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      Giving the community early access to Portal Knights is key to the future development of the title and of course, we want to hear your thoughts! However… Before you post your ideas into this ‘wish list’ forum, think about it long and hard about it…

      1. Tell us your ideas but give us as much detail as possible.
      2. Explain to us how it will benefit Portal Knights.
      3. Be realistic! (Asking us to develop an island the size of the USA, to scale, isn’t going to happen – sorry!)

      DO NOT…
      1. Be disrespectful of other community member’s ideas.
      2. Expect us to know exactly what you’re talking about. Please be as thorough as possible!
      3. SHOUT AT THE REST OF THE COMMUNITY AND EXPECT US TO LISTEN TO YOU! – Take a deep breath, turn caps lock off and talk to us nicely! We will read all suggestions that come through.

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      Concerning the forums, maybe it’d be a better idea to move the news section above the Fan Creations topic. Just an idea, but I think news are always #1 in terms of prirority and what people check first 🙂

      Have a good one!

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        You guys should add different modes of transportation, because having to just run around everywhere gets boring.
        For example, there could be gliders or minecarts.

        If no one is around to hear the dank memes, do they really ever happen?

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      The game doenst support 144hz it stutters. I have to play on 60 hz now.

      Are u going to add 144hz?

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      Currently there is no invert mouse option. The game is unplayable for me and a couple of friends because of this. If this simple option was added, it would expand the group that can currently play the game. Will you be adding this in the future?

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        Hey! Bit of news to share… We understand there’s a demand for an invert mouse option and you’ll be pleased to know it’s going to be available very soon! Watch this space for more info.

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      I’d like the ability to scale the UI. The current UI feel like it was designed for a mobile game, but is rather clunky for PC. It is unnecessarily big.

      By a similar token, I feel that having the inventory and container inventory on different tabs makes trying to sort things rather frustrating. Having the two inventories side by side would much improve things.

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      Here are a few small things that I think would benefit the game based on my meager 6 hours of gameplay.

      1. Invulnerability frames for the evasive roll.

      I can understand that this comes down to taste, but as it stands, I can walk out of range of most attacks without the use of the evasive roll. I like the feature, I understand why there aren’t invulnerability frames, but I feel that allowing character invulnerability would make fights more engaging, and timing much more crucial. A good trade off would be to decrease the roll distance so that if a player attempts to perform an evasive roll too early, then they would be left standing within attack radius and suffer the hit. Either that, or a cool-down could be implemented.

      2. Larger chests.

      As stated, I’ve been playing for about 6 hours now. Truthfully, I haven’t gotten very far. A part of the reason for this is the lack of storage space. There are so many items in the world, and a lot of them need to be held in respectable quantity. There are upgraded versions of the chests, but at about 11 worlds in, I’ve yet to find any iron to craft the upgraded versions and have been forced to build large walls of inefficient chests in order to store my goods. Advancing the tiers by adding +X slots to each tier would ensure that the player spends less time managing their inventory, and more time enjoying the game which overall leads to a more pleasant experience and rich game-play. Backpacks are ALWAYS appreciated, as well.

      3. Warrior revamp

      It’s been mentioned many times across Let’s Plays and social media networks that many aren’t a fan on the way the Warrior plays. The Warrior seems to be at a distinct disadvantage versus the Ranger and Mage due to it’s relative lack of range. A large HP pool helps with this, but even with care and patience, the Warrior ends up soaking a lot more damage and drinking a lot more potions than they should. I think that the prior suggestion of adding invulnerability frames to the dodge roll would help aid this problem, or perhaps adding some a magic resistance perk to the perk tree to reduce the hurt from some of the harder to dodge spells that are flung at them. On the topic of a revamp, having some sort of sprint of movement skill would also aid in closing the distance for the Warrior.

      4. User interface re-sizing

      This isn’t really a problem that I have with the game, but rather, something I think a lot of people would appreciate. It’s a really basic setting, yet it appeases so many groups. Say you have a large display, yet your computer doesn’t run the game well past say 720p. Well, in that case, your user interface would likely take up the majority of the screen and thus impact your user experience. Hardware limitations aside, many users have preferences as per how much screen space they’d like to allocate towards the UI, and it would be really unfortunate for such a small feature to get in the way of the users and their ability to immerse themselves and enjoy this wonderful game. In many standalone games, the user interface is usually one of the first things that users attempt to modify, so it’s no small matter.

      5. Climbing mechanic

      This is a bit of a larger feature to add in, but I think a sense of verticality can add a lot to a game, particularly with the ranged classes. This sort of feature would expand on the types of structures and buildings that both the player and developer would be able to create in the world which would further serve to enrich both the exploration and building aspects of the game. I feel that this is a feature not many games incorporate, and could further serve to help it stand out from the crowd.

      6. Crafting utility resize

      This is my own personal gripe with the in game world. Some of the crafting utilities are absolutely enormous. I understand that the player character is supposed to be reminiscent of a younger child, but even in relation to the doors and windows, the utilities are huge. This can make it difficult to make the interior of houses flow. My suggestion would be just to scale the models down a little, as the work done with them is quite beautiful as it is.

      7. Optional or toggle-able lock-on

      While it’s a cool mechanic, and it makes fighting opponents 1-on-1 easier, it also really limits the player. Sometimes you want to be able to keep an eye on the environment around you, or you want flexibility without having to tab through enemies when fighting multiple foes. On top of this, some times you need the mobility of being able to jump. In order to jump after locking on, you need to disengage the lock, jump, and then reacquire the target. It may not be a problem for ranged classes, but melee requires a strike first in order to lock on, and in that time, you are unable to use the evasive roll which makes you an easier target. Allowing player characters to selectively target enemies would greatly increase immersion, and make combat a bit easier and more fun. This is also another feature that a lot of people seem to be on the fence about.

      That’s probably all I’d recommend for right now. Overall, I’m very happy with the game thus far, and I’m looking forward to future updates and developments!

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        All great suggestions. Hope they’ll implement those changes!

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      Hey, is there a way we can get the Portal Knights Discussion section split into a Spoilers and Non-Spoilers. Now that people are plowing through the game I’m noticing a lot of obvious spoiler posts. Even worse, people aren’t always putting *SPOILERS* in the title, so for some it can be too late by the time they click on the title.

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      How about trying to add like pre-built NPC Cities/ Kingdoms that can only be accessed by building special colored portals or just having them spawn on random islands. This will benefit Portal Knight because it will give the player/players an area where they can trade, get quests, meet up, talk to the NPC’s, and make the world more “dynamic”. Specific building could be made like the Blacksmith, Bank and tavern. Rival kingdoms, you can join a kingdom and it will affect reputation with other kingdoms, maybe they will attack you if you go there. But the kingdoms will need to be somewhat big because it would be nice to go to a nice big kingdom instead of a small village. Adding to that, maybe there are bridges inside and around the kingdom because since the world split there will be many cracks in the ground and you may need to cross a bridge to get the blacksmith or cross a bridge to go to a village on the outskirts. You can have quests that pertain to that kingdom like building/ fixing a bridge to connect a village or building a new building, or even defending against attacks by monsters or other kingdoms. Or you can have quests that involve the other islands like clearing out a mine shaft or stuff like that. Make these kingdoms dynamic, for example, if monsters attack the kingdom and succeed, then maybe the kingdom will have to be abandoned if there isn’t enough people to rebuild, then you lose that kingdom. Just an idea, it would be cool to have.

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      The game is amazing it’s very addictive though there are some things that needs to be added such as…

      -Enabling and Disabling the fighting lock-on to be able to move “properly”, even in the UI as a whole while placing blocks etc.
      -Key rebinding needs to happen because my middle mouse isn’t working properly and i can’t even do the whole tutorial…Frustrating.
      -Splitting items in your inventory for a better multiplayer experience (trading).
      -Add a drop mechanism so you and your friends don’t have to trade inside of chests.
      -Add some sort of currency and make a kingdom island with NPC’s because it is an RPG game after all…
      -Revamp the multiplayer system, it’s very buggy atm which means people cannot even join eachother.
      -Add some more head variants as a character etc.
      -Climbing mechanism so you’ll be able to go on walls instead of wasting blocks.

      I know this is early-acces and the game is not even close to being finished but im just leaving some suggestions for a better experience 🙂

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      So you know all the pretty grass and stuff you see in some of the islands? Well why is it called dirt block when you break it, also when I place it down its not dirt its grass…

      what I’m suggesting is making a actual dirt block, these could be used as building areas or paths….

      Also it’d be nice to get lights that are better lit, like the lantern has nice texture but it’s nowhere near as bright as the torch! Rather disappointing.

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        I also have this as a suggestion, but for a separate dirt block as if you use the hoe, you can make a dirt block look like actual dirt 🙂
        Have fun with it 😀

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      I know no one has suggested this on the actual forums but according to the steam discussion groups people want dedicated servers, and I’m one of those folks! I’ve realized some people lag when joining others, not because the game has issues but simply because the host has bad internet connection. So having a dedicated server will stop this since others have better computers and it allows peoples friends to come and go. IF dedicated servers become a thing maybe have a built in server list.

      Like if the person is connected online when playing the game it retrives info from a website showing all sorts of people who have server, and some can have password protection, this’ll make meeting new people a lot easier!!!

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      The work bench and the altar are to big in relation with the player figur. How should they work on it, when it has the same size as themselves? 😉
      The melting furnance has the right scale.

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      Hello here is my suggestions

      I really want to see where the game is (devellopement) when is out and when there is events into this game

      I’m not the only man that want a port to consoles.That is easy (Ps4 and X1 have a pc hardware).That will increase your community and your money for a sequel.As well if you do an early access on that devices you can maybe see if the community wants to play on consoles.

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      I would like a developers diary, or a road map.

