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      I think Portal Knights could be huge! Imagine the power and popularity of a Minecraft fanbase mixed with a world of Warcraft fanbase (albiet with a broader appeal due to its simpler mechanics). You guys are positioning yourselves to be the next big hit! Please don’t mess it up!

      People love Minecraft for it’s simplicity, creativity, open worlds, endless variation, building, and crafting. Pleople love WOW for it’s raids, PVP, PVE “hunting groups”, factions, and lore. People love BOTH Minecraft and WOW for their excellent replay value.

      Please strongly consider the following features!

      – PVP “Arena island” where you have several PVP options like, team PVP, sparing zone (no consequences on death), and a mass PVP zone where PVP events or wars can take place , where you can drop a percentage of your items on death (risk). This map could also allow Players to group up with other players across the net/Xbox live for raids / island coop action.
      – Player and NPC run Guilds
      – 3 Or SO more Classes, (healing class, Spy Class, Tank Class, etc)
      – Sub Classes or Specialization for variety.
      – Events …aka wars, mass player boss fights, contests, multi-part quests with unique event items/loot. Events might require players to find certain resources throughout island maps (giving people a reason to go back to previously conquered islands) or craft certain items to complete/turn in to NPCs.
      – Islands that are Towns, castles, or cities for more player interaction.
      – An Item “safe exchange” system, that allows players to buy, sell, or trade items or loot.

      This is huge guys….keep up the good work!

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      – City or town market places for players to buy certain items/resources from other players or NPCs

      – A universal currency “portal coins”

      – valuable Skills…example: if someone specializes in crafting soup, overtime they reach “Master chef”. When they craft soups now, they have a chance of crafting golden soup…which has better benefits and “in game market value” over basic soup. Skills could include armor making, repairing (a service that could be sold), sewing , carpenter, butcher, enchanting weapons, etc etc.


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      – Dual Character Classes… Perhaps at a certain Character level, you can choose to strengthen your existing class substantially or become a dual class. This would allow alot of cool variety without adding zillions of different class specializations. Example:

      At level 50, a Mage can get an all around buff to become a “super mage” and receive super mage only spells/abilities….
      OR they can instead choose to become dual classified, “mage/warrior”. Or “mage/ranger”. This would give people alot of in game variation, and a reason to even get to lvl 50.


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