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    Hi There,

    I recently purchased PK via the Nintendo eShop and have been really enjoying it so far.

    However I noted that other editions; PC, Xbox, PS4 have had DLC and Bonuses on pre-purchase or after the fact.

    Gold Throne Pack
    Portal Pioneer Pack
    Sapphire Throne Pack
    Emerald Throne Pack

    But Switch users got nothing (sad panda).

    I noted that the physical copy of the game is due for release on the Nintendo Switch 9th Feb 2018 and would like to get an official confirmation about whether this is the “Gold Edition” i.e. should I buy it, if I want the extras.

    If this is not the case, when will the bonus items / DLC be made available for the switch.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I would be happy to pay for the ALL of extras if made available.

    Thank in advance

    Kind Regards,


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    I also asked this question here and was told that the physical copy will not come with DLC.

    It really is pathetic that the game has me stuck at 47/48 islands with no way to get the Rainbow Island. I hope that we will get access to the Rainbow Island on the Switch. Maybe they will offer the preorder rewards at a later date for purchase? I really want Cosmic Cat but yeah that probably won’t happen either. 🙁

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    I just want to get the Gold Throne edition on switch along with all the other DLC.

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    Doubt Switch is getting DLC because they haven’ even got the Robot or Emoji DLCs.

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