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      Right now I’m a level 14 ranger and visited about 11 worlds atm.

      I’ve played Minecraft, Trove and Skysaga as I enjoy the voxel-builder genre a lot. I played Skysaga a lot because it’s an mmo with a style I like but I pretty much left the game because they have no aspirations to include RPG elements at all.

      And then I discovered Portal Knights, voxel builder with RPG, woho! This game have a lot of stuff I like but there’s always room for improvement right?

      1. The character creation. There’s not much there and some games just are like that but it’s still a con for someone like me.
      The mouth and eyes you can choose from are very meh and off putting and the face shape is unflattering. Also the skin looks so flat and dull, there’s no texture/blush etc.

      2. The building and the why. In Trove and Skysaga, building the perfect home/island meant something because I could show it off and invite all kinds of people to it. I can’t in Portal Knights, the current co-op format just makes me question why I’m building that cute little home. I have noone to show it to and it doesn’t serve a purpose besides it’s where I house my crafting stations and chests. I need more reasons build a home simply.

      3. You can cheat mob combat by standing on a high enough platform and just shoot mobs where they can’t reach you. Pretty much all voxel builder games have this problem I think but maybe there’s a way to fix it?

      4. I haven’t come very far in my world yet but I wish the NPCs had more life. They just stand there and either give you a quest or house a shop. In Cubeworld NPCs roam around the world and the have little towns, I think you can even invite them to tag along with you a little while and this would suit Portal Knights too.

      I probably sound pretty harsh here but it’s only because I like the game and want to continue liking it! Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered writing here at all lol.

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      Thanks for all your feedback and we appreciate the support! 🙂

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