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      First of all, I really really like this game.
      It is well polished engine-side and only lacks a few novelty features and of course content.
      Yes a few bugs are present, but that’s what early access is for.
      And for an early access game this is already great!

      Currently I only got to island 2 and I did not have a lot of time to test everything so please ignore everything that is already fixed/implemented (a hint about this would be nice though ^^).
      Here are a few suggestions which might help with the appeal of the game:

      1. make the “teleport to home/island” a bit more obvious.
      It could be the first quest in the second level to teleport back to your home. I have seen quite a few reviews of players which have complained about there being no reason to build up a base if you can’t go back (which you can).

      2. have an option for inventory slots to turn them invisible.
      This is of course not very realistic, but I guess realism is not what you are going for ^^
      I do like the haircuts you get in the character creation, but they only last for a few minutes until you craft your first headpiece. Removing the headpiece of course reduces your armor, so you keep it on, even if you don’t like it. Removing the gloves would also be very nice, since I usually like the free-hands look.

      3. tell the user about the camera smoothing.
      I was complaining quite a bit about the camera/aiming feeling very sluggish, when I happened to find the “camera smoothing” slider. I moved it all the way down, which made the camera feel much more responsive and controllable.
      Of course this could just be me complaining about something noone is bothered with.

      4. show the player that he can use everything.
      When I first started, I was a bit confused that the ranger can use swords and the warrior can use bows.
      I guess both can also use magic (I did not get that far yet).
      That’s great, although a bit confusing, since the classes seem to get some minor bonuses later on.
      It would be fun to have a ranger craft and use a sword as one of the first quests.
      The mage could craft and use a bow and the warrior could…uh…do whatever the mage does craft and use (I’m not into mages ^^).

      5. Split armor design from armor values
      Again not very realistic but a big help for customization.
      This however might require a bit more indepth core changes.
      For now, every armor has its armor values, which is the usual deal with armor in such games.
      But you could try this:
      Remove all armor values from current armor which makes them purely aesthetic.
      Then add an additional slot for runes, portal fragments or whatever storybased mystical material suits best.
      Now have the runes provide the armor effect.
      This way, if you find better runes, which increases your power, you can simply swap them without fear of looking like a doofus.
      This would also help with my suggestion #2. Equip only the rune and no headpiece or similar would be shown.
      It would also mean that the founders cape (which is really cool) would not be cast away after building a new cape.

      6. Randomized islands
      I don’t know if that is not already the case (I have only been up to island 2).
      However, I would love to have randomized islands instead of predefined ones.
      This way, it would not always be the same when I start a new character.
      If that is not planned (which would be an absolute valid design decision), then I hope you let the community have a go at designing the predefined islands.
      Not all islands have to be random, but most of them should be, to keep the game interesting.
      Having a game, where you already explored hundreds of islands would be cool and there would still be more to see.

      7. Provide an island editor
      Have the community come up with special islands and dungeons. No need for you to implement everything yourself 😉
      An editor would be great to have for this. That way, the community can share ideas and possible scenarios without you having to implement anything (except for the editor and importer of course ^^).

      8. New game+
      If there is nothing to do after you beat the game (I have no idea, but could be), it would be fun to have a new game+ mode.
      That mode could mean you have all the recipes, unlocks and inventory from your previous run and start new.
      This time however, the monsters are tougher, faster and deal more damage.
      I guess this is hard to balance, but you could make the increase minimal and see how far people get (“hey I’m already in newgame+42 but I can’t get the boss down anymore, how about some co-op?”).

      9. Why stand during the attack?
      Ok this one is not really a suggestion.
      I find the fact that you don’t move while shooting an arrow, or hardly while swinging the sword (thats what I read), makes the combat feel stiff.
      You were capable of sidestepping and rolling in Zelda, where I really liked the lock-on combat.
      Having to perform the entire attack and lower the bow until I can roll again, makes it also very hard to dodge attacks.
      Make the player more mobile in combat. You can also add mobility to the enemies. Make them faster and attack more frequently (I get it, the turtle is slow…but damn…).

      10. Add a “do not attack” mode.
      I more than once accidentally attacked a flying…thing…when I only tried to get a few pieces of cotton from a bush.
      That was very annoying and could easily be fixed.
      Make the right mouse button engage combat or be the safe mode switch.
      You can already cancel combat with the right mouse button.
      So why not have the right mouse button be an attack, just like the left mouse button, but without targeting enemies.

      Those are my thoughts so far. I really like the game and I hope it expands a lot in the future.


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      In addition to my other suggestions, I would also suggest you add some kind of anti-spawn block.
      Something like the torch in minecraft, which prevents monsters from spawning around it.
      You could make it a monster spawn disruptor and have it be powered by portal blocks.
      That would be something placable (not necessary a torch), which can be used in dungeons or on fields, where player do not want any more monster to spawn.
      Make it very expensive, so player do not abuse it (or have to work really hard for it to abuse it).

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      My suggestion, and excuse me if this is already a thing or if someone else said it but.
      I’d like the ability to be able to drop/trade items with players.

      ~~~Dumoas de' Selune pholor dos lu'dosst uss'che~~~

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      Simple Suggestion: Add two extra hot bar slots.

      I found that in my 30 or so hours of play that the limited 8 slots often put me in situations where I often had to swap out items in my hotbar; then swap the items back. Maybe that’s the goal, but I found it to slow the pace more than it really should have.

      For example, if I wanted to have every tool, plus my weapon available, I would not have any space for portal blocks, potions, or skills. If I wanted to do a purely combat based hotbar loadout, I would be limited to not being able to dig myself out of caves or build portals. The two extra slots would be enough to fix these issues.

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      1. It could be nice to have a summary of what’s in the pipes. Like what evolutions are planned (new skill tree, new classe) and what bug is currently being fixed so we know if some of us (including me) can hope to play the game sooner than others… But i think i’m dreaming.

      2. If you can’t, maybe update the Known issues post with the bugs encountered. I know managing a community can be hard but it’s also hard to have a bug that prevent you to play and not knowing if it will be fixed sooner or later. Yeah i’m maybe over reacting… But your game looks good and i want to try it by myself.

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      Hi! I really, really love the game, i make videos for YT since the preview videos and i have soooo much suggestions.

      1- More difficulty!
      The game is to easy! We need harder mobds and bosses. As someone said maybe you can add new game+ mode with stronger mobs and for sure more loot, exclusive weapons, recipes…

      2- Scalable UI
      We really need this. Keybinds are big.

      3- Camera combat

      Is not the best… Sometimes you need outzoom.

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      Weapon ranks need to be made clear. I changed from a Copper Axe to a Portal Knight Sword, yet the sword is doing less damage than the axe even though it needed iron to craft it. The Portal Knight Sword needed a Tier 2 Anvil to craft it yet it does less damage than the Copper Axe.

      Sword Damage: 66 normal, 120 crit on the mushroom islands. My axe did 120 normal, 140 crit damage on the mushroom islands. The sword cant even kill a green slime in 1 hit on the starting island while my axe can!

      Evasion is also something I didn’t really use for the warrior, since I in close combat you don’t get the chance to dodge before it hits. I don’t know how to improve it though, but it’s not really needed for warrior since I rather tank the damage than have to walk up to the monster again.

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      I’m starting to play ‘portal knights’ now and I really love it. However I would like to make some suggestions:

      1-It’s really boring to travel with the other players all the time. I think would be much better if we are able to travel alone.

      2-An easier way to trade items without the need of a chest, like just dropping.

      3-Not necessary but very cool would be talk to other players. I will like to have a chat in game.

      4-At least for me it was difficult to locate other players sometimes. I think amazing the possibility of have a map of the area (fixed on screen, with low opacity). Landmarks and other players can be displayed on the map (such as a friends and mission’s radar).

      5-Considering the gameplay in groups, I believe that the distribution of experience and items could be reviewed. When a group kills an enemy the XP should be distributed among all.

      6-Additionally as a “luxury item” I love the possibility of ‘pull’ other players close to myself. During an exploration it’s possible that I have a very difficult enemy and I want to summon my friends.

      This is all folks! Congrats for this game, it’s wonderfull!

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      Been watching quite A few youtube vid’s recently Both SP and CoOp
      awesome concept BTW!

      Yes! Island size seems to be a bit underwhelming. For a single player it seems okay-ish but for 4 ppl it seems really constricting, Especially when a base of operations is being constructed with 4 ppl in mind. Not saying it’s impossible to do without major Terra-forming by any means but it just seems very.. compact!

      Not suggesting to make all Islands the same size but varying with the current size being the smallest (maybe 2.5 to 3 times the size bigger for the Max?).

      Another thing I noticed with some of the dungeons?! It seems 1 player alone has just enough room to maneuver let alone 4 others occupying the same area.

      Also what somebody else suggested about having the option for multiple ppl to be on separate islands at the same time (if possible).

      Again Awesome stuff so far! I’ll be keeping a close eye on this down the road 🙂

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      Hi there. I’ve been streaming Portal Knights since it’s release and represent a community of gamers called the Otterman Empire. Many of us have been enjoying the game, but we have some suggestions that we believe will improve the game as it continues it’s development through early access:

      Misc. Suggestions:

      1. Melee weapons are inferior to ranged weapons. You’re in much more danger getting close to creatures and they tend to not do enough damage to make it worth it. I would recommend adding a little bit more range to the swings of some of the melee weapons and either tune up their damage or reduce the damage of bows/xbows/staves and wands.

      2. Allow the use of torches while mining blocks.

      3. Allow the use of spells without having to swap back to the weapon you are using. Press 2 for heal, for example, but the wand in the one slot remains highlighted.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Bog Otter

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      This is a super knit-picky topic, but I also think it would be cool to name your world, and to arrange the order in which they are in the title screen. It would also be beneficial to order your characters. Like I said, it’s super small and doesn’t really affect anything, although it would be a nice feature in my opinion. For example I tried the Range/Melee character, and finally decided I wanted to play as the Mage. Now whenever I start up with my character, I have to scroll over twice. I don’t want to delete my character’s, so this is kind of tedious to scroll every time when you could make a feature to drag your character and change their order of importance. Just a thought.

