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      Hello all,

      First off, let me start by saying I am loving Portal Knights. Ive been playing over a year and think its amazing. I want to share some suggestions hoping some of the staff and devs will see it. I don’t know how their workload is, or how often they plan/wish to add content into Portal Knights; but as someone with some great ideas based off thoughts me and my friends have, I just want to share some.

      First, I think pets should have a use. Even if it is a small one. I.e. Maybe the cat gives you more jump height, the owl a better drop rate, the mouse would allow you to get closer to enemies before they detect you, etc. I think this mechanic would bring some interesting game play and would give you to reason to experiment with different pets.

      Secondly, I think the races should have either their own active or passive skills unlock-able at the same level as the class skills, or even every 10 levels. Right now the race is just cosmetic.

      Third (and this one may be harder for the devs to do), if you and friends are playing together you should be able to bring in your vacant island(or home island) into their world ONLY IF that player doesn’t currently have that island listed as their home island. For example, my home island is the vacant oasis island and the friends I play with do not have anything on that island, so after we fill our inventories we all go back to our home island to deposit gear and etc. Having my home island direct accessible from a friends game would save a lot of time for people who play in groups. Now if that player has the same island listed as their home island then it would not import your own world. If that host does not have your island listed as their home island but they do have creations on that island it would still import your island but it wouldn’t overwrite what they have created on that island. So lets say my friend does build on their vacant oasis island, my island would still be imported but as soon as i leave the island will revert back to what the host had built initially.

      Forth, make more dungeons! I feel Portal Knights has just scratch the surface of their potential and to add more, harder dungeons would give a lot more end game material.

      Next, you should make all gear have a range for their stats. So if something gives 11 bonus strength now, you should give it a range of 8-12 strength. This would make us want to grind for the best of the best gear. Right now all the gear have base stats that are universal for that piece of gear.

      Almost done. Another thing is more classes. I love the addition of rogues and its currently my main class. I would like to see the addition of a cleric, necromancer, paladin, bomber(using tnt, mini bombs, etc.) and more. Adding to this same thought I think the level cap should be increased to 50 (or 40) and at level 25 (20 respectively) you should get to choose between three paths. Im going to use the warrior as an example. Lets say you hit level 25 with the warrior. Once your there you would get a three quests and depending on which one you choose to persue that would be your specialty. Each quest would correspond with the level 2 skills that you unlock on each class. So for warrior it would be either swordsman, axeman, or hammerman (the names can be reworked, just keeping it simple for explanation). Each branch off the class would have unique active and passive skills, armor, and even pets only available for that branch of that class.

      Lastly, maybe the most simple one is an in game friends list. Sometimes online i meet people who i want to chat with or play again but I have to write down their name, add them out of the game, and hope they accept it. Having an ingame system keeps my PS4 friends list clear and its a lot quicker.

      All in all I really do love the game and would love to see it grow to even more than what it is now. I hope the devs and mods see this message and incorporate some ideas. Until next time Knights!

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      One thing I forgot to add because I experienced it in my game the other day. I love how on the pause menu you can turn on/off building and chest access. I think we should add a button for moving npc’s as well. I was playing with randoms the other day and this girl took two of my npcs and left. I didnt get her name but now I do not have those npcs. Only the host should be able to pick up npcs or have the option at least to allow other players to pick them up or not.

      *I know that I can regenerate the worlds, but having this option would still be a good addition.

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      AvatarJordan Belfort

      No, Portal Knights don’t need a web association with play once all the documents are downloaded from the store....

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