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      Giving the community early access to Portal Knights is key to the future development of the title and of course, we want to hear your thoughts! However… Before you post your ideas into this ‘wish list’ forum, think about it long and hard about it…

      1. Tell us your ideas but give us as much detail as possible.
      2. Explain to us how it will benefit Portal Knights.
      3. Be realistic! (Asking us to develop an island the size of the USA, to scale, isn’t going to happen – sorry!)

      DO NOT…
      1. Be disrespectful of other community member’s ideas.
      2. Expect us to know exactly what you’re talking about. Please be as thorough as possible!
      3. SHOUT AT THE REST OF THE COMMUNITY AND EXPECT US TO LISTEN TO YOU! – Take a deep breath, turn caps lock off and talk to us nicely! We will read all suggestions that come through.

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      1. when you defeat a boss a trophy item like there head on a board to decorate the house with

      2. the ability to play as monsters and try there abilities

      3. cloud blocks/ water blocks/bouncy blocks to jump on/ slime blocks blocks that ooze and drip down the side /blocks you can walk through for hidden areas in your house /placable places like treehouses and set pieces

      4. speaciel cage blocks glass blocks with pets or mosters in to display in your house

      5. mounts like a numbus cloud for the mage

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      Yet again more suggestions!

      I’d love mounts and pets. They make great collectibles which require few time to code and only need 3d animation as soon as they’re programmed once. I think.

      Mounts obviously provide some more movement speed out of combat and disappear as soon as you attack an enemy or an enemy lands an attack on you. Pets would just waddle beside you and look cute. I loved collecting both of these in MMORPG’s and they’re way better than some sort of achievement you just get – since they’re sort of physical things to gain. Just a suggestion as always!

      Have a great day!

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      Yet again more suggestions!

      I’d love mounts and pets.

      Pets are ok, but i don’t think mounts are necessity for now, as the worlds are so small that you get from one edge to another in a minute or so.

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      Oh boy rpg suggestions, right off the bat, I think there should be dungeons that you can’t break the walls to, and it should have secret levers and traps!

      Secondly, mentioned in another forum post, the overall difficulty at the moment feels way to easy, the enemies take huge amounts of damage, especially in co-op and the drop ratio of the portal blocks is ridiculous, I stayed in one zone killing mobs to level and was able to go to more than 6 different islands in under half an hour.

      Third A better skilltree for each class? Mentioned in another forum post.

      Oh! Oh! Yes my favorite suggestion! A shop npc! Also Quest givers! C’mon don’t all good rpgs have those?

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      Hey there,

      20 hours in! im having fun playing but here’s a few RPG suggestions i have:

      1. LOOT! Whats an rpg without loot? I would love to see some kind of loot drop from mobs and bosses(besides basic potion, portal shards, etc..) I would like to see rarity be a thing for Weapons and Tools.


      Uncommon (green) = Higher damage
      Rare (blue) = Higher damage + 1 Stat
      Epic (purple) = Higher damage + 2 stats
      Legendary (orange) = Higher damage + 3 Stats

      Stat Examples (based on tools since weapons already have some stats)

      1. Reduced durability loss
      2. % chance to get double resources
      3. Chance to smelt the ore when mining (obviously pickaxe and probably a Legendary stat)

      These could be found from either a random mob drop, a random rare crafting recipe drop or possibly just make it a random chance while crafting to create one of these rarity versions.

      2. Talents!

      No offense but the talent tree right now is pretty boring and makes leveling up not very exciting. I would like to see a different tree for each class that benefits them directly. Maybe have 3 or 4 each of skills and passives to choose from? I play a Ranger so here’s a few examples for that:

      1. <Skill> = Multi-Shot Pretty self explanatory doesn’t have to be crazy, could be only 2 or 3 shots instead of 1.
      2. <Skill> = Poison-Shot Shoot a Poisoned arrow that adds a damage-over-time affect for 5 seconds.(10 sec cooldown)
      3. <Passive> = Increase chance to dodge by X%
      4. <Passive> = Increase Critical Hit Chance by X%

      It seems the developers are trying to keep the game a little on the simple side so maybe just have 2 Primary Skills and the rest Passive abilities? Also similar to how some level tiers are set up now, multiple choices per level so you have to choose say dodge% over Health% or something like that and have the Skills as standalone milestones.

      Weapons could have stats that enhance your skills such as +dmg to skill or Reduced cooldown if it has one.

      3. Armor! I like that there’s multiple armor sets that any class can wear but armor could use some love, heres a few examples:

      1. Dyes! yes the ability to color our gear would be pretty sweet.
      2. Sockets! 1-2 sockets random on crafting or based on rarity of the item. Add stats to the gems you get or just use the gems to craft a socket version with stats. Example – Emerald gem crafted into Gem of Life = add + Life or + Life on Hit.

      Random things off the top of my head!

      1. Random Map Scrolls! Scrolls that when consumed will bring you to a random location with an increased amount of mobs and better Loot/Resources or directly into a dungeon with a boss at the end. Dungeon Scrolls? could be cool, especially with friends.

      2. Rare mobs! Rare mobs that only appear in certain biomes that maybe drop increased/rare loot or rare crafting materials?

      3. Stat Points! Give us a couple points per level to put in our desired stat?

      Well that’s it for now, getting too tired to think anymore lol. Thanks for reading and hope to see some of these (or something like it) make it into the game.

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      Sorry for my English so basic, I’m Spanish and I’m writing with the help of a translator.

      I have some idea about mining secondary professions type (which provide improvements over other players who choose other pressures, the kind that bite faster or get additional to undermine blocks) but I think the moment is essential to improve the features already available. The best way forward, I think it is shaping characteristics already present.

      The skill tree should be different according to the profession, or if the skill tree has not decided what profession catch (rather than how to fight in the game) put that on each level there are three skills to activate and only power choose one. Currently usually a skill level and occasionally two skills. If they had all three would be fine. It is not limited to any profession, but when choosing skills as you level yourself you would create the kind of character you want to be.