      -The Finger Pointing to the Moon-

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      Hi PK

      Please extend my gratitude to the developers for listening to the community and adding invert mouse option.

      I can finally start playing it!

      So we just need one more thing and then you’ll never have to hear from me again..except to praise you!

      Rebind-able keys.

      You’re so close!

      Thanks anyway for the addition! Much appreciated.

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      edit: duplicated, sorry

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      Improvement of forum design for small devices

      And not only as suggestion, I offer a posible solution:

      @media (min-width:768px) {
          #bbpress-forums div.bbp-forum-author, #bbpress-forums div.bbp-topic-author, #bbpress-forums div.bbp-reply-author {
              width: 100%;
          #bbpress-forums div.bbp-forum-content, #bbpress-forums div.bbp-topic-content, #bbpress-forums div.bbp-reply-content {
                  margin-left: 0;
                  padding: 12px;
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      Hello guys, first of all, the game is great! Even at this early state.
      But there are a few things i’d really like to see in the future:

      1. Size of the worlds:
      It would be great if the worlds would be a little bigger or even customizeable in the creation progress.
      Like small(i consider the existing ones small), medium and large.
      This would create more space to explore, build and a few extras, later in the developing process.
      Furthermore the portals will be harder to find and reach.
      At the moment it’s possible to rush a world in like 2 minutes and thats about to get boring.

      2. Monster spawns:
      Some custom spawn areas are a bit messed up.
      At the moment my home world is a place with a portal at the basement of a castle.
      And every time i spwan in, the castle is filled up with monmsters.
      Therefor it would be nice to have a tool for banning monsters from areas.
      This is especially nice for building or coop because you could create space
      for your buildings without monsters living in it or ask lower level friends to join
      your world safe. Even if these tools are expensive to craft it would be worth the cost.

      3. Keys, HUD, Interface:
      Keybindings are a must. I know it’s a early developing phase,
      but i hope this will come in no time. Keybindings are a really big quality of
      life change, witch improves a game very much with very little efford.
      Same goes for HUD changes. Like one key to blend out your shortbar would be enough
      to begin with. Or a little map at the right/left top corner.
      Small changes witch provide a much better experience, playing the game.

      These are my suggestions for the moment, i really look forward to further patches and updates
      and wish you the best keeping your good work up!

      Ps.: sorry for my grammar and language, i’m everything else but a nativ speaker.

    • #2553

      OK in my opinion things we could be done to further the gameplay of PK

      1. Skills. If we had a skill that we had to level ( wood cutting, mining, farming, fishing, cooking, ect) that the higher you got the better buffs you had would make the game a bit longer.

      2. farming timer. We need a timer over the crops you plant telling you how long they take to grow and if they will grow in the world your in. Also the crops need to be able to grow if your in that world or not.

      3.cooking. I think it would be a good skill in the game to have food that buffs you like the flasks do but in food form.

      4. We also need more recorces for multiple people servers cause I having I have got to make 2-3 worlds to gather enough ore for ingots for all my team mates.

      5. Keybinding. I would live to kebing my action bar to my mouse it would save time.

      6. Armor and ore. We need more armor for further explanation of the game some ideas. Dark iron, cold iron, ice steal, steal,brass, cobalt, tungston.

      7. enchanting. We could use trees to make paper, Berry’s to make ink and positions combined to make an enchant to make our wepons and armor better.

      8. Difficulty balancing. We need it where more the more people in your group the harder the mobs and bosses are with better lootthat drope with more people.

      9 keys. I think we need to use the key fragments to unlock the dungeons and at the end of the dungeons are portal keys that are used to open them. So bosses at each lvl and group bosses at every 5 to 10 lvls. Also unbreakable rocks so people can’t skip the dungeons.

      These are just some of my ideas. Sorry for my grammar and spelling.

      Please let me know what y’all think

      Thank you

    • #2562

      Make it win 7 32 bit support, why isn’t this supported??

    • #2565

      Hello, I would like to address this issue with a suggestion (as it’s not a bug or an actual issue) but I’ve noticed the “window” that’s like a tiny door (not the 4 square pane window) that you can actually open and close, is indicated for only one side, meaning you cant use 2 and get a double window, perhaps you can create a partner window and rename to “window Left/(L)” and “window Right/(R)”. Also curtains/shutters/ect. for the pane windows would be a nice touch.

    • #3068

      Excellent game and I have enjoyed the ride so far.

      A few things I mentioned elsewhere.

      Water type blocks/sources – I know this is a tricky one because of the physics involved etc. but it would be nice to be able to create a pool or small pond.

      Pets – who doesn’t want pets or a way to hatch/grow them?

      Vehicles – I have seen this mentioned. I think the worlds are really too small for vehicles but maybe a jetpack of some sort?

      The ability to sit in chairs or lay in beds would be nice.

      I love the house building aspect of the game but I do wonder if there is a good way to put in some incentive to need a base of operations. You can dump crafting stations basically anywhere. What we need I think is to have a reason to have a “home” beyond just parking our stuff there.

      As always, looking forward to more of what is in the game already and seeing what other things you guys come up with!

    • #3201

      I would like to recommend that the developers play the game “Fantasy Life” cause I think they have a really interesting take on crafting and I would be interested in seeing if/how the developers take inspiration from it and apply it to this game.

    • #3204

      Wouldn’t it be useful to have somewhere a list of the already proposed (and not taken into account yet) suggestions?
      Personally I’m quickly tired of searching through a whole forum for every key word that would indicate if what I want is already asked for. ^^’

      Spirit is All in Nothing.

    • #3221

      as this game is multiplayer and built for multiplayer from what i gather 4 players recommended i would like to suggest adding a game 4 pack on steam so players can bye 4 copies then distribute them to there friends. it would make it easier for people to group together if they could just bye a 4 pack ((i apologize but i am not good at grammar i hope you can overlook that and take my request into consideration)) P,S i would really appreciate this 🙂

    • #3442

      I missed the rain, is it who makes me want to build a house.
      Please, put rain in the game!!! 😀

    • #3621

      I would like to see more combat mechanics.

      For example:
      Dash/sprint mechanic: For the purpose of speeding up and slowing down camera motion. The game can feel a bit monotonous after a while because the camera speed (also known as movement speed) never changes.
      Crouch/stealth mechanic: For the same reason stated above and will open up what future ranger game play could be like.
      Climb mechanic: Certain blocks should be climbable. The more options I have to explore and change the pace of game play the better.
      Power attack mechanic: Melee weapons should have a quick attack with a fast click and a stronger attack with a hold and release. The bow and spells should always be held with one click until fully charged then fired on release scaling in strength the longer you hold the charge.
      I firmly believe that these changes would give Portal Knights a far more immersive experience.

    • #3862

      Going to post my growing other plants/trees in other worlds or similar worlds here. After some testing and still leaving the saplings and seeds on each world I have not seen anything past the crops grow anywhere. I was assuming if it could be planted it could grow (because 3 or 4 saplings cannot be planted outside of their home island).

      My thought was maybe a hoe upgrade to allow some other plants on the other islands or maybe a potion from the alter to allow things to grow (or add to growth speed if the time it takes for something to grow really is this long even on tilled ground).

      Just a thought.. ^^; my only real pet peeve about this game is the lack of being able to cross what trees are on what islands (nothing major I know).

    • #4014

      have favorited islands, currently I have one main base but what if I want to move or have multiple islands being set for different themed castles it might be hard to know which is which.

      And with that mabey even give option to change where a favorited island is so all of them can be grouped up.

      With that once you fully explore one (find all portals) give a option to rename or resort where it is, mabey even ‘reset’ it to get a fresh landscape to re-explore and reharvest for again going with what allot of players might be doing they might have, a growing large collection of different themed castles and want to put more things to put in them.

    • #4244

      FOV Customization, i only reply that

    • #4301

      I would like to be able to use furniture such as the bed to sleep and skip the night. Also some clearer tutorials when your starting would be good.

    • #4359

      1. I think a compass would help enormously – just a basic NSWE would do me.

      2. Something to stop portals spawing in the middle of mountains and other daft places. I use the ‘find it by sound’ method, but it is still exceedingly frustrating to dig up (or blow up now as my frustration increases) an entire mountain just to find the blasted things. Getting close to being a game breaker for me I’m sad to say.

      3. Less vegetation. When you land on a new island most areas are seriously overstocked with vegetation, making dodging impossible, line of sight almost nonexistant, generally traversing the terrain irritating, and so on. Okay, maybe I’ve exaggerated …….. a bit.

      These are my core frustrations.

    • #4393

      I didn’t go through the whole forum, nor did i read patch notes ( it’s just 2 days since i installed game) so maybe some of what i suggest has already been said.

      1. When chest is in use, use right-clic on item to automatically move from chest to backpack and vice versa
      2. Maybe name chests and have the name appear on top of it when mouse hovering on chest (like monsters but without clicking)
      3. Might be cool if we could get a lil’ bit of xp from crafting
      4. Crafting bigger backpacks!(Add pages on inventory maybe???) Essential to not be forced to stop enjoying the exploration!
      5. For crops, make time pass also when game not running, so when you go back you can harvest that sh*t and FeelsGoodMan

      Hope this gets seen

    • #4576

      Could we add the ability to add a small note about any changes we made to an Island. Like moving the landing pad, whether there is a vendor or vendor type.

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    • #4672

      I love the game but I want to ask you something. would it be possible to add mounts?

    • #4904

      It is common knowledge that every good RPG contains katanas. Portal Knights is no exception to the rule. Please include obligatory katanas and make them the best weapon in the game. Better yet, just replace every weapon in the game with katanas. 6 or 7 dozen katanas should suffice.

