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      Why don’t we get any rewards for doing these activities? You advertise them as if they’re something exciting to do and when you’re done…. that’s it…. no reward, no special bit of loot or anything. It’s pretty messed up for a loot game like this.

      And some of the quests as well are pretty stupid. In world 3 one of the quests I got today was to give this guy 7 green portal stones, they’re already hard enough to get and in return for me giving them to him he was going to reward me for 40,000xp and 6 coins…. are you having a laugh. At least reward me with someonthibg worthwile.

      As far as I’m aware this has been a issue since the game released on pc last year and as you are now in basically your 2nd year of this game why haven’t you done something about this?

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      The rewards are rather bleak I think. Gaining XP is nice and all but it seems to me that leveling up is easy. I’m level 28 and just started one week ago. Getting a new weapon would be nice or a recipe for something in addition would be greatly appreciated.

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      I’m actually a huge fan of this game. Love the building options combined with other things to do. The reward system definitely does confuse me though. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point to completing events after you’ve gotten whatever loot or recipes they offer. Why have “kill 10 ____” when there isn’t an obvious reason to do so? I think some unique loot or decorations would make good rewards. I understand the game is a great value already, but I feel like this would make a big difference.

      Some harder or unique roaming bosses WITH that reward system would add a lot, too. I feel like it’s so easy to kill everything yourself and level that I mostly just play to build (which is the real reason I bought the game anyway). I’d love more reason to do the dungeons, quests, and events.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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