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      Dear Portal Knights Team.

      your game is awesome. First i played the game on my PC but i love to be mobile so i prefer to play on my Nintendo Switch.
      I have some features and ideas for the future:

      – Crossplay
      – Crosssave (It is easier to build with Keyboard and mouse)
      – Keyboard and mouse support on Nintendo Switch
      – Multiplayer: Play in different world at the same time
      – Settings like on PC for chest and protect the world in Multiplayer
      – Multiplayer Lobby
      – More Level / More Portals (New Color) >> Expansion / DLC
      – Copy and Paste buildings (material must be in bag)
      – Nice to have: Nintendo Switch have a Boost Mode for CPU (decrease loadtime in loadingscreen) Zelda BoTW and Mario use it

      I would be happy if some of this features will come to the game in future. Thank you so much for that great game!

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      Dear Yakilo,

      I find your suggestions very good. Did you already get an answer from the developers?

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