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      Hello all. I wanted to make a specific thread for PS4 players since we cannot join cross platform. I don’t really care who is playing on PC or Xbox…I do however care about who is playing on the PS. If you are new to Portal Knights as I am, and you are looking for a buddy to run around with, looking for material/resources for building or just want a source to throw a question at, that is what this thread is for and I am your Huckleberry.

      I have only been playing a short time but I am a 25 Ranger at the moment. (C’mon lvl 26 so I can wear my new gear and equip my new bow.)

      I have only done the Worm Boss as once I started building my house I kinda got stuck and would only venture outside the homeworld when I needed something specific. I know where all material resources are and know the quickest path to Titanium. There is no simple answer on youtube so I will post a video of me jumping through the portals in order to get to “Sea of Stalks”.

      The link below is my idea brought to fruition building with water and aquatic structures. Once I expand on this idea, I will post the link for how far I was able to take it.

      Cheers and Happy Gaming

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      Hello, im a lvl 30 knight who has every world open and hard mode bosses unlocked with one victory against hard mode worm. I have a whole crew who are lvl 30 so if anyone needs help add me on ps4. My gamertag is DeuceLuvsYou, just message me whatever you need help with.

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      I promised an update to the continued construction of my house. here is the link

      …and here is a link to my world map. I play on large so it may be different if you are not on large. It is also not 100% complete although I did get the Knight in Worlds End. Hope it helps.

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      No activity here so I will not return with house updates or anything else. House is also too big to keep doing updates. Hit me up in game.

      Moderators, you an delete or close this thread.

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      Guys can you help me and my friend to do the hardcore bosses? We already did the worm but we cannot do the other 2

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      Hey man I actually just started construction on building a complete underwater town. Be nice to throw ideas at each other sometime hit me up Myosho on ps4

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      Hello all. Shaker0526 here. Currently level 21 warrior and would love to have some people to hang with in game. Feel free to message me.

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