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      I just opened the game to find that several hours of progress building a home and gathering materials has been rolled back. It looks like it rolled back to a state at the beginning of the day. The island didn’t reset completely so this is different from the other known issue with warping in split screen.

      It seems like progress just wasn’t saved despite the fact that I know for sure that I saw the saving indicator throughout the day. I did close the game to play something else without exiting to the title screen first. I assume that shouldn’t be required though.

      If an explicit action is required to save this should be made more obvious. If not, what could have happened here?

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      I just did some testing and it does seem like progress doesn’t get saved unless you exit to the title screen, despite the fact that the save indicator does appear on the screen many times. If you just make some changes, wait for the save indicator, and then close the game, nothing actually gets saved.

      This is very misleading and counterintuitive. Exiting to the title screen doesn’t say anything about saving so why should doing that be what saves? The game even says when you start it that it’s saving when you see that icon. What’s going on here?

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      This happened last night 2 player split screen.
      After circa 4 hours of play time, building and farming for resources the game crashed after crafting some Straw blocks, then it went back to the Xbox One home screen.

      Came back to the game and the world that had houses etc… built had been reset to a very early stage in the game albeit with the auto save icon appearing every so often.

      Building materials in the inventory and level progression had saved though for the both of us however, the building part had not which included resources raided from an underground location which had red stone blocks, refined wood, doors etc… which were all applied to the house, so as the OP said not everything was reset.

      A game breaker if I’m honest here.

      I have logged a support ticket too.

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      Same here. It saves my character info and backpack items but not any of my buildings or new worlds i have unlocked. soloutions anybody???

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