      Papa Bless.

      Also, katanas.

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    • #4951

      Hi! Big portal knight fan here! Been playing almost everyday since first discovered and now I am at a point where all I want to do is build my castle!

      My problem is that there isn’t enough furniture or decorative items available for use! I can’t get stone furniture unless I steal it from other islands. I can’t find the metal grates unless I raid dungeons thoroughly and it gets a bit boring. I’ve also been trying to farm recipes but the drop rate is rediculous in the sense that when I do get a recipe most of the time it’s the same as the last and then to see if I get the correct one next time I have to kill 50+ of a certain spieces and that also gets a bit tiring and boring.

      It’d be great to see a vast variety of furniture, decor, blocks and their design.

      Though I’d like to say, the variety of amour and weapons are great! I really like this about the game, also I was thinking the other day that it’d be pretty cool if now and again my home island got attacked! As so to protect what I have built! It’d be a rush of the fantasy!

      Hope to hear back.

    • #4978

      Please consider some system for keeping items from despawning. I started playing two days ago, worked hard to fill a chest with interesting items. I then expanded my house, so wanted to move the chest.

      As expected, when digging the chest up, all items fell to the floor. No problem, except my inventory was full. As I was clearing it out, all my items despawned, including some rare things I looted during events :'(

      Proposed solutions:

        – No despawning of blocks while the player is within x radius of them. Could be a problem for major mining operations though.
        – Increased despawn timer (I feel like this would be a good idea for all equipment / recipes anyway)
        – A way to move chests / other containers without removing the items from them. E.g. “picking things up” without them going into the inventory and moving them small distances. Some restraints would have to be put in place to make sure players don’t permanently expand their inventory by carrying a chest around (e.g. walking very slowly, not being able to equip tools / weapons, etc)

      I don’t know if this has happened to many other players, but it made my early gameplay quite frustrating as lots of good stuff was in that one chest. Might smooth things out a little! 🙂

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    • #4981

      I fully appreciate this suggestion shouldn’t be near the top of any current list being worked but I thought I’d throw it into the mix anyway.

      Portal travel … At the moment our intrepid portal knights are thrown into a wormhole like tunnel and subjected to a very nice light show. Whilst this is – hmm – nice, it doesn’t really do anything to truly capture the expected feel of portal travel. It is a tiny bit cliched and doesn’t really serve to hide the fact that it’s doing something “loady”.

      I do appreciate that the portal transition cannot be immediate as it does have to load the next world. Perhaps the knight could pass immediately through the portal into a softer space where he has to traverse the expanse himself and as the next world is loading the opposite portal opening moves closer to them, until finally they can pass through it immediately into the world on the other side?

      I don’t know if this async approach is possible in this instance, but it may be food for thought.

      Awesome work, keep it going!


    • #5136

      Ability to change name of characters and worlds?

    • #5153

      I’m not sure if this has been suggested yet but I was just thinking that any kind of drops from monsters or ores cannot fall off the world. Players spend hours trying to find recipes or stocking up on ingredients and sometimes the drops just go to waste. Although I understand for monsters they can be lured to a location where there’s more land so that the drops cannot fall off but there are some situations where that just isn’t possible. I’d like to suggest that as long as there’s a block within close range of the item drop, the item(s) will fall on there instead disappearing off the face of the world.

      What do you think of this idea?

    • #5607

      Hi there 🙂

      Have a couple of suggestions here too 🙂

      1. UI scale (Minor)

      I am the kind of person who loves the UI as small as possible.
      Currently it is okay, not a major issue, but I think the action bar slots are way to big.

      2. Moving things without destroying them (Major)

      Now this is a kinda major one. Especially when someone loves building.
      Yest I tried to move my chests around because I was reshaping my castle and had to make sure my bag is empty to I can move the entire chest. Guess what, I did not have enough space so I had to craft ANOTHER chest just so I can move the one I wanted haha! Then I put it accidentally on the wrong spot, so I had to start it all over again… sigh.
      So yeah, moving objects would be cool!

      3. No storage for pets (Minor)

      It would be nice to have some kind of different storage for pets/armor (I am not sure if this is possible) but I found some unique looking pets I do not want to throw away yet I have to store them somewhere and of course it takes my chest slots… 🙁
      I mean armor is okay I think, you sell what you don’t need, but I would not want to get rid of my pets because of this. Or a wardrobe interface where you can see all the armors you can get and what you need to craft them and maybe you could store them there, instead of storing them in the chest or in your inventory. Maybe this could work for weapons as well? As people can use armor and other stuff for vanity, I think it would make sense.

      4. Upgraded workstation (Major)

      So the thing is that once you upgraded your workstation, under (for example) the tools you have the tools for every single workbench separately (1 drop down for workbench I, one for II, III, IV.. etc.) This is pretty annoying. Once we upgraded the workbench (or altar, for furnace etc.), let us just see everything that we can craft. Does not really matter to which it belongs to. Same goes for the upgrade section. I still see I, II, III (for ALL workstations) and I really do not care what I need for them as I already have IV haha. But you see my point. Browsing under too many drop down options is not that cool. Let us just see everything we can craft on a workbench in one. They don’t need to separated by which workstation has what.

      5. Mounts (Minor)

      I know it is all about exploring, but sometimes I feel it is a bit slow.
      Would be nice to have some kind of mount “thing”, like you could choose a small pony (as a huge horse would look stupid haha) or levitation, teleportation (I know this scroll but an actual skill would be nice too).
      It would be very useful when someone is not mining and gathering resources but if he/she is building a huge castle and have to run around in it, that would be SO helpful.

      6. Breaking things should break them (Major)

      Instead of going into the backpack I would rather have an option to move them if I want to move them (see above section 2) and if I don’t need them and don’t want to sell them, then breaking them would give back at least 20-50% of the material so we can reuse it.

      7. Picked up items should not go the actionbar automatically (Minor)

      8. Picking up bushes, flowers, trees with hoe (Minor)

      I would love to take those from outside and put some flowers and tress and bushes in my home, without putting down a dirt block and waiting until it grows (a lifetime, especially when there is no sunlight inside)

      9. OMG Fountains! (Minor)

      Please let us have them and let us make them ^_^


      Some others I have seen on the forum and totally agree with:

      “Climbing mechanic. This is a bit of a larger feature to add in, but I think a sense of verticality can add a lot to a game, particularly with the ranged classes. This sort of feature would expand on the types of structures and buildings that both the player and developer would be able to create in the world which would further serve to enrich both the exploration and building aspects of the game. I feel that this is a feature not many games incorporate, and could further serve to help it stand out from the crowd”

      “So you know all the pretty grass and stuff you see in some of the islands? Well why is it called dirt block when you break it, also when I place it down its not dirt its grass…
      what I’m suggesting is making a actual dirt block, these could be used as building areas or paths…”

      I really want to see where the game is (development) when is out and when there is events into this game”

      “have favorited islands, currently I have one main base but what if I want to move or have multiple islands being set for different themed castles it might be hard to know which is which.”

      “The ability to sit in chairs or lay in beds would be nice.”

      I think that is all for now 😀

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      • #5610

        Also maybe for hardcore farmers, who love farming, there could be some kind of small crafted green house that let you plant and grow things that would not survive otherwise on that island 🙂

    • #9842

      as far as the game is concerned the only character flaw i have seen is that end game boss drops only drop specific element weapons… for example:

      Ancient Evil Electro Worm, Arctic Dragon Countess, and the King of Light drops: Swords, bows, and staves.

      what happened to end game hammers, scythes, axes, crossbows, and sling shots???

      i see this as a flaw because end game forces you not to use these items anymore for bonus damage with elemental. for the warrior the 2 handed axe give more attack damage then others but does not have a elemental counterpart.

      so, i would like to see more of these added with elemental counterparts.

      Thanks for all your work and keep it up, i am loving the game even without these but it would be a nice addition so i can make a play style suited to me.

    • #10135

      1. Ability to put pets and enemy creatures into cages, of course in the case of creatures, maybe add a scroll that allows players to capture enemies and they would be turned into an inventory item then stored in a cage for display/decor purposes.
      2. Add different breeds of dogs and other pets to be found or purchased.
      3. Ability to plant any tree or plant seed in any environment, mainly for decorative purposes so any plant that does not belong in a certain biome will only grow for decoration but would not yield any ingredients when harvested.
      4. When accessing storage chests or containers, move the backpack tab next to the chest tab so that switching back and forth between the 2 does not require pressing LB/RB (for consoles) multiple times.
      5. Add wall mount trophies for every creature in the game, including the big guys like the giant elemental skeleton guys or the big orc/goblin creatures.
      6. Put special treasure containing unique recipes,blocks,furniture found only on floating mini islands.
      7. Have more use for money, like purchasing unique recipes, blocks, furniture, decor items, materials, weapons, armor, pets, currently I have thousands of gold coins and have no where to spent them, except on hospital bills and TNT 🙂

    • #11555

      Hi 505 Games!

      Game play suggestion: Base Invaders Event!

      Base Invaders: A reoccurring event where a horde of monsters and a mini-boss (Large Monster, Lich, Bandit leader, Sorcerer, etc.) would set up camp on your home planet in order to stage an attack on your home base! Players would also have the option of taking out the boss beforehand if they want to demoralize the enemy forces (penalty to stats). However, this would be very difficult and the remaining monsters will still swarm your base!

      Your home base area is identified by a special flag or throne chair. The enemy will attempt to take or destroy this item. (Developer’s choice)

      In order to qualify for the event, the player would need to identify their base with a unique item, such as a Flag or Throne Chair. This unique item would detect Crafting Tables, Hirelings, and Defensive Structures within 30-50 blocks of it. A bed will also be required and must be built within the base area. These detected items would set a “Base Level”.
      The “Level” of your base is identified by a point value system called “Influence” (INF).
      (**side note for beds: Being able to lay on your bed to more quickly heal and in order to spend Attribute and Talent points would be much more immersive and cool!)

