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      I’ll start by saying I bought the game recently during the black friday sales, and currently have 37 hours put into the game with the story beaten. I have not beaten the bosses accessed through relics. I gave each boss a few attempts then decided it wasn’t worth my time farming for more ingredients to make more relics.

      The difficulty of the game in the story is consistent and gets a little more challenging at certain points, namely after you beat a boss and move up a tier in stages but have not yet gotten the new tiers equipment. However the difficulty of the optional relic bosses is completely out of balance with the core game. For example, my warrior could take an entire spray of bolts from the hallow king. The relic of light boss on the other hand, a single bolt in the spray would deal 90% of my life. This jump in difficulty seems like its simply challenge for the sake of challenge and not for any other reason like progression, yet they have loot and prevent you from getting all the items in the game if you don’t suffer through the rediculous spike in difficulty.

      Shortly after starting the game I was excited to try new weapon types and find one that suited me and so on. Shortly after this I learned about how your item stat system works and found myself using only weapons with the best stats that I didn’t particularly enjoy just so that my character had a sensable stat build. Limiting each weapon type to only one set of stats throughout all tiers, and limiting the available weapon elements basically forces players to use only 1 weapon per tier and 1 armor for each slot per tier instead of using what they find intersting or their personal preference. I am a sword guy, I enjoy the look of swords in most games yet in this game I had to use axes for crits or fist weapons for multi hit/elemental weakness just cause they had large statistical advantages over swords.

      Please consider creating a system in the future were crafted gear comes with X amount of enchanting slots, and the player can craft enchantments to slot on each piece of gear. This would include Elements for the weapons aswell. In turn, make gear dropped from bosses and chests have somewhat stronger enchantments, but follow the current system where they have set specific enchantments which cannot be altered.

      Switching gears, the quests in the game were fun up until I reached the final island. Everytime I entered this area, I was forced to watch a cutscene and rediscover all NPCs. Ontop of this, non of the NPCs show whether or not they have a quest available even after you have aquired them. As a new player who at this point has only had access to one seasonal event, finding many quests here requiring items from all annual events was incredibly frustrating. I would suggest turning annual events into random events that can trigger once you have visited an island with a similar theme, like having been to a polar island before the christmas event can trigger.

      This has been my 2cents, thank you for reading. I enjoy the game and look forward to future updates regardless of the issues I have with the current game.

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