      The theme of trophies to kill bugs also seems like a good idea. What adventurer would not like to have a trophy room to show people?

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      Going to post a link to my thread here, as it falls under this category: http://www.portalknights.com/forums/topic/please-do-not-make-this-a-tiers-game-devs-please-read/

      Let me know feedback!


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      Maybe different types of portal blocks could be cool. With different blocks we could customize the generation of the next world. Like a Desert portal block with a Sky portal block and an Iron portal block will generate a desert world composed of multiple little islands who have copper ores. Obviously they will be less frequently dropped than the normal blocks who would generate a random characteristic.

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      Uncommon mobs, a mob a little more big, with a different color, and maybe a ability (like asummoning inferior verions of this mob) could be very interesting.

      Traps, i think this one is big, and may get a lot of work, dont even know if it’s possible to add them in a randomly generated world, there are already some “traps” in the game, like the ones that you break the iron bars and inside is just, nothing or a monster, with a big hole that is hard to scape, if a version with an automatic door, that opened if the player steps on it existed it would give a lot of versatility to gameplay, different roles, different traps, recycling that door in different traps. Other traps would be, a giant rock, moving walls (don’t know if it’s possible, but i can imagine the player trying to break the blocks to not get smashed lol) etc… The traps could appear in worlds like, level 3, and starting to progress fromn there, they should punish a lot the players who step on then, and it should get a type of resourse to detect the traps, like a super sense potion or somethin in those lines.

      Dungeon block to not be destroied, if aventuring in the world give to you the ability to discover new things and etc… it also as a surprise breaking the blocks, you will lose the feeling of needing to pass the dangers of the dungeon, wasting already done content.

      Bosses: I know the first boss is to be easy, but come on, this is just my problem, didn’t try the others yet. But if they are weak like the first one… it will be realy disspointing, i think that the boss could get a little big.

      Less health potions on early game: Giving resourses is a good thing to a player challenge the danger, but if the danger isn’t realy there? Then it will be reserved to make things easier late game, or be wasted, or making things even more easier, i think that even if the beggining of the game should be a easy ride, it shouldn’t get so much out of control giving to the player responses to his mistakes, not to mention that the learning curve, if harder later on, will be all messed up.

      More worlds and maps: Not realy a priority right now. At least not more than more dungeons, and more danger inside then.

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      My suggestions on the rpg side of the game:

      1.level up attributes points
      add a button for “auto” assign the points like now but let also the player choose if he want to spend it in his own way. Make an object in order to “reallocate” the attributes points.
      This will allow players to have a very unique character completly different from the other players.

      2.loot system
      A random generated objects / armors or weapons dropped by mobs (or special mobs) will be a nice way to keep the players play and fight in order to find the best gear.
      Noticeables with the colour of the weapon/armor/item name:
      White items (standard one and craftables)
      Blue (items with 1 buff: example +2% dodge speed)
      Green (” 2 buffs)
      Yellow (” 3 buffs)
      Red (” 4 buffs)
      Orange (” 5 buffs)
      Only special mobs can drops this kind of random generated stuff.
      In order to do it for example make spawn at night a special mob with a random buff and an health *1.5 or *2.

      3.add More dungeons and more things in the underground

      4.more objects, weapons etc.
      But i still repeat the random generated stuff can do the trick

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      To keep the crafting active i think we should only loot components from the mobs (or loot weapons and armors from humanoid mobs who have an armor or weapon). And for the bonuses it could be with special minerals or enchantment. It’s more roleplay to loot fur from a bear to craft a cape with some other components than looting directly the cape or the sword from the mob.

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      AvatarEdric Balmor


      Tout d’abord j’aimerais vous remercier pour ce jeu que j’apprécie énormément sur lequel je passe beaucoup de temps et sur lequel vous faites du très bon travail.

      J’espère que l’avenir fera de Portal Knights un jeu toujours plus complet et c’est pourquoi je viens vous livrer une suggestion concernant son aspect RPG.

      Il serait bon, selon moi, d’ajouter au jeu des “îles villes” sur lesquelles nous ne pourront rien récolter/semer mis à part sur des parcelles de terre dédiées. Ces parcelles pourraient être achetables grâce à de la monnaie obtenue suite à la vente d’objets ou l’achèvement de quêtes données par des NPC habitants ces fameuses “îles villes”.
      Le reste de la ville serait donc réservé à ces derniers.

      Cela donnerait, à ceux qui le souhaitent, un lieu où établir une ou des “résidences fixes” loin de tous monstres.
      L’ajout de NPC rendrait le jeu plus vivant et de nouveaux objectifs se présenteraient aux joueurs comme achever de nombreuses quêtes, marchander et pourquoi pas créer des liens avec certains d’entre eux.

      Bien sûr, j’ai conscience que ces ajouts bouleverseraient beaucoup le jeu tel qu’il est aujourd’hui.

      Malgré cela, je suis convaincu que les ajouts liés à cette idée d'”îles villes” (quêtes, monnaie…) peuvent grandement favoriser l’aspect RPG de Portal Knights.
      Quel RPG comporte aucun NPC, propose aucune quête et ne dispose d’aucune monnaie ?

      En espérant que cette suggestion soit lue et appréciée.

      Edric Balmor, un joueur français déjà conquit.