      Influence Value of Crafting Tables and Chests
      Chests are worth ((Tier level/2) -1) Influence points.
      Tier 1: 1 INF / Chests = n/a
      Tier 2: 2 INF / Chests = n/a
      Tier 3: 4 INF / Chests = 1 INF
      Tier 4: 6 INF / Chests = 2 INF
      Tier 5: 10 INF / Chests = 4 INF

      Your CHARACTER LEVEL would be counted towards your bases Influence value.

      Each Crafting table type (the highest tier) will only be calculated once towards your base’s Influence. This prevents players from building five of the same crafting tables in order to boost their base’s influence.

      Influence Calculation Example: A level (5) character with a 25 x 25 base with a Tier 1 Workbench, Tier 1 Anvil, Tier 1 Forge, Tier 1 Archery Station, Tier 1 Drafting Table, and 2 wooden chests would be worth (5 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1) 10 Influence.

      New Home Defense items

      *Hirelings: You can hire NPC’s to guard your base. They charge gold per day and are also worth Influnce.
      EX: Tier 1 Hireling: 15 Gold per day and worth 1 INF. This would most likely be a level 1 NPC Ranger, Warrior, or Cannon/Catapult Operator (operators just grab onto the Catapult and give it a damage bonus).

      *DEFENSIVE STRUCTURES: Must be built within base area (30-50 blocks away from Flag or Throne Chair)
      Cannon: Medium Range (10-20 blocks away. Minimum attack distance: 4 blocks). Deals medium damage to all creatures in a 3×3 area of where the ball hits. Has medium attack speed. Requires a combination of metal ore (copper, Iron, Gold, Titanium), Wood, a Resin (Common, Palm, etc.), and a Dust (Flame Ruby, Electro, etc.) to construct.

      Spiked wall: A new item type that can be used to slow down the horde. Spiked Walls can be destroyed or avoided by more intelligent monsters. Lower level monsters (fodder) will attack this structure as if a normal block and take damage from striking it. Requires a combination of metal ore and wood to build. Beware: This item can be damaged by your own defensive structures.

      Flame thrower: Close Range (1-8 blocks). Deals high Damage to all creatures in its 3 second flame blast (cone shaped). Very Slow attack speed but there is a chance to set enemies on fire! (lasts 3 seconds per tier). Requires a combination of Metal Ore, Gossamer, Refined Flame Rubies to build.
      *Beware: May damage nearby wooden blocks/structures.

      Orc trap: Must be walked on to trigger it. Invaders cannot see it. Deals high damage to whoever steps on it. Each trap can be reset three times before needing to be replaced. Requires a combination of metal and resin to build. *Beware: you can step on it…

      Catapult: Long Range (10 – 35 blocks away. Minimum attack distance: 10). Deals high damage to all creatures in a 5×5 area. Very slow attack speed. Requires a combination of Metal Ore, Wood, Resin, and Linen to build.

      These new structures would add to the look of your base! A beacon of strength! They can be automated but the Cannon and Catapult can also be manned by Hirelings to gain a damage bonus!
      Defensive Structure should also be upgradeable from Tier 1 to Tier 4 (max).
      They are worth 2 influence points per tier.

      Influence Calculation Example: A level (5) character with a 25 x 25 base with a Tier 1 Workbench, Tier 1 Anvil, Tier 1 Forge, Tier 1 Archery Station, Tier 1 Drafting Table, and 2 wooden chests would be worth (5 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1) 10 Influence.
      Plus, one Tier 1 Hireling Cannon Operator and two Tier 1 Catapults would bring the total base Influence to 15! qualifying you for the event.

      The makeup, strength, and size of the INVADING force is determined by your Base’s INFLUENCE value.

      15 points = level 1: Small sized horde, Minor Mini Boss
      30 points = level 2: Medium sized horde, Medium strength Mini Boss
      60 points = level 3: Medium sized horde, High Strength Mini Boss
      90 points = level 4: Large horde, High strength Mini Boss
      120 points = level 5: Larger horde, Strongest strength Mini Boss


      Enemy goal: To destroy your base and everything in the way of taking or destroying your Flag or Throne. Monsters priority targets are anything blocking their path to your Flag/Throne, Defensive Structures, NPCs, Players, and Chests! If your Flag or Throne is taken or destroyed, the monsters will then leave back to their original base, disappearing. You fail the event.

      Player goals: To defend our base/home from destruction and keep our flag/throne. To reap the XP rewards from defeating monsters, winning the event, and from defeating the mini-boss for great LOOT!

      Players would be notified that an enemy has invaded their home world and that they will rai their home base in 5 minutes (countdown timer).

      I believe that this would add to the game in the following ways:
      More emotional investment towards base building. It can be damaged and destroyed, so it would require players to keep coming back to it for maintenance, improvements, and to defend it. By this, our home base would be more than a storage and crafting facility.

      It would also be a GREAT motivator to participate in other events as well. Maybe to get special ingredients to upgrade your defensive structures, such as the Cannon, to its top upgradeable tier.

      Thank you for your time. My family and I are greatly enjoying your game.

    • #11645

      Hi 🙂 I just started playing this game (bought for the switch and waited desperately for the release date!) and I love it! I love the vibrancy and prettiness whilst still being able to hit things with some awesome spells. I love being able to build a house on my own island! I just love it in general! I especially love the pets however and when I saw the pet shop building with the pets hanging around I just had a wistful moment of: “I really wish I could display my pets in my house!” Appreciate this might not be possible or a lot of work for little gain, but for players like me who really value the cute visual aspect I think it would be wonderful! I know the slightest bit of deliberation I did before buying this game (a decision well made!) would have been non-existent if I’d have seen the ability to put pets in houses! Thanks for reading and also thanks for the awesome game! 🙂

    • #11729

      Instead of just having all the trees drop a generic ‘wood,’ it would be neat if the dropped an exclusive kind of wood that could still be used in all the crafting recipes that need would, but it would provide texture variants. For example, the wood blocks that can be crafted with wood would look different (just a texture swap) depending on what tree wood was used to make them. It seems like a relatively easy thing to implement that suddenly adds more reasons to farm different tree types, and it gives players a lot more creative freedom to design with more variants of blocks.

    • #1415

      I am really longing for an option to vertically invert mouse input for looking / aiming / controlling the camera.

      A lot of us older gamers are still used to it and I have a really hard time getting into any game that doesn’t provide that option.

    • #1460

      Same here…cant really play this without reverse mouse..also need to be able to reconfigure the keys.

      Kinda surprised you would release the game without an ability to re-bind the keys?.

      Anyway..eagerly await the day when ill be able to play..as right now its not really possible, but it looks beautiful.

      Is there some kind of *.cfg file that i can edit while we wait?

    • #1588

      I just paid for this game on steam and it looks amazing, but the game is unplayable for me with no invert mouse option as well. If I don’t get a reply to this forum about an inverted mouse option coming in the near future, I’m going to be forced to have to give it a thumbs down on steam because I my as well of flushed $12 down the drain of my sink.

    • #1656

      The game looks really great but this just kills is for me. It completely takes me out of the game and i spend more time messing with my mouse than focusing on what i’m doing in the game because i see something.. i go to look at it and end up looking at my toes or the sky..

    • #2274

      Bit of news to share… We understand there’s a demand for an invert mouse option and you’ll be pleased to know it’s going to be available very soon! Watch this space for more info.

    • #1562

      Hello devs and players!

      Love the game so far but i just have one complaint… I hate that the grass grows so high and it ruins the look of me and my buddies castle.

      It’s not much but being able to mow the lawn and make it more slick would be appreciated. Just think how much better this picture would look like and just giving us a bit more power to design and build our stuff with this small thing.


    • #1563
    • #1576

      I think it looks nice with the grass that tall (it’s not even that tall) but if you dislike the way it looks, you could’ve atleast built your ground level 2 blocks higher with a stairway leading to the entrance. Maybe a moat too if you can get water; if not, a pit

    • #1585

      I’m with Rize on this one. The grass and flowers get a bit annoying, especially near farms. Be nice if there was an option to mow it flat or even just till areas for planting.

    • #1737

      I could’ve sworn I posted here before, but oh well.

      You can actually turn off the grasses and flowers entirely, though it’s a per-player setting.

      Display Settings > Scatter Objects

      Simply turn that off, and no more flowers and grass. It likely also disables a number of other things, but its all entirely visual, and doesn’t take away from gameplay itself.

      I have, on the other hand, already made a post in the Gameplay and Co-op thread, suggesting the addition of an in-between setting, that produces a greatly reduced amount of grass and flowers, so you wouldn’t have to outright turn it off, but… that’s just something for the future (maybe).

    • #1657

      I would love to be able to set my own keybinds. I’m and older gamer and WASD has never worked for me. I have large hands and trying to use WASD with a bunch of keys clustered around those is so clumsy for me that it makes games really hard to play. Hope you’ll considering adding custom keymaping for us wierd-o gamers.


    • #1792

      Honestly, allowing keybinding is standard in many games and is a basic lesson taught in all game colleges. I’m pretty shocked that this basic feature is missing. Any config file I can edit? Using 3rd party programs are not a solution because then you can’t type to anyone in the game.

    • #1797

      Agreed. I usually play with ESDF instead of WASD. Always drives me nuts for the first few hours when I am forced back to WASD. Please add this standard feature to the game.

    • #2425

      I agreed

    • #1695

      I love the concept of portals in games, always have. I’m also a stickler when it comes to building and designing my HQ’s. Would love the ability to move the portals or even just the pads to a better location or even the creation of your own personal entrance pad into the world you built your home. Though I guess the portals become irrelevant once opened.

