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      So, I was introduced Portal Knights via the PS+ ‘free monthly games’ feat. and ended up lovin’ it! However, I’ve stumbled upon a ‘roadblock’ in obtaining the Pioneer’s Flag and Pioneer’s Cape, only to realize they were only available for people who pre-ordered the game.
      And since the game’s item database is one of the main reasons I love the game so much, offering you multiple creative and character building opportunities, I find that they should definitely be readded, even as a form of purchasable DLC, as I am planning to play loads of Portal Knights in the future (as I have ever since I got the game), but not being able to obtain two of the game’s coolest looking items is a MASSIVE put off!
      Looking forward to seeing those items in Adventure mode soon enough (as I will not be playing the game for its Creative mode)!
      Cheers guys! Hope my (and other players who didn’t pre-order) wishes are heard!

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