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      1- RARE recipes
      We need one reason for kill mobs/boss over and over, make super-rare recipes pls

      2- Second hand.
      Shield, 1h and 2h sworld, trikets for mages, dual daggers or crossbow…

      3- More stats and complex skill tree
      Block/parry chance, free spell, stun chance, spell vamp… And for sure more and more complex sill tree

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      I love the game so far and it truly is a breath of fresh air to sandbox people out there, but from an RPG perspective there is a lot that I feel needs to be done…

      1) The worlds feel too small. If one wants to create some form of town with castles etc etc… you cannot in such small areas.
      2) Mob wise I like what we have so far, and look forward to more upcoming mobs. We do need hard bosses that require more than 1 person to defeat to add a challenge to multiplayer.
      3) NPCs are a must in any RPG world…. maybe random quests would be nice too. Kill 10 slimes for some extra goodies. With NPCs maybe even vendors selling ‘special’ stuff only available through vendors.
      4) Better loot – such as crafting recipes for hard core weapons.
      5) Pets and Mounts would be nice. In such small worlds, mounts may be a bit useless…

      Thats all for now and wish you all the best of luck.

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        quest givers and npc shops that would be awesome oh and some sort of currency and a trade i con wen you click on another player

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      NPCs and Quests would be great. Maybe a Guide type NPC in the Peaceful Hills house that asks you to rebuild his house and if you do he gives you basic recipes and advice. Then maybe a few NPCs in the early worlds that have houses that need fixing or maybe some travelers that are around a campsite asking you to bring some crafting materials or enemy drops. The quests would give extra XP but also valuable crafting materials or weapons & armor. Maybe one of the early NPCs can give you a quest to find their child that wandered into a Mine/dungeon and got captured by orcs/skeletons and you need to go rescue them. Also if there was a Farmer NPC that you could give seeds to that would tend to your plants so you could just visit every now and then to take in the crops. Maybe give that NPC different materials in order to increase their productivity. And if you could upgrade your weapons rather than just build a better version. Like if you have a wooden sword you can spend wood to strengthen it a few levels then spend stone/copper to upgrade it into the next tier of sword and then spend more stone/copper to increase it even more and continue and so forth. But if you already have an Iron Sword and want an Iron axe you can just build a level 1 Iron Axe without having to build it up from a wooden axe. But if you do build it up from a wooden axe into a level 1 Iron axe it will be stronger than one that you build straight from an Iron Axe.

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        actually that sounds awesome they should totally add that

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      Okay,so first of all, I absolutely LOVE the game (even if it is just an early access, base of a game) and I’ve been taking notes of what I’d like to see added/updated in terms of game play and balance. I’m gonna try to put general things first, then try to be more specific (it is really difficult to try to remember everything XD).

      1. Off-hands
      I think there should be a kind of off-hand system, changing right click to use the off-hand instead of just unlocking (which could be moved to shift, seeing as it does nothing) from an enemy. What I was thinking specifically was a system that is in the Dark Souls games, you can equip two or three main handed weapons/spells and two or three off-hand weapons/spells/shields (there are a lot of people who want to block instead of just dodging and I will touch up more on this later). This would fix up the always cluttered hot bar, ESPECIALLY for mages. Who’s bars were so full, there wasn’t even room for a pickaxe. A suggestion for the buttons would be e changes main hand (cause I hated the menu button being there, always clicking it when I wanna click 3 or 4 for a sharpening stone or spell, so that could be on f for example) and q changes the off hand.

      2. Back to Shields/Dodge Mechanic
      Like I said earlier, their are people who just prefer to block than dodge, so shields would be a great addition. However, they shouldn’t be able to be used with two-handed weapons like greataxes, bows, crossbows (which I think should have a one-handed version), staves, etc. This would give weapons like greatswords, swords, clubs, and hammers a reason to exist to be tankier. The shield when you had a two-handed weapon out could sit on your back, but, if you had a one-handed weapon out, dodge will now be block. When you hold the shield up, you take reduced damage. Something I think would be cool is the idea of perfect shielding, where if you block an attack only a few frames into your block, you take no damage. But give the same love to dodging where you get invincibility frames for a short time during the roll.

      3. Hunger System
      I think there should be more of a survival feel to it, like adding animals for food and leather in different, more peaceful worlds. Or even adding different crops like vegetables and fruit. Just an extra mechanic to think about and prepare for, which I think sounds fun. The leather can be used for ranger armor because, face it, the cloth I see for mages, and they don’t need nearly as many bars as warriors. And I can see these racking up like stone.

      4. New Biomes (and a town world rant)
      I know you already were gonna do this and that some already suggested it, but different biome ideas. more ocean biomes where it’d add water, electricity biomes (for there isn’t a true one), fire biomes that have actual lava (not just the crater traps), as someone said, some towns like areas, but in between worlds like a pitstop (like you just got through a hardish world and you can stop at this world and do what Patick8a said about that, just in it’s own world and trading for resources found in that area, like copper, cotton, electro quartz, and ect. before the first boss), cave biomes, maybe even an arena biome where you fight mobs. These are more suggestions, but you guys seem to know what you’re doing in this department.

      5. Skill Trees
      In my opinion, the skill tree sucks, it is setup to pick a starting weapon, then another halfway through, and the only difference that matters between classes is the level 30 skill, which you can explore all the worlds before you even get close to that. I think it should take the Borderlands approach and get a point every level into a tree you want. Spending a set amount of points takes you to the next row and a keystone ability with one point which can be a choice like how it is now. If I had to theory craft an example skill tree, it would take majority of my time making it. But as an example I guess, for like warrior, having a damage tree (giving things crit damage, strength and perks for using swords and axes), a tank tree (giving things like max health, defense, strength, and perks for hammers, clubs, and fist weapons), then maybe a tree for hybrids (to secondary archer and mage as a warrior). For like mage (which I think need a major buff and rework), it could be like elemental tree (which has higher element weakness damage, intelligence, and bonuses to spells, staves, and wands), battlemage tree (which could be a hybrid of melee/magic, giving strength, intelligence, and bonuses to scythes, swords, and daggers), and a wizard tree (which gives intelligence, mana, mana regen, cooldown reduction, etc.) and I think you get what I mean. You can get as creative as you want with this, but the current skill trees NEED a rework.