      I like the fact you can set your home to any world in your universe, but I’d rather have my own personal world free of mob spawns and the biome of my choosing at creation. That way when I scrap one Universe I can still return my home Island as I get ready to strip mine a new Universe.

    • #2431

      i agreed greatly whit that idea

    • #2520

      Hello friend! I totally agree with this: “Would love the ability to move the portals or even just the pads to a better location or even the creation of your own personal entrance pad.” It’s a good idea! 😀

    • #1741

      Why don’t you make it possible to sleep through the night. It’s easier to see during the day. If we could sleep through the night, we will be able to pass through time and have our crops and stuff grow quicker without having nothing to do for like 10 minutes. It would help a lot. Thanks.

    • #1767

      I agree, this would be a good addition to the game.

    • #2428

      i Agreed

    • #2521

      Totally agree!!! It’s a excellent idea to make possible to sleep through the night. It would help a lot! 😀 😀 😀

    • #1771

      I feel like modding could be great for this game, even if it isn’t really officially supported.

      I have started to dig around a bit on my own, and it looks like a lot of the game is packed inside the gamebuild.zip. The first file to look at is resources.rip, which seems to be a manifest of the other files in the zip. I’ve made a bit of progress (only had like 20 minutes) on understanding this file, but one super obvious bit is the filelist at the end of of the rip file. This list of files is interesting in and of itself (especially dungeoneditor_bundle.pkres), so I figured I would post it as a starting point. @PK_CM505, it would be great if you guys could release some documentation on the structure of the various file types (there are a lot, and reverse engineering them would take a while).

      As far as how much we can do with modding, it is a bit hard to tell; some of the game code exists within the exe (which would require significantly more effort to modify safely), but at least some of the logic is in lua inside the gamebuild.zip (as compiled luac files). Luckily, lua is fairly easy to decompile (we would end up with obfuscated lua code, but it would be a starting point).

      You must be logged in to view attached files.
    • #1924

      Here is the basic structure of the rip file, as well as my notes on all the unknowns.

      struct rip_header {
        char magic[4];  // RIPF
        uint32_t unknown1;  // 3
        uint32_t unknown2;  // 8
        uint32_t unknown3;  // 4
        uint32_t section1_entry_count;
        uint32_t section2_entry_count;
        uint32_t section3_entry_count;
        uint32_t section4_length;
        uint32_t section5_entry_count;
        uint32_t section6_entry_count;  // same as section1_entry_count
        uint32_t filename_list_length;
      // Sorted by id.
      struct section1_entry {
        uint32_t id;  // crc32 of the filename
        char type[4];  // e.g. CRCP, ETCR, TXTR
        uint32_t unknown1;  // based on type except MATR which has multiple values
        uint32_t unknown2;  // high entropy
        char content_sha1_hash[20];  // hash of the file contents, see below
        uint32_t section2_offset;  // entry offset
        uint32_t section3_offset;  // entry offset
        uint16_t section2_count;  // entry count
        uint16_t section3_count;  // entry count
        uint32_t unknown3;  // monotonically non-decreasing
      struct section2_entry {
        uint32_t id;
        char type[4];  // mirrors the type of the section1 entry with the same id
      // This likely has some further structure
      struct section3_entry {
        char unknown[12];  // low entropy
      // The length of section4 is provided as a byte count instead of an entry count.
      // It seems to have alternating segments of low and high entropy indicating
      // that there is likely some further structure to it.
      // All of these are MODL entries, sorted by id.
      struct section5_entry {
        uint32_t id;
        char type[4];    // mirrors the type of the section1 entry with the same id
        char unknown1[20];  // possibly a sha1 hash, see below
      // Each entry in section6 mirrors the entry in the same position of section1.
      struct section6_entry {
        uint32_t id;  // mirrors section1_entry.id
        char type[4];  // mirrors section1_entry.type
        uint32_t filename_list_offset;  // in bytes
      // The filename list is simply a null terminated list of filenames.
      // section1_entry.content_sha1_hash is the sha1 hash of the file the entry
      // references.  The hex version of this is also used as the name of the file
      // in gamebuild.zip (in order to dedup identical files).
      // section5_entry.unknown1 is the right size and entropy to be a sha1 hash,
      // but these aren't found in the zip, and these already have files specified
      // in section 1.  It is also worth noting that many entries in section 5 share
      // the same value.
      // The ids in sections 2, 5, and 6 are all a subset of the ids in section 1.
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    • #2105

      I’ve sort of gotten stuck on the rip format, so I started looking at the lua files. The luacs are a bit strange; right off the bat I noticed that there is an 80 byte header on all of them that is very low entropy (mostly null). For now, I decided to just ignore it and strip it off (it looks like it might encode the length and a couple other things, but as I said, there is almost no data in there). From the first first 5 bytes (1B 4C 75 61 53) we can tell that this is Lua 5.3.

      From here things get a lot weirder. The test int (used to check system endianess) occurs one byte earlier in the header than we would expect it to. Looking at the header, it becomes apparent that one of the 5 size check bytes is omitted. These 5 bytes are typically (in order) sizeof int, size_t, Instruction, lua_Integer, and lua_Number. It is also worth noting that the 4 size check bytes that are present are all 4, meaning that all of the base types use 32 bit representations. This seemed a bit strange as you can’t link against 32 bit lua from a 64 bit binary, but this may in fact explain the missing size check byte.

      If one wanted to ensure that the same luac files could be used on both x86 and x86_64 binaries, one would need to ensure that all the base types were the same size on both. int is actually 32 bit on both architectures, so that one is easy. Instruction, lua_Integer, and lua_Number can be forced to 32 bits with the LUA_32BITS compiler definition, so those 3 are also straight forward. This leaves only size_t, which is defined by the C compiler (and is generally 64 bits on x86_64). Luckily, lua only emits size_t to its binary format for one purpose, the length of static strings longer than 254 bytes. Thus if somebody wanted to make a version of lua that compiled binaries that worked on both x86 and x86_64, all you would need to do is change the type used to represent string length from size_t to int (no sane binary needs a static string longer than 4GB anyway).

      I made a patch that makes the requisite changes to ensure that all the types dumped to the compiled luac are 32 bit. If you build luadec against lua 5.3.2 (or probably any other lua 5.3 version) with this patch, and strip off of the first 80 bytes, the files can be successfully decompiled (e.g. tail -c +81 lua_library.luac | luadec -). Note that none of them actually have strings longer than 254 characters, so I’m not sure this patch is correct, but it seems like the most logical explanation for the differences.

      Edit: Just realized, the length of strings longer than 2GB wont be handled correctly by this patch. I’m not going to bother fixing it right now, but if you care, simply cast the int to an unsigned int before assigning to size in LoadString.

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    • #2315

      Where are the lua files you are decompiling? I’ve extracted the file names from the resources.rip and there corresponding SHA1 file name, although as far as I can tell these arent lua files, i’ve not come across any with a byte header of 1B 4C 75 61 53 (after the first 80 bytes). i’ve got a feeling i’m missing something obvious here, if you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated 🙂

    • #1774

      >>>>> Needs players to be free to move in combat and when building, having your character freeze up when doing things is sooo annoying.

      >>>>>>>> Change the colours in the UI when in your own backpack, chest, crafting table etc….

      >>>>>>> First Person View need to remove Character model which is a visual interference.


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    • #1793

      We desperately need more basic bag space on our portal knight. Being limited to 24 slots plus the hot bar is incredibly small and needs to be increased to like 60 or so base bag space. I don’t want to feel like I have to have 10 storage chests to store all my goodies and keep porting back and forth since my inventory is full. I wouldn’t mind even paying for more inventory slots. Say sell inventory slots for 8 slots for $3 bucks or so I would buy that in a heart beat and it would be a great way for you guys to make more money.

      Of course free inventory upgrades via crafting or gameplay would be better but I am not opposed to buying more inventory slots.

    • #1794

      agreed. Need moar spacez

    • #1796

      I agree and disagree. I think this is one of the areas the game could offer some more exciting rewards in. Hide some rare items that can allow us to upgrade bag space deep in some dungeons. I do think we need more space, especially as time goes on, but don’t just hand us bigger bags. Make it a reward we can explore for. I’m honestly kind of baffled that this wasn’t capitalized on from the start.

    • #2066

      Cartable or findable extra bag space would be the best solution but as I stated I am not opposed to buying more bag space

    • #2121

      Agree 100% with this!

      As to ideas for expanding it – maybe link bag space to level? Start with 24 slots and every 10 or so levels you get an extra 10 slots, making a max lev char have 54 slots?

      On the subject of storage I think chests should be bigger too. The increase in capacity is miniscule as you go up tiers (or maybe have the ability to join 6 or so chests and form a vault?)

    • #2128

      I like the idea of “upgrading” inventory when you get to higher level.

    • #2146

      I see the limited bag space as a challenge, which Items should I keep and what should I remove. It could be a little bigger I guess but I have no real problem with that. The issue i see with the bag is you cannot easily drop an item or part of a stackable item, you can only delete it. I think that should be changed before bag space is added.

      Ah Ha

    • #2270

      I’m in complete agreement with more bag space. I like the ideas put forth about gaining more space through levels or finding upgrades in dungeons, however the act of paying for more bag space would be a little silly as it’s not really a necessity (one could always just build more chests), and not everyone would have the funds to repeatedly purchase bad slots. Now, if there’s NPC traders you can purchase bags containing more bag slots with in-game currency, that’s a different story entirely. One I’m extremely fond of.

      I think a simple solution would be to just add more slots for the different tiers of chests. An example: Plain chests would still have the same amount of spaces, lvl 2 chests would double, lvl 3 would triple and so on.

    • #2303

      A good ideia is we can craft largest bags!!

