears
    -more types of jewelry, neckless’s, relics, backpacks?
    -knights could use a shield
    -a run button or something I walk so slow in this game

    -the crafting menu needs some work the tabs get really annoying once you start seeing 13 tabs for all the different crafting tables if I’m nowhere near a drafting table or anvil I shouldn’t see it on my crafting menu the crafting menu gets really cluttered and if your playing this game for the first time it gets really annoying because you get lost there isn’t a need for the tabs honestly take some inspiration from whatever game to simplify the hud

    -the inventory menu needs some clean up as well an setting to make the back Hud smaller would help cause right now it’s just in my face

    -skills are a bit weird in this game than others construction, strength, agility, dexterity, wisdom, no matter what class your playing you have three main attributes that you focus on while the remaining stats are irrelevant well they should be I’m pretty sure you can find a way to make them relevant for every class cause every other game as I haven’t run into any trouble with talents yet

    -end game content!!
    – there needs to be some sort of incentive to play your world after you beat the last boss besides that pointless knight castle I know you can make another colored portal block or something like a white, black, purple, pink, this game needs more end game content sure I could go fight the harder bosses but that doesn’t last long

    that’s it for now but I’m sure more will find its way into my head

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    -Would be nice to have Armor/Weapon Customization like (Stats Enhancment or Colors)

    -In Multiplayer some HP Bars and Mana Bars for the Allies

    -Make the Characters Able to Sprint or some Kind of Mounts to Ride in Ground or to Fly in the Sky!

    -Would be Nice when Pets have some Special Effect to the Character (Cats less Fall dmg etc.)

    -New [Classes] or [Roles] like Tank / Healer / DPS with some Kind of Online Events or PvP with Rewards

    -Bigger Chests or more Storages with better Space and Sort Function (Theres so many items and so Less Space even with Endgame Chests)

    -More Quests thats are Lore Based like Factions Reputation and Faction Rewards when you do eneough for them some Kind of Faction Armor oder Weapons or Items usables Pets Mounts and much more.

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