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      If you wish to submit a bug directly to the team, please fill out a report by using our bug submission form below. While you won’t get a reply directly from the team, this method will ensure that your bug is seen by them…

      Should you wish to speak to speak to someone directly regarding any issues you’re having, please reach out to our dedicated Customer Support team. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer support to everyone here on our community channels. Customer Support can investigate any issues you may be experiencing…

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      Thank’s for this new section and for the links to the bug submission form.
      Unfortunately we can’t actually choose Nintendo Switch on this form

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        Hi – We’ve asked the team to add a Switch tab to the form 🙂

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      Nothing is saving. Fix this now

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      This memory issue has taken way too long to solve and it is unacceptable. Patches have been realeased with no fix to this issue. This game should have been tested thoroughly before it was realeased on the switch. I just called Nintendo today and was able to get a refund. I highly surest all you Switch users to do the same. I had high hopes for this game, bought it on realease day and have waited patiently for a fix since. Waiting almost two months for this fix is deplorable. Will not ever purchase a game from 505 Games again. We were very excited for this and are beyond disappointed.

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      The worst part is: they dont even respond us! You guys will fix the memory problem on Nintendo switch or not??? Im about to ask refund. I have been waaaay too much patient.

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      AvatarPortal Josha

      I tried to report a bug using the link you have posted, but the link is dead and I keep getting the page not found notification, so I’ll inform you of it here.
      Recently, on the switch version, I’ve noticed a rumbling sound in certain areas of the castle I’m building. When I approach the front gate, it sounds like thunder, but only in a certain area. I’m currently building in the black forest vacant island, and have never experienced this issue before. Its quite annoying. Please contact me if any developer has any information about said issue, or would like to join my game to check it out first hand.

      Thank you.

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        AvatarPortal Josha

        I’ve now noticed this is happening on every stage, but only in certain spots. I’ve tested it, and it seems to occur in both docked and handheld mode, and quiting out of the game, and respawning the landscapes haven’t resolved the issue. It sounds like someone is rolling a heavy iron ball across a wooden table. The issue just started tonight, and I’ve never had this issue before. Any info would be appreciated.

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      hi , i really happy to see here new topic , i saw your links , good game site, keep it up 🙂 now whenever you will lunch , i am waiting . thanks

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      I’m not sure if I should be complaining about this but my wife and I have played this game for over 30 hours and for some reason all of our items are always at %100 durability now. I used to have to use sharpening stones constantly when using my Mining Drill and then it just stopped losing durability. At least that’s one less thing we need to carry…

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      Hey everyone, love the game and just wanted to drop a question about something in the game today, was trying to get my inventory sorted out (really could do with a sort button btw, I know, I know, it’s coming in the update later this year), anyhoo… I accidentially sent an item I wanted to the trash. Moved the focus over to the trash and clicked the A button on the switch controller and suddently I had a Magic Candy Cane in my inventory. So I focused on that to check it out and pressed X for the info, then saw my originally deleted item was still “flashing red” in the trash, moved back to it, clicked “Y” and chose the option “Send to Chest” Not sure if this is a bug, but I know I was not in a battle, was in my home castle on Addermoor, I was wearing enchanter armor at the time and had a chest open. Thought I would just mention it to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar, or alternatively I could just be loosing my mind (if there’s any left). Cheers!

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      Hey i using french for explain my bug cause i don’t know how say it in EN
      Lorsque que je suis dans le mode créatif et que je vole pour la création passé quelques temps mon personne est bloqué mais l’animation comptinu ce bug est plutôt une contrainte sachent que je doit éteindre le programme et le relancé pour pouvoir comptinué mais lorsque cela se produit je peu toujour tourné la caméra et les animation son toujour interpréter correctement.

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      Impossible d’entrer en jeu depuis la dernière mise a jour , il me donne toujours le même message d’erreur, je vous l’ai envoie ci-dessous . Merci pour votre aide

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      Por favor… meu portal knights esta com um sério problema! A tela do jogo inteiro esta cortada, bugada e não da para ver o game! Enfim… por favor resolvam isto para mim certo?! Conto com vocês! Pois sempre fui fã da sua empresa!
      Meu email [email protected]
      Qualquer coisa me avisem lá!

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