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      Hey folks, if you haven’t noticed some major retailers are now opening preorders on PK.

      I looks like PS and XB versions are going to be $30.
      however, in America:
      –Amazon prime members only pay $24 plus free Launch day delivery.
      –Best Buy Gamers Club members pay $24 as well, but you have to pay for expedited shipping and they SHIP ON RELEASE DAY, not before.


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      I’ll add to this 🙂

      In the UK Amazon have the standard edition for £24.99. GAME have an exclusive on the Gold Throne Pack version at £29.99.

      I believe this to be standard pricing. Haven’t found it much cheaper anywhere else and Amazon’s pre-order discount isn’t available on it in the UK.

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      AvatarVaku Adikaia

      I wanted to clarify something for Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked: shipping is free and the game arrives on launch day, in my experience, sometimes a day before. I have no idea where OP’s stats come from. Also right now, they have a promotion where you get a $10 BB gift card with preorder.

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      Got it on xbox for something like 19€ (21US$) on the HK store

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