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      I can see my friend online playing portal knights but I cant invite him to my game or join his or see his… he cant see mine… Does this game even have online multiplayer? There are no social menus all I can do is log in online and play by myself while burning bandwidth… sweet!

      Can find a couple people online saying they have to same issue but no support from 505… opened a ticket so now we play the waiting game

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      AvatarPortal Josha

      You can only play online with people in your friends list, and even then, they have to be playing in online mode.

      Hit me up if you wanna swap friend codes

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      Well that explains that. I was expecting to see other people’s games when I saw the option to make my world joinable. Thanks for explaining

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      SW 5202-1287-4334 Add me to play some guys

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      Hi all,

      I am new in PK for switch. I am looking for somebody to play together and I already tried to add some of you.

      Here is my friend code

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