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      First off, I know that this isn’t probably going to get much attention, but I think that my .02 is valid enough to voice my opinion.

      Console: It’s a great port, but I feel as though some creature comforts were overlooked. First being a mass (do this) button in the crafting screens. X or Y or something needs to be done because when you’re trying to craft 20,000 ruinstone blocks for a project, mashing A 10,000 times sucks. Same thing with the enchanter table and dust and etc.

      Next, make something a command key like RB plus down is something different than just down. Or press and hold. It sucks having to limit what you want for fast keys based on the limitations of the tool bar, because there’s more necessary items and spells than there are boxes.

      I’m not sure if PC has this, but a summary tab or info window on the player gear screen. If I’m rocking 50% crit and 25% crit damage, it would great to know what happens immediately if I want to swap for more hp instead, or what my +hp/mp stats look like.


      Glass windows and floors, water fountain tiles, placeable lava tiles, half tiles, ladders, etc. Oh, and lights beside hanging ones that are overhead ones. I don’t wanna mention M but they had some stuff right. Plus being able to silk touch anything from the world was nice too.

      You know what M doesn’t have? Useable furniture. Press X to sit. You guys have done an awesome job of making characters cute, I’m surprised that this isn’t a thing. It would be super awesome to sit next to my lady on a bench in the game.

      Making upgraded tool tables do things faster, or in more quantities of things at the same time. It would be nice if a titanium crafted furnace could make 3 times the amount of blocks made at a time than a concrete one could for example, or do one set 3 times faster.

      I’m not sure if dual zone is coming to console, which would be great, but warping to a person, even if it was a potion would be stellar. My lady has the uncanny ability to find random pits in the middle of nowhere to fall into. It would be great just to warp to her, or her to me.

      Better gear direction of emphasis, or ways to add stats to existing gear. It’s cool that some gear is kind of non-playstyle emphasized, but if I’m crafting shadow resist gear, it’s because I’m getting my teeth knocked in by the last boss and don’t need a mana after kill bonus. Or if I really love the crit on an item but need more hp, it would be great to add it to my awesome hat.

      That’s pretty much what I have, if devs are taking the time to read this, I appreciate you! I’ve gotten 5 friends to get the game that hated MC and finally have a game that my lady and I can spend hours playing and enjoying! Looking forward to the next update!

      – Z

      P.s. Life after 30: Make a way to keep levelling for additional power stats or + resist stats over and over. I love playing my Archer, but mining or defeating enemies seems like a waste sometimes. It would definitely help add to the longevity of the game for me and from what I’m reading from the now what posts, others too.

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      Really hope that a game developer reads this. First off I’ve been playing the game for several months now and really love it. I have placed around 7 million blocks in other games so I have a pretty great idea how to build stuff. I really feel like glass blocks would be a major boost to the game.

      Also like the other post said Simply Having a special button for craft a whole stack of blocks at the same time IE not having to press the button a whole bunch of times just to make a single stack or having an auto button that you can just hold down the X and crafts a whole stack.

      Another really great addition would be those water Outlet spouts that spawn for Quest such as fresh water fountain and it lurks in the Deep would be nice if we could build those ourselves.

      Also it seems a shame that the gear that we no longer use just goes unseen. It would be great to have some type of craftable stand that we could put suits of armor on and plaques to hang swords on that we no longer use but would like to have hanging on the wall.

      And finally the pets are really great but only being able to see one of the time really stinks. It would be great if we could have something that we could craft like a small cage or something and then select the cage and place an animal in it and it would appear in the cage so that we could have say a room full of animals in cages and we could see them all at the same time.

      Thank you for reading and I hope I gave you guys some great ideas.


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      Ah, yea, I was going to recommend the same things, but I totally forgot! I was thinking that it would be great to have an animal menagerie too since apparently, per my girl, I’m not allowed to get rid of any found pets >_>

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      Hi Developers, my wife and I really love this game and love the constant updates and fixes you guys bring out. Keep’em coming. We play on Xbox 1 and we’re specially excited for the Armor stand and pet stations update, Can’t wait!

      Here are a few suggestions I just thought of:

      1. We would really like the option to plant any type of seed on any type of terrain. Even if it’s only for vacant islands, all the trees and crops are really pretty and we would like to have them all in the same place. After all this is a sandbox game and should have the freedom to create whatever we want right? We would like to have a garden or nursery featuring all the different types of trees and plants.

      2. When you access a container, I think the chest tab should be right next to the backpack/inventory tab. It’s kind of annoying to hit RB or LB three or four times when we’re organizing stuff and moving things around.

      3. Please add a way to teleport to other players, in big worlds is discouraging to die and having to walk such a long way to help your companions finish a fight while getting in fights along the way.

      4. We would like a way to label chests. We have sooo many chests that we often find it difficult to remember where everything is. A simple editable text pop-up next to the “use” prompt would be really helpful.