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    • #2378

      i like this idea but maybe unlimited space would be a good idea like
      some games do that witch make easyer on player then don’t got worry about space

    • #1810

      Hello people, i’ll not take the time to introduce myself in this post, just create this post for some ideas I got during the night. I’m sure that some of you suggested some of those ideas but I didn’t take time to check about every post, so sorry if i double post an Idea 🙂

      I hope you will enjoy thos ideas and give me a feedback about, or ask me questions about what I meant. English isn’t my first language so, please forgive me for the mistakes :p I had structured my post into different

      Classes :

      Legitim to ask about more classes for a RPG.
      But how to let more classes come into the game ?
      Different way effectively, first the skill tree with multiple specialization.
      Example : Take the ranger class :
      1) ShadowBlade : Double wielding weapons like knife, little dagger high dps but weak
      2) Ranger : Specialize with bow and trap
      3) The Beast Master : a savage claw mastery ? a class with different posture like Bear, Tigger, and more. balanced classes

      For the warrior class :
      1) Rampart : Specialise into tanking with and off hand weapon like shield (new mechanic of parry)

      2) The colossus : Double-Handed weapon mastery for high dammage but lesser tankiness

      3) Archtemplate : Such a paladin a mix of magic and regular weapons with support/dammage abilities or sthg like this
      For the mage class :

      The classical triple ellement (fire, Ice, arcane) or a bit more creative) ?

      1) The High Priest : Specialise into healing and god blessing magics

      2) The Archmage : Uses a magical bow and distance abilities

      3) Faceless Warloc : Specialise into dark magic with curse spell with dammage over time. (Minions, monster or sthg like ?) a good class to justify your scythe.

      You can create it with one good system like unlock your specialization at a level cap (lvl 20 for exemple)
      More coming soon in another post.

      Bestiary :
      More creatures idea for more pattern (I know it’s a hard work for devs :p )

      – Centaur
      – Minotaur (A boss?)
      – Goblin Ranger
      – Elementals
      – Orc King (like Golbing king)
      – Headless
      – Mimics (Fake block, fake decoration)
      – Arcane Sentry
      – Guardian of ressources (Into special hide room with a lot of ressource : Guardian of Iron, Guardian of Cotton, Guardian of pelt (big wolf? big Bear? … )
      – Treant
      – Imp
      – Angels
      – Fallen God
      – Ghouls
      – The cursed Stealer : (If this ennemy kill you, you lose everything you are carrying on your inventory)

      Games mechanics
      Hardcore creation for characters : With a little boost for playing in harcore mode (or simply no boost for the real warriors)

      Fighting :
      – Parry : Like the name said, parry with a shield or a double handed weapon
      – Exhausting rolls : Limit the roll of a character 1 per 10 second, with charge, with energy bar
      – Jump in fight mod : To dodge ennemies who stomping the ground (could make you fall into the ground for a few second.
      – Croud Control : Blind, stun, fear, slow, disarmed.
      Havrest :
      With water or fertilizer recipe to make farm growing faster
      Typical items for havrest farm and gain more ressources
      Special plant growing exclusively in the dark.
      Taming creature ! CHICKEN RACE INCOMING!

      Interact with player :
      Targeting ally for supporting spell
      Trade with someone
      Authorize someone to use a crafting table or sthg

      Interaction with the decor :
      Interact with bed to skip the night
      Interact with chair and more items to create a living game experience.


      Traps, more traps, just trap us, lets trap everyone into some traps
      Boss map change into a big dungeon with a boss room (exemple : a big cave with the big worm at the end (first boss) )
      revive denied into dungeon map (come back to home island) and you lose your inventory.

      Crafting :
      Rarity : The same craft could have different rarity with different stats.
      “Epic Fail” : You can fail a craft if this craft is too high for you. (Craft scale on character level and unlock with CraftingStation level)

      Recycle : Wow you got another new armor, SO AMAZING, but what for the previous one ? :'( Just throw it into the trash? No reason save the planet and recycle your previous weapons and armor into ressources.

      Workstation :
      Runeforge : Like the name said, to put runes on your weapons and create those runes.
      Cauldron : Create potions and cook raw meat.

      RPG Elements :
      Home and personnal NPC : (Idea from terraria/Starbound) If you build a closed room with a bed, light, four wall, one door, one table, one chair and a roog, A NPC will spawn and give you some quest (Can only spawn on HomeIsland)

      Inn, Village, City … : Create a map during the adventure with a INN or sthg like that and let NPCs who could give quests (hunting quest, havresting quest, Boss quest)

      The New Game + (NG+ challenge): After completing and adventure just launch it again with a higher difficulty and bonus
      Success reward : Kill this boss within a specific time, without taking dammage, without using ranged weapons …

      Succeed to this challenge and get a special reward for : Ressources , unique recipe, …

      Guilds : assimilate too “Inn, Village, City”; With different kind of guild like : Builders, Hunters, Havrester. Complete quest for those guild and get rewarded with recipe.

      2 Kind of Experience : Split the experience into two different kind of progress : One for havresting with a skill tree of havrest, and one for Fighting and level upping your character with the skill tree of ability and passives.

      Items tier : Common, Uncommon, rare, mythic, Legendary.

      Special set recipe : The burning armor of the pig, The sherwood tunic of rotten roots , The forgotten clothes of sadness tears, The xXKikooslasher of the deathXx and more gear. But you will need to find all the recipes to complete the set and reach the appropriate bonus.

      – Archmage Bow
      – Off hand (Book, Shield, Totem, … )
      – Claws
      – Shoulders (cause shoulder look amazingly cool)
      – Unique items (Uncraftable items)
      – Rare recipes (0.0000000000000000000000000000001% drop rate HARDCOOOOORE, just kidding)
      – Meat
      – More props for the decoration (Recipe if possible)

    • #1814

      More coming soon, I need to finish the game Once before give more ideas ^^

    • #1866

      At the moment we are able to destroy items, but with no reward.
      I think it would be good if we were to scrap an item we get some materials back in return.

      Example, if a wooden sword costs 4 wood to make (not accurate) and I destroy the wooden sword I would get something like 1 wood back.
      So you are not getting ALOT back, just something!

    • #2423

      i agreed

    • #2523

      Seconded. It makes me cringe every time I drag an old tool to the trash. Granted, by the time I do that, I probably don’t need the materials any more, but still. 🙂

    • #2052

      This would be an awesome game to have moddable. I can imagine plenty of different Mods that would increase playability.
      * Friendly NPC mod, like quest givers, companions, pets, etc.
      * Item mods, things like backpacks, jetpacks, weapons, gear, etc..
      * Skills and talent mods that add or change talents or balance existing ones.
      * More worlds or portals to different universes. Maybe sliders to increase world size.
      There is just so many things that could be added to this game. The Devs have made a really fun game in Portal Knights and the core game is great by itself but I would like to see a workshop in the steam page.
      Anyone else agree?

    • #2053

      one pulverizer also? to double ores? ehehe

      I guess adding new content its the secret to keep the people hooked.

    • #2061


      Modability is critical for the long term replay value of sandbox games. While that doesn’t directly increase the sales so much, the more we play a game, the more opportunity there is for us to get friends involved. Modders are a free labor force for expanding the game if you’re willing to add support for it. There are good reasons why every major sandbox game supports mods.

    • #2109

      See my thread in this forum: http://www.portalknights.com/forums/topic/modding/
      I’ve already figured out the basic structure of the archive format, and the modifications to lua that they made so that we can decompile the scripts. I’m still a ways from figuring out everything so that we can put the archive back together, but I’m getting there (and I’ve spent maybe an hour and a half total so far). If anybody want to help, feel free.

    • #2419

      i agreed
      Also add the oppotunity to create a world for your home from the start whit only the Transport zone and you build from that

    • #2055

      x2 – x100 resources.. yea that would be a good one to.

    • #2074

      Bad english here :p

      Well, as one of my complains in the game is just to have so many potions when you don’t even fell the need of using them, at least in the early stages of the game, i think that is rewarding players too much because the first 10 lv and the boss, are just very easy, even more when your mistakes are not even counted as a threat, it’s just so much that i think that the game is taking me by the hand too much, i don’t know how to develop that well, i must say, my projects in project spark have the same issue, but i think i have some ideas that could help.

      Make potions not a drop, but a chest reward or end reward in the dungeons, i think one is fine.
      Reduce the ammount of health healed.

      Why potions and not other items in general? Because i think that changing now how the players develop to new igredients and recipes would take too much time to not bring something realy impactiful in the game, and a lot of work that could be done in better areas, but yes as for now i think that some other items could balance the difficult, but the potions will do the most imho.

    • #2137

      I just need this 🙂

    • #2141

      First, i wanted ladders too. But now I think they don’t fit into the game. imagine a 1×1 hole in this game with ladders.

    • #2207

      Ladders are always nice, but i guess the way we place block in this game and the map max height theres no need for ladders. The same with jetpack. because the islands are to small.

    • #2416

      i will be good to have it when you dont want to make a stair whit block or dont have the place.
      a ladder can be like the torch need to be on something and after you can climb it.

    • #2202

      Please add a feature so that if you let’s say add a source of light or build a structure in that space monsters will not spawn.
      I have made a home in one of the castles and every time I teleport to that level there are a couple of monsters that always spawn inside.

      Would love to see this feature implemented.

    • #2266

      I completely agree! I would love to make some of the dungeons my own little castle/storage area/wizard’s tower. However with the constant spawn of monsters, it becomes really tedious and repetitive to have to continuously defeat monsters just to have a little time to craft and store before the respawn timer expires. Also, some words are tiny and it would be nice to be able to have one’s home world monster free. It becomes irritating when one is trying to garden/build/decorate/craft/etc and have massive hordes of lvl 1 (or whatever) monsters swarming and making it impossible to place blocks or other placable objects.

    • #2212

      I have 2 different computer and I want to play the game on both of them with the same game and the same characters… So can you please add the steam cloud syncronisation? If you can’t can you give me a way to keep my game on my other PC? I already tried to put my game files on my other PC via USB but it didn’t work…
      I played like 10hours in 1 day on my world and now I need to restart another one on my other PC? That’s kinda weird don’t you guys think…?