      6. Armor
      I think armor sets should give stats like strength, intelligence, and agility. I hate how every class wears the same pieces to get the most optimal set for damage, assassin hood, assassin chest, assassin glove, king’s boots. With some variations for say like mages for spiritualist (though you hardly need it, staves and wands do more damage than spells). I think set should have more individuality and make it worth wearing. Like I said, the mage armors are pretty much useless and if you wear the king’s chestplate, you become immortal, especially with fast weapons and ESPECIALLY with Hyperion, the Titanium Long Bow. I also hate how everything’s damage matters on two stats, multihit and crit. I feel like those stats should be a focus on range classes who want a Legolas setup (I know some want high damage crossbow build) not warrior or mages who I feel should scale with strength and intelligence better. I also feel like the Encore from the king’s chestplate or any other armor should be like a set bonus. I also like the idea from some of the people up there and adding armor recipes as drops from monsters. Some people also were talking about slots, I can see a gem crafting system like Diablo. Different types of gems like angel diamonds make different gems with different stats to gem in. I also think some armors should have different elemental resistances, kinda like monster hunter. If you are wearing copper armor for say, you’d be weak to electricity. Or if you’re wearing iron, you’re weak to fire. I found it bizarre when I was fighting the dragon and it said “weakness” like I was an ice enemy. Now, if I was wearing armor made of frost sapphire stuff, I would be okay with it. Makes sense to me.

      7. Weapons
      First of all, there is a HUGE unbalance with weapons. The axe is by far the strongest weapon. I can 4 shot the level 30 boss if I get multi hit crits hitting for 12,000+ per swing with a pretty high chance. This makes me upset with what I said earlier. Every class shouldn’t just stack crit damage and multihit (unless it’s a fast weapon like a dagger or a bow user), warriors and mages should have a higher base damage/scaling. And this isn’t only end game, this appears to happen through most of the game leveling. Warriors can hit decently hard if you have the axe, only getting beaten by swords who get lucky with crit. Archers hold the button and win, which is fine, they should have good damage. Lastly mages, one of the most let downs, they can do damage, but for the amount of damage the other weapons can do better and easier. Which also brings me to another point, archers should have to make arrows. Mages have to use mana (and a lot of it) to cast spells, so why can archers just shoot arrows? They stack to 999 and they get their own slot that you equip like armor. You can make stone through titanium, You need wood and a stone and you make 1. For copper you need a bar and wood to make 3, they have higher damage. For iron you need a bar and wood to make 10 (the pattern is it equals amount to make a bar, have some pity game dev). This would also help the simplicity of damage over magic and how easy it is to make armor over warriors.

      8. Upgrading/Enchanting/Possible Idea of Jobs
      I can see a grindstone and enchanter system similar to Skyrim. You can use the same material to make that piece stronger (like using an iron bar to upgrade an iron sword or helmet) to give a feeling of “oh, I can just make this and get stronger. I hate when games have a system like that where you make a weapon, then make another weapon that is just better. And this also ties in with enchanting. There is already weapons like the Copper Knife of Fire, so why not be able to do that to all weapons. I hate how the only nature weapon in the game are the beginning mage wand and staff. The titanium mage weapons do Cosmic damage which is useless in the end zones, so why can’t I enchant my titanium staff to do holy or fire damage using mage gems? Or a dagger or scythe to do fire or thunder. I feel like upgrading and enchanting should be a choice, upgrade the raw or add an element (Which I think should scale with intelligence), not both. This is a mechanic that I would think to add more to the game, which would make me think of adding jobs LIKE blacksmithing, enchanting, alchemy, etc. and the more you do it, the better you get. This kind of system can replace you just upgrading the workbench or altar.

      9. Mage
      This subject gets it’s own subject because it is just so due to get a rework. So much is wrong or could be improved with the mage. First of all, damage number should equal mana cost. I spell that is weaker than my staff shouldn’t cost 60% of my mana to everything not weak to that enemy that I can’t cast again in 8 seconds. Switching between staff to spell should be a thing worth doing, but I said above, having a spell in the off-hand would make this more fluent. I also think tiers of spells should be better implemented. Like have a fireball spell that does okay damage for a decent cost with a low cooldown, then a stronger spell like a meteor that has a high damage, high cost, high cooldown. Get rid of the global cooldowns like that, they are not fun. Also add different spells like how there is a bolt spell (fireball), mine spell (frostmine), pulse spell (planetary strike), and aoe spell (holy bomb), etc. for different elements. I find it pointless to use planetary strike in the light worlds when I could use a titanium wand to do it faster. Especially since the arm time takes so long, the projectile doesn’t reach them, most enemies walk past it, and the first hit pushes them out of the second. To me, the first hit should pull in then the second pushes away. But if you make a bolt spell that has a low cooldown, it could work as like your “basic” spell, they do more damage than wands but they have a mana cost. The reason wands or staves wouldn’t cast mana is because the wand themselves is a catalyst, where for spells mana is the catalyst. The mage is quite a dissapointing, underpowered class that could have SO much potential and could be fun, but when you have so much equipment that you can’t even put a pickaxe on your bar, it could get annoying. Also summons, this one I could see more of a home stretch but I think it’d be cool.

      I think I’m probably gonna cut this off here because this is quite lengthy, and don’t take this as me shitting on the game. I know it’s early access and just like a base game, but I personally LOVE Portal Knights but I feel like it has SO much potential. The game is incredible with a cool concept and already good presentation, I just feel like it could be much more than it is, there’ll always be more to be said about the game, sure, but I had a blast and took my time farming for EVERYTHING (thanks for letting the bosses to be farmable, all that titanium would have been a PAIN IN THE GOSH DARN ASS IF THE BOSS DIDN’T DROP A BAR). Keep up the good work and keep working on the game ^^/

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      I wasn’t sure where to put this suggestion, but to me, some of the worlds seem a little too cluttered, specifically the well-tree’d areas. I find myself immediately running around chopping every tree down just so I don’t feel so claustrophobic. I’d rather see the grassy stuff toned down quite a bit, at the very least.