      That’s all I wanted to share for now, and I really like the suggestions I’ve read on here from others.

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      Esteemed Developers:

      Love the game so far, but as a long-time Minecrafter I know that improvements can always be made to an open world game like this. I echo the suggestions made in the earlier two posts. In the hope that you guys will one day rival Minecraft in popularity and global fame, I’d like to offer some suggestions which, from my perspective, could make we – the Knights Portlar – an even more enthusiastic bunch. Apologies for any duplicate suggestions:

      1) Upgradable chests – far less tedious than having to unpack and re-pack. The game should be fun, not a chore.

      2) Labels and colors for chests – to help distinuish them. Even adding a mini-icon of a stone or a jewel or a plant could save a lot of time searching around.

      3) Moveable chests – add the ability to drag your chest physically to relocate it without having to empty the contents; also allow the chest to be taken to a new world to more speedily build a home on a new island.

      4) Storage on the Workbench, Furnace and Altar – why not allow some items to be stored here, rather than in chests?

      5) Companion powers – add perk-powers derived from your chosen companion. For example: cat=increased agility and less damage falling, maybe night vision outdoors; frog=jump 1-2 blocks higher/farther, escape water easier; kraky=survive underwater twice as long, maybe swim; owl=increased intelligence and wisdom and mana; rat=increased dexterity and agility. If there is a dog, that might provide increased strength and movement, and maybe Fido randomly leads you to a local item of value, like a chest or portal. And the higher level your character, the greater the benefits provided. And how about the ability to name your companion? And when not using them, to keep them in a cage at your home base?

      6) Separate action bar for items vs powers/weapons – 8 slots is definitely not enough for weapons, spells, potions and tools – especially for a mage. Many action games allow a “weapon wheel” to be brought up with assigned favorites using the direction pad. Those 4, at least, should be separate from the 8 (I’d ask for 10) slots for your tools and frequently used items.

      7) Color-options – this may be minor, but allow dyes to be gathered used at the workbench to alter the color of your gear. Players like to customize their characters. Also offering stripes, checkers, polka-dots, etc … would be fun to play around with. You can offer scrolls with “recipes” for such designer wear.

      8) Seeds on all worlds, I say! – It would be a lot of fun to see seeds grow on any world. You might allow certain non-native seeds to grow on alien soil with mutated results! It would encourage experimentation and allow great creativity seeing what bizarre plant life you’ve created – some might become poisonous, or carnivorous and try to eat your cat. Otherwise, since I wouldn’t think most players have time to devote to building a home base on more than 1-2 islands, the majority of seeds are essentially garbage.

      9) Ability to reach isolated floating mini-islands – the random block generator seems to create a lot of wasted, unaccessible locations. If you can’t program the game to delete such floating junk piles, maybe you can create a magic portal gun pointed at such locations to allow instant transportation there for exploration.

      10) Signs – It would be great to create signs to stick in front of things, as well as labels for stuff, which can stick to chests, walls, trees or blocks.

      11) Beds – I’m sort of mystified as to why there is no ability to sleep and skip the night cycle, as cool as it may be to wander around in the dark.

      12) Language – I think the gibberish spoken by the NPC characters is cute, but to my ear it all sounds, well … Japanese … so much so that I had assumed the game was developed in Japan rather than the UK. Maybe this is just my ear (with apologies), but I for one would prefer if the gibberish from different worlds each had a unique, more diverse set of “accents”.

      I’m only about a third of the way through the Gold Edition on Xbox One, so I’m not sure what else is out there. It seems you’re trying to keep this game very simple so that very young players can join in, and if that’s the issue, maybe you can offer two settings – Simple Mode and Expanded Mode – with the latter providing a more complex Action Bar for more experienced players.

      Anyway, I think the game is a lot of fun and I look forward to any changes and improvements and DLC. Best of luck to you – cheers!

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      I believe they should show our current stats in the game as well just so we know where our current stats stand as far as what gear we wear and if we change a piece of gear what changes to the percentages.
      Also many of the stats are changed on the Xbox One compared to the PC and many of the pieces of gear aren’t even on the Xbox compared to the PC version.

      Add me on XBL: LHR AZRAEL always down for the grind

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      Another note I just thought of is if they added a sorting button in your inventory so that you wouldn’t have to keep moving items around to make room and could increase the stacks of the Items that you could carry to lets say 1000 pieces that way less room is needed in the chests.
      Could also use a way to chose which materials could be placed in what chest that way you could move all but only the select items would transfer to that specific chest.
      Make a quick select button when crafting items such as using the D-Pad choose how many of that item you would like to craft.

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      Loving this game so much. I’m not sure if this can be done already but is there a way to toggle the HUD on and off for pictures and videos? Thanks so much for considering!

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