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      It’s a lot, so here it is in point form;

      A few minor clitches:

        [*]Light Bomb (& LB II) SPELLS show a scroll in hand when equipped. (as if you have the Scroll version equipped)
        [*]Sanctuary plays cut-scene every time. It doesn’t need to.
        [*]Dedicated Server launches people into Island 1-1. It should at least launch to the HOME island.
        [*]Fallen Wizard does not reliably die (for good) to Light damage.

      Now a lot of SUGGESTIONS:

        [*]Armor Full-Set Bonuses
        [*]Pet Bonuses (Poison Resist from Poison Spore, etc)
        [*]Press/Hold button to Mass Buy/Craft.
        [*]Allow mannequins to hold more than just weapons (hold whatever you can).
        [*]Signs you can craft and inscribe.
        [*]Scuba Helmet (breathe underwater)
        [*]Bat Wings (for those who prefer it over angel wings)
        [*]Craftable Spy-Glass/Binoculars (which allow for long zooming)
        [*]Ability to set Vanity slots to ‘None’ (like Helmet can be turned off, but for Capes etc)
        [*]Make Magic Mirror return you to the same exact spot you used it (so it does something useful)
        [*]Harrold recipe, or at least let us move him (like an NPC or whatever).
        [*]Textile Vendor that sells Cotton/Silk/etc
        [*]Trophy Exchanger, NPC that buys only Trophies in exchange for hard to find stuff or recipes.
        [*]Give Ranger a lvl 15 Talent choice other than Potion Mastery (whatever, maybe scroll mastery, anything)
        [*]Give Ranger a couple Skills. Maybe that change crits/multi within an area based on Agility.

      And a 4th Class idea (because we need one):
      Specializes in exploration and construction. Not meant to be on par for combat, but not useless.

        [*]Talents that boost the Compass abilities; Find NPCs, Find Quests, Find Mobs, etc.
        [*]Talents that boost mining speed/damage.
        [*]Skills/Talents that examine objects/blocks/clothes/etc and sketch recipes (to use or share), based on minimum Wisdom.
        [*]Skills/Talents that examine mobs/bosses and return drop-lists based on minimum Wisdom.
        [*]Combat Talents favour evasion. Like invisibility, dodge, etc.
        [*]Maybe Skill that changes everyone’s damage type within range.

      Anyhow, that’s as tight as I could keep this, and I left boat-loads out.

      Take Care

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