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      Hello everyone,
      I have played the game for some hours now , has a warrior, and here is what could really improve the game, I think :
      – Have the ability to sprint
      – Have shields, at least for warriors
      – Add a range parameter for bows, like the damages
      – Be able to jump while fighting, for attacking and also to dodge
      – Add combos and the ability to choose the way the weapon swing (like in Zelda TWW)
      – Create islands where there are cities, and quests, I think there is no use to have only random islands
      – Add lakes and seas where we can swim and explore 🙂
      – Add continents and not only islands
      – Reduce the amount of stuff on the islands, feels like there is too much plants, trees, etc… for the land size.
      – I would love to have drakes and drake eggs… to raise, to ride and to fight
      – Make more quests and campaigns
      – Create ability trees far more complex than what already exist

      Ps : This game is amazingly nice and have a huge potential ! One of my favorite so far. I hope developers are going to keep improving it !

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      Lots of good suggestions in this forum already. So I am not sure how much I can really add.

      1. I’d like to see more skills related to each class. Though I have to say that most fights in this game go very quickly so maybe something like double jumping, limited levitation or flight, a dash jump, or anything that can bridge short distances or carry you higher up.

      2. When you think RPG, you usually think quests. Now with the tiny worlds we visit this may seem like a bad idea at first but given that we can port from the map to any world we’ve explored then I see some possibilities opening up. This would also require an expanded crafting/loot system to make it worthwhile.

      From a strictly RPG standpoint that’s about all I can think of at the moment.

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      Hi guys,
      I would like to see more “action” of combat. Add more skills for each class. Such as passive skills, mobile skills, buff skills, protect skills and attack skills require weapon etc.
      I don’t go any details here, it’s a lot work to think. But it’s necessary for the game to survive.
      Thank for read my suggestion. Hopefully more change will come next release.

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      *Kind of spoilers*
      I just thought about the coolest idea ever

      You know how in the end there’s a huge portal?

      What if to open the portal, you had to complete enough quests that gave the reward of the special portal block?

      If no one is around to hear the dank memes, do they really ever happen?

    • #3806

      Later in development, seeing as this game has a huge amount of potential, it would be an idea (in my opinion) to have several modes focusing on different aspects of that potential. For example having an RPG style game-mode where it has a large skill tree, more classes, NPCs, maybe small settlements and traders spawning around, cool quests to slay mini bosses and gather resources that reward you with cool items, and a better and less awkward way to cast spells like the way it’s done in any old RPG like Guild Wars 2 (currently the toolbar and inventory is quite clunky and small). Maybe having pets that either buff you or help you with battle like the potion effects in minecraft that maybe improve your movement, attack or defense stats, or maybe just auto-attack the enemy you are targeting with their unique attack (like a fireball for a baby dragon or a slashing attack for a small pet panther).
      Another game-mode might be a Builder or Explorer game mode which could essentially be a creative mode but more rewarding than simply having everything immediately. Where it’s a lot easier to harvest items and craft and maybe a tool that enables you to fly (for building purposes) or some form of scaffolding mechanic. It would be less boss slaying or fighting-based and let the people enjoy the incredible graphics of the game with a rewarding sandbox experience.

      God I love this game, whether you chose to use any of these ideas –which I totally welcome you to–, or not, I will continue to be totally pumped for the next patch. Keep it up <3

    • #3809

      i think mounts and pets would be awesome and those ghost event islands shouldn’t dissapear like you keep them once you have opened and gone through the portal but if you dont open the portal to it it dissapears for ever.
      i think on the level 35 ghost island should have a hidden portal deep in a dungeon under neath the tower with a portal that leads to a new boss like a evil shadow version of your charictor and of the other people tht are playing with you

    • #3812

      more charictor levels would be cool like up to level 50 some new armor like dragon armor where you have to kill the dragon to get scales and make a ghost king mask thats equipable. and maybe add a mage armor made of the worm bosses hide or something. maybe make it easier to build like with pre set building styles you just walk up to the house at the begining of the game and if you have enough recources to finish it the blocks fly out of your backm\pack and finish it adn you can make upgrades to it you can choose to make it a BUNKER a tower a castle and ou just walk up to a magic panel in front of the house and it builds itself.
      built a massive fort and like 3 weeks later im still not done its taking for ever to get enough obsidian and other stuff.

    • #3813

      adding races into the game would be cool like elf orc un dead skeliton

    • #3863

      My only thought (my husband’s as well) is that the chests need more random or maybe even special loot? As it goes now we hardly care about finding a chest cause it has never had anything of value in them. A few recipes .. sure. Maybe add the ability for chests to have weapons or something of that islands level in them? Heck end game chests with a chance to drop the large storage chests would be worth a dungeon crawl. ^^

      • #3865

        I like this idea, I agree that chests are nothing special. I don’t find myself getting excited when I finally find one or anything like that and don’t go out of my way to try and find them.

        Ah Ha

    • #3969
      AvatarChief Hakoda

      Pets and more skills would be awesome 😉
      NPC would be epic!

      Join the legion

    • #4302

      I think you should drop all your items when you die so you need to return to your corps. Everquest did this and so does minecraft and I think it’s a good penalty.

    • #4407

      1. Quest markers! i.e. An orange orb floating above an NPC that has a quest/has given you a quest. Like the orbs in the first area. I’ve found it can be tricky to locate an NPC again, especially Nick, as he blends into the environment! 😛

      2. Increased movement speed. I know Rangers can upgrade their movement speed, but I’m not certain about the other classes? I’m a new player, so please excuse me if I’m ignorant! I think the reasoning for the current movement speed is the small size of the worlds, but I’d like to see a bit of an increase, as it feels too slow.

      3. A separate bar for skills. Instead of skills being placed in the hotbar, I’d like to see a dedicated bar (maybe above the hotbar?) for skills alone. I suppose key bindings might be an issue? But we could always click them. I think it’d be nice to leave more room in the hotbar for other (i.e. placeable, consumable) items.

    • #4443

      First of all, love the game so far almost played 60 hours already.
      You did a great job on Portal Knight love the game and its co-op option.

      About the RPG elements I miss a few elements, some are added recently others are still missing.

      #1 Secondary profession types
      #2 More classes
      #3 Advanced classes
      #4 Weapons & Armor
      #5 Dual wielding
      #6 Special Items
      #7 Talent tree
      #8 Sockets
      #9 Stat points
      #10 Upgrading / Enchanting
      #11 Remove no falling damage
      #12 Difficulty
      #13 Quests
      #14 Balancing
      #15 Trophy

      #1 Secondary profession types
      It would be nice to have a secondary profession type like mining, wood cutting, gathering or brewing. But training them you will gain more experience with these professions and so become better in that profession. Example if you like to mine a lot you can level your mining profession and but each level or at a certain level you gain an extra mining skill (passive) for example faster mining with 10%. And at a certain level you can get a special bag where all the mining stuff automatically goes to.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will gain a lot more content to play and discover.

      #2 More classes
      It would be nice to choose form more classes. Like maybe a priest that can heal and buff the group.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will have more options to play. For people who like to play with friend you will get much more balanced party there for the game experience will feel better.

      #3 Advanced classes
      It would be awesome to add advance classes for example:
      if you choose a warrior and defeat the first boss you get a special level with a quest to gain your new class like, a knight or a mercenary. And if you defeat the second boss at level 20 you get again a stronger class.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will gain a mass amount of new possible ways to play and discover this will give Portal Knights a huge class system and a possible way to create different parties and play styles.

      #4 Weapons & Armor
      It won’t hurt to make weapons and Armor class bounded. For example, a bow for a ranger not for a mage or a warrior. And the same for Armor, now I can where a full warriors Armor with a bow and because extremely hard to be killed. It takes away a challenge.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights is now not balanced and makes multiplayer not fun it makes it way to easy. It takes much difficulty away.

      #5 Dual wielding
      As a warrior it should be possible to wield a shield and a sword, axe or knife. Or possibly with advance classes example: a knight shield with sword/axe and mercenary 2 swords. Or with advanced classes an assassin 2 daggers.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will gain much respect of player because a lot of people miss dual wielding. There is also a group that don’t like this. But it gives a lots of classes the chance to experience more possible ways to play.

      #6 Special Items
      I miss the special items like weapons and Armor. There should be an option to find different kind of weapons or Armor of the same. For example:
      Normal (Grey) = Normal item without anything special.
      Uncommon (Green) = Weapon, Higher damage and better stats than a normal weapon. Armor, better defence and better stats than normal Armor piece.
      Rare (Blue) = Weapon, Higher damage and better stats than an uncommon weapon. Armor, better defence and better stats than uncommon Armor piece.
      Epic (Purple) = Weapon, Higher damage and better stats than a rare weapon. Armor, better defence and better stats than rare Armor piece.
      Legendary (Orange) = Weapon, Higher damage and better stats than an epic weapon. Armor, better defence and better stats than epic Armor piece.
      Then you can add also if you have an Armor of rare or higher that if you wear the full set you gain extra defence or extra live.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will gain a lot more items and when I read the forum a lot of people asked for this.

      #7 Talent tree
      Make new and more talents please. For example,
      Mage: Meteor strike, acid rain etc. And with advanced classes
      Elementor: Meteor rain, Blizzard storm, ice pillar or electric strike.
      Or Mystic: Force shield, Linear ray, Gravity crush or summon comet.
      Or with an Archer: Arrow rain, poison arrow, Twin shot or multi shot.
      But also passive talents would be nice for example an archer could choose the passive talent Hawks eye and will gain each level more critical chance by a set percentage for 30 seconds. For example, a talent level 1 it would increase 50% and at talent level 10 it would increase 200%.
      I guess you get the idea.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights misses the talents tree, in my opinion this talent tree is not that great. I have to say after the last patch I liked the idea that I cannot see the upcoming talents anymore until I got at that level. But you miss the real talents. For example, the mage. You have latterly not reason to play a mage. There is none special mage skill. Like fire ball that is exclusive to mages. The same for all the other classes.

      #8 Sockets
      It would be nice to see in your weapons or Armor sockets. To enchant your weapon or Armor. I find in the game 3 legendary socket stones the first have the attack addition of +5% more damage on undead monsters the second stone got a defence addition of +50 defence and the third stone got an agility addition of +10% speed when not in combat.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will not have that much extra of this. But it is a nice option to have in a game. It is that kind of extra that makes sometime a game a bit better.

      #9 Stat points
      It isn’t possible at the moment to choose you own stats. This isn’t the biggest problem but it would be nice to choose our own stat to fill in. Like it I get levelled up I gain 10 stat points as a warrior at low level I’m in a party with 2 archers I don’t need that much strength I want full defence so I can tank. Or as a mage I don’t need strength because I will need a lot of mana. (intelligence)

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will gain a lot more playing experience because player will now have the possibility to choose their own build.

      #10 Upgrading / Enchanting
      It should be possible to upgrade / enchant your weapon or Armor. Because in the early game it’s sometimes hard to find the right resources. And later on in the game it could be awesome to become much stronger with upgraded or enchanted weapons and Armor. For example, if I played with my archer and I have the “Strong Iron Bow” it can sometimes that forever to find gold so it would be nice if you can upgrade your weapons and Armor to like +10 with a special item(s) but it should not be risk free at +5 you could destroy your weapon or Armor piece. And enchantments are a Beautiful thing to add at higher level. You have to make a new (altar/something) or have to find a special place somewhere where you can enchant you Armor piece or weapons.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will have than to option to “customize” your weapons and Armor this will give more possibilities

      #11 Remove no falling damage
      Now we can jump to the bottom of a dungeon and don’t have damage at all. This isn’t very logical there should be a limit to jump this will increase the difficulty of the game.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights won’t gain that much of it. It will be a bit more realistic. And give the change to make a buff or scroll for falling damage.

      #12 Difficulty
      There should be an option to choose you own difficulty of the game. After a will the game feels a bit too easy. For example,
      Easy = Mobs have 50% health and damage received is 50%
      Normal = Mobs have 100% heath and you receive 100% damage
      Hard = Mobs have 150% health and you will receive 150% damage
      Hardcore = Mobs have 200% health and you will receive 200% damage on dead your items will lose 20% durability
      Deathwise = Mobs have 250% health and you will receive 200% damage but on dead you need to start over.
      Also you could make it to find on a higher difficulty better loot like more: rare, epic or legendary items.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will gain a lot more playing experience because you can now choose your own difficulty if you like to play the game and don’t like to fight that much you have that option. If you like a good fighting where you have to be cautious because otherwise, you will die. It will then be possible.

      #13 Quests
      Love the idea that you already put in some quest it added so much more fun in the game! Seriously love the idea.
      Can you maybe add also that if you came for the first time to a world you get a special quest like defeat the mini boss in the dungeon to active the portals?
      Or maybe next to the landing pad a NPC that give you side quests for that world. We have played since 0.6.1 about 10 levels and found 1 NPC in a dungeon.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights will have a better questing system. Easier to find and/or more quests to do.

      #14 Balancing
      When you play the game you will notice right away that the class aren’t very balanced. A warrior is not that great, but If I play an archer with a warriors Armor I feel like god. A mage feels like a class that sits there and does not that much. I think it would help a lot to the game if you balanced the classes.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights has at the moment a really unbalanced class system. This take a lot of pleasure away. By fine tuning this it will gain a lot of fun playing hours.

      #15 Trophy
      When you defeat a mini boss or a boss they should drop an extra item, a trophy because people love the glory to show off what they got or what they defeated.

      Why this will help Portal Knights?
      Portal Knights has already a possibility to make decoration. Than you have the possibility to put something in your trophy cabinet.

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    • #4459

      Hi! New to the game and it is still installing. I was just wondering if there are followers in the game who can fight with you/along side you in single player? When I play single player, I like it much more when I have a follower with me to make it feel sort of like co-op if you know what I am trying to get at. I think having a follower would be a nice addition to make the world feel more alive and real.

    • #4548

      Simple suggestion,

      Lock the “primary damage stat” for each class so points can’t be spent there, and balance natural progression accordingly.
      Currently players are basically forced to dump most of their points in whatever their primary damage stat is to be “viable”. This destroys potential variety and complexity–I can’t choose to make a speedy warrior, or a mage knight, or a warrior with a bow, or a pure tank, without **feeling** like I’ve really gimped my character by choosing not to spend points in damage. Portal Knights has this great system allowing us to use gear from any class, but its potential is really… unrealized.

      This would also help make things exponentially more interesting if new classes are added… since it will add another hybrid build for each existing class.

    • #4549

      1) Way, way too much grass foliage clutter in the grass land worlds.
      2) The lighting and highlight effects are abysmal. Sorry if that sounds too harsh but they really are.
      3) Polish the graphics a bit more. Bring it up to DQ builders level or as near. Mobs look great but some of the textures and models on others things just look rushed.
      4) The lack of inventory space and small stack sizes for a lot of things are very off putting and become way too much of a chore too early.
      5) Unique item events prior to launch. Very Very bad idea. You don’t attract people to the game by telling them they have already missed out on a lot on content before the game has even launched.
      6) Why on earth does the character craft stations so huge that they shouldn’t possibly be able to use practically?

      I don’t mean to be overly critical but Portal Knights is an impressive game. It could be a hell of a lot more with a bit more polish.

    • #4679

      I think the major thing that is lacking is quests and reasons to build. It’s fun finding a random npcs, but they often don’t have any purpose. I think in order to expand on npcs, you should be able to assign them to a bed. They could have specific housing request such as living near a lake, or someplace secluded (floating island, secret ledge). I love the worlds, but I want more motivation to build multiple bases or towns. I want some way to use a dungeon after it’s been plundered.

      I’m interested in finding ways to expand what it means to have a base and why you might want one in each biome. I want island specific features beyond the ore and plants. The shops are closest thing at the moment.

    • #4709

      To emphasize and expound on part of post #2379, I’d suggest adding airships as a buildable and customizable structure to help navigate the shattered world.

      Perhaps have a special block required to lift your ship and have a ratio like 3:1 needed (essentially acting as the balloon). It could inspire the more air balloon themed ships in that regard and add a bit of experimentation to the building. You could even make them destructible to allow for more risk using them as a form of transportation.

      Another addition for late game could be the construction of airship portals to allow players to bring their airship with them to other islands as they progress in the game.

      The addition would unlock all sorts of new possibilities in gameplay:
      *Floating fortresses
      *New ways to explore the islands
      *Air battles with bosses

      Sky’s the limit!

    • #5135

      Upgrading weapons with elemental boosts.

      Something like oil to put on weapon that will change non-elemental atacks to specyfic element for some time.

      It’s really strange that only wizards are abble to use holly elemental weapon and can much easier kill that undead wizards..

    • #9314

      I don’t know if suggestions are still monitored but I like this game but it needs more.
      I suggest being able to add friendly NPCs to home world. You will have to complete quests for them and make them happy and they will perform tasks such as farming, collecting, mining, etc… To get new NPCs random events happen while exploring where a NPC is held captive in a cage. You have to rescue them and then they go back to your home world. These events could be creative such as the NPC being held over a boiling pot about to be cooked. Once at home world you now have something more to build for. Complete tasks and quests, trade, build, outfit, etc for the NPC.