      Thank you!


    • #2227


    • #2243


    • #2291


    • #2527

      Thank you guys! But the devs doesn’t seem to reply… That’s sad :/

    • #2531


      Give them time. They’ve got to be slammed right now.

    • #2533


      Today and with tecnologies we count this a requirement not a suggestion

    • #2536

      Yeah it’s a requirement!

    • #2540


      A lot of games don’t get Steam Cloud until they’re very, very close to full release. I’d be hard press to imagined that this didn’t make it in there, but I’m sure it probably won’t be in the early stages of early access, probably for good reason (on Steam’s part).

    • #2609

      Totally agree! 🙂 +1

    • #2271

      Heya, just a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it, if you could make an option available to remove the black boarders when you lock onto a target, I find it quite annoying as it takes the space from the top and bottom of my screen squeezing my vision, it makes it feel a little bit cramped. Anyone else find it annoying? Cheers!

      The night brims with defiled scum, and is permeated by their rotten stench. Just think, now you're set to hunt and kill to your heart's content.

    • #2300

      Hello PK_CM505 and Dev team

      I would like to suggest a new system for the chests. Currently the copper chests are by far the cheapest and most used chest. While making iron and gold chests seems expensive and titanium chests are insane.

      I would like to see chests have an upgrade button like the crafting tables do. Changing the level 1 chest to cost 20 wood logs and 2 copper bars. Having the first upgrade take 2 iron bars, then 2 gold bars, and finaly 2 titanium bars. This will make upgrading a little easier and it won’t feel like a chore.

      Next let’s discuss inventory size. With the upgrade button, the inventory needs to scale appropriately. Start copper chests at 4 slots then double it for each upgrade. Iron getting 8, gold has 16, and titanium with 32. A UI resize or scroll bar would be needed for the titanium chest. This will make the player feel like the upgrade was worth the effort and they will be satisfied with the new space.

      Lastly I would like to see a “shift+click” to move items more easily between the players inventory and the chests inventory. This may also be used to quickly take an item from the players action bar and place it into his/her inventory.

      In conclusion this would make upgrading the players chest be more of a priority and feel like less of a grind. This will also leave the player feeling more satisfied with their new chest space.

    • #2413

      good idea

      They could also put the interface of chest and the one of inventory on same screen so you can change more easily between.
      For the chest space i agreed whit you. They can also just augment the total number of stack. 100 for mineral or gem also wood. this will help a lot

    • #2524

      I like the idea of upgrading chests. Maybe we could upgrade a Chest I to a Chest II by paying a discounted amount of the same materials?

      For example, building a Chest II from scratch requires 2 iron bars and 8 logs. Maybe allow us to upgrade a Chest I to a Chest II by spending 1 iron bar and 4 logs?

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    • #2334

      Exactly it is not a necessity, which makes it a good item for a cash shop if they go that route. If they plan on supporting the game in the long run, which it appears they do. I would expect a cash shop somewhere down the line as a base cost of $15 per person isn’t much when you factor in server costs and future development and content updates. There is a big reason most games charge $50-60 per copy, development is expensive. Server costs also can add up as do other misc costs, if they need to make additional money this would be an easy way to do it that doesn’t push it into p2w if they ever go into a multiplayer style game.

    • #2347

      I LOVE how your game looks! It looks absolutely adorable. Just an FYI, I watched Shubble on YouTube (found here https://youtu.be/ZlnPbMzG-ig ) play this and now seriously want to play it as well. ^u^

      I would love to see this game also available to the MAC platform. Any chance this is going to happen eventually?

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    • #2871

      Hi kitten2021. Right now, our focus is on PC (Windows)

    • #2355

      I see your point when it comes to developmental costs and what not. However, since bag slots are not a necessity, I can’t imagine a lot of people purchasing said item therefore making the effort unnecessary (although I could always be wrong). I do agree with the creation of a cash shop where players can purchase exclusive items, however in terms of gaining more money for developmental purposes, I just can’t see bag slots making a huge contribution to this cause. Good on you though for thinking of creative ways on how the development team can continue to fund Portal Knights! It’s nice to see thought and care put into game suggestions.

      I’m a kluts! I meant to reply to Jasonwivart but clicked on reply to this instead. Haha! ~Facepalm~

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    • #2361

      After a full play through for my first character I found that I was constantly making new chests and filling my base with chests scattered everywhere because they only held half my inventory space each.

      I would love to see the storage capacity of each chest increased so people starting from scratch, and those who can’t afford the silver, gold and titanium chests, will be able to store all their awesome loot in it.

    • #2363

      After visiting all the different locations, don’t get me wrong, I did love them and they were pretty cool, but there weren’t many: Grassland, Forest, Desert, Beach/palm forest, Mushroom Biome, Snow, Volcano, Fantasy? (Stones which drop wool) and outer space, it was fun discovering a new type of world but after the third time the thrill wears off, I was thinking of some potential ideas for new worlds!

      Underwater world – Change the sky colour to a dark blue to look like you’re under the sea, The texture for plain dirt would be orange and greens for coral and kelp etc, there could be bubbles instead of clouds, the mobs could be a variety of Crabs, Octopus’ (octopi?) or mermen!
      The resources available could be seaweed (the renewable resource) and pearls.

      Heaven (Light world) – I noticed in the outer space world a Light Slime who was resistant to gold (light) and weak to the titanium (dark) so I was thinking of a new world where these “light” enemies would live, The dirt would be replaced by cloud blocks, The sun would be brighter and you would be able to see stars, The mobs that could spawn could be like fairies and Angels, The resources could be like an angel flower, which could be made into a strong, light fabric to make armour and Fairy Dust as a rare gem, All the enemies here would be resistant to light weapons but weak to dark, so this world would be suited to coming after the outer space levels and final boss as you can get the titanium weapons there.

      These are just two of the many ideas I have but I want to hear what other people think or what they would like to see!

    • #2365

      Like it!

    • #2402

      good idea

    • #2478

      Many games have offered this possibility for the large number of advantages it offers, some of them are:

      – Increase of lifetime
      There are many real examples of this so no needs comment
      – Feedback
      Whenever someone makes a modification, they most likely share it in external networks to steam/portal knights forums
      – More playable content
      With possibility of adding resources to the game (for example, space engineers, have blocks in the game that comes from the workshop by its popularity among the community)

      Editable aspects that could be offered:
      – Blocks
      This offers a lot of new playable content
      – Weapons
      Same as blocks
      – Armors
      Same as weapons
      – Worlds
      This especially can offer a lot of new playable experiences, many people will create worlds of differents purposes. A great feature to see when you finish the main history

      so, what do you think?

    • #2525

      I think this idea may make it easier to accommodate many of the other requests I’m seeing.

      Let us host a central, ‘home’ island that is perhaps a bit larger, or at least more contiguous, than the ‘game’ islands. Anything we store or build on this island persists between games. This way, we can start more games to ‘respawn’ resource nodes, and we could big truly epic homes for ourselves that we won’t lose upon starting a new game.

      Maybe allow us to share the home island with friends, but still allow us to start games solo or with those same friends? That way, our friends can run off on their own games, gathering resources and whatnot, while her friends are away.

    • #2698

      I agreed
      Add the possibility for
      -Creating from the start your own island the way you want it
      -Can change the place for the TP or the TP could be the only thing when you start so you can build the way you want around it
      -Can add portal

    • #2725

      I agree too

    • #2618

      One the of things I love to do in Portal Knights is create and maintain gardens. Every world I port to, I look for seeds to take back to my home base and plant. Sadly, not every plant will grow in certain areas (which is understandable). However, what if the player could take the dirt blocks from other worlds and use them in their base? As it currently stands, all dirt will transform into any other world’s dirt block when it’s placed in that world (example: normal dirt can also be moon dirt, mushroom dirt, jungle dirt, etc if you place it in that world regardless of the dirt’s origin) I’m simply suggesting that dirt be specific to it’s world and be able to take and place in other words. This would allow players, like myself, who enjoy gardening to be able to plant every kind of plant in their home base.

    • #2638

      Along those lines it would be cool if there was actually a dirt block that produce just dirt, so you could make a dirt path, etc… Currently a dirt block actually becomes the grass in that world.

      Ah Ha

    • #2689

      Hey! I recently bought this game and have been playing it exclusively for the past weekend, I love it! After about 24 hours I thought if some things that I’d like to see improved.

      The first and second boss were great, my favorite was the dragon! But the last boss was WAY too easy, I’m not sure if it isn’t finished yet… But perhaps change some things with the fight, for example; make the boss platform smaller, make it move and attack faster, and add something more to the hollow kings!
      Another bit about bosses would be, allow us to place a limited amount of blocks instead of none, it would allow us to employ different strategy while not breaking the encounter by placing as many as you want.

      Along with co-op maybe add PvP, personally I’d love to go toe to toe with another person. If not maybe make enemy attack telegraphing a little less obvious to make combat a bit more challenging.

      In regards to character customization I’d like to see armor slots that use the appearance of the item, alongside the regular slots. (forgive me if this exists I can’t play right now to check.)

      Those are my only 2 gripes so far, besides that I love this game!!

    • #2691

      Ah, I forgot to mention UI scaling and customization! The UI is a bit big and some of the elements are confusing, such as the health bar.

    • #2717

      I want to suggest something as this in order to have control over the forums because bots are starting to appear on the forums advertising some “items” towards scamming “innocent” people. I feel like you should look for people to hire to watch over the forums or get some well-known participants that are suspected not to abuse their powers to be able to apply for the position as a moderator without pay just for volunteer. WE all know that when hiring someone for the company takes money to have them fill in a position as a pay roll for them to over watch, but that is your decision.

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    • #2724

      ikr those passport bots need to get banned quick smart.

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