    • #11217

      You currently have it so that the player gets a trait for 25% bonus damage with a specific weapon type of choice at level 2.

      This is actually a bad time to give that talent, because we can’t even try out most new weapons until level 3 or 5. Because you require level 3 or 5 to equip those new weapons.

      How are we supposed to know what weapon we want to specialize in at level 2 when we can’t even try them out until level 3 or 5?

    • #12995

      I am quite happy with my PK purchase! You guys have updated twice already since I started (400 game-play hours ago eesh!) You are already going in a better and faster direction then Minecraft, DragonQuest Builder, Cubeworld and other direct competition games.

      You have gone above and beyond, solving some of my biggest game-play issues in both updates without me even seeing their mention on the forums. but there is one thing I have noticed and really think needs to be addressed. Especially from the RPG standpoint.

      I wanted to just start with that ONE SUGGESTION, though I have many thoughts, none are as simple nor as important as this:


      One big thing that lacks in PK is the ROLE piece of RPG, and that is because in nearly every way, all of your characters are locked into the same preferences…. Two major examples below –

      1) If you “turn on helmets” it turns them on for ALL YOUR CHARACTERS!!! UGH!

      2) All your characters SHARE THE SAME Home!

      There are other disruptions I’ve run into that are linked to this current design of characters, and it’s such a SIMPLE solution I hope that it can be looked into for the sake of really being able to personalize and customize each characters in-game experience.

      What should be done – Separate characters completely, so you can have Home islands for each, character options for each, and maybe even keybindings for each.

      Why this ONE suggestion over others – First because it should be relatively simple as a programming change, with LOTS of subsequent benefits. Second because it will enhance everyone’s game-play experience. (AKA large benefit group)

      Thank you for your time – now I have a Desert Palace to continue building,


    • #1764

      It would be cool if there was a way to tame some mobs to be pets. Right now you can get a parrot egg from the parrots in the first world; it would be awesome if there was some way to hatch this and get a parrot pet. Eventually, it would be cool if we could get other types of pets as well (little dragonling would be AWESOME). I’m not sure if these would just follow you around, help out in combat, collect dropped items, or help find gems and ores, or something else completely.

    • #1857

      Could you add pets please!!!

    • #2424

      i agreed

    • #1781

      I’ve reached level 15 on the mage now, and there’s a rather big issue I noticed right off the bat, that didn’t improve as I got stronger. Spells are pointless.

      I gave all of the ones I had access to a try, up through the fireball spell, and I junked them after only using them a few times. They are just bad. No other way to put it. I’ll list the factors below:

      – The first point that needs to be made is how good the alternative is. The reason spells suck, is because they are pointless compared to the alternative. So what does the wand have going for it?
      1) Infinite. No mana.
      2) Fast attack speed and strong damage output.
      3) Takes up 1 action button on the bar, that’s it. Saves bag space as a result.
      4) No cooldowns. Use whenever.

      Now looking at spells, what do spells do better than wands?
      1) Virtually nothing. They technically hit harder. But with the cooldown, the wand easily out DPSes the spells.

      The spells also come with a number of other serious drawbacks
      1) Costs mana. You now have to carry around mana potions to power your spells. Added strain on inventory space.
      2) Cooldown. You inevitably have to carry a wand around anyways and switch to it. Because the second you throw the fireball, you can’t cast any more for a while. So either you just run circles waiting for the cooldown, or switch to the wand.
      3) Pathetic DPS. Ya, the fireball does 3x the damage in a single hit. But over time? With the cooldown? It’s pathetic. The wand attacks super fast, and it can fire off 3 shots in no time flat and easily out damage the fireball.

      In closing, spells are worthless. They take up extra slots in your inventory, need mana which takes up yet more slots, are clunky to use by eating up more action bar slots, and all of that can be avoided easily by simply using the wand. There’s no reason any sane person would use spells.

      I highly recommend removing the cooldown and increasing the damage they do substantially. If the cooldown CAN’T be removed because of technical limitations, then make the damage even higher. These things are VERY clunky. You need to make using them feel rewarding enough to get around how unbearably clunky they are and make me want to use up all those extra inventory slots to use them.

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    • #1786


    • #2426

      Make separate cooldown for the spell
      also make 2 skill bar one for combat and one for crafting
      make the possibility to have on attk on left mouse and spell on right in combat

    • #1800

      1. seperate world travel in multiplayer

      2. the ability to split stacks

      3. a craftable mining helmet or some form of light source like a pet or something since (at least for me) placed torches do nothing and holding a torch in my hand while mining titanium and such is not an option.

      4. a better interface for the resource scanner. The circles are all nice and good but even having the hang of them I find myself digging out a rather large area to find where it’s trying to point me. An arrow that changes color (red for below green for same level yellow for above or something that becomes a circle when you are at same x/y coords but z axis wrong or something).

      5. loot chests for boss deaths. It’s all fun and games until I watch half my loot for 2nd or 3rd boss go tumbling into the abyss.

      6. change titanium bow to one shot with higher damage instead of 3 arrows that you practically have to be in melee to have them all hit anyways.

      7. give warriors a charge on attack to counter monsters who fly or run away at lower health, it’s no fun jumping and swinging to try to hit a flyer or chasing a mob only to overaggro and die because it’s nigh impossible to be melee and not get hit.

      8. why do rangers even have an option between str and int for that level upgrade, I haven’t tested if mine can use magic but why would he bother? also, why would a ranger have so many melee options instead of just giving him better ranged like the mages knockbacks/slows that come on their weapons.

      9. mage weapons need to not break blocks, I lost count of how many times my friend destroyed my farm because the amount of light doesn’t seem to affect if mobs can spawn there.

      I had more but I can’t think of them right now I’ll update this later if I do.

    • #1870

      I think that adding quests to this game would give the player more purpose to do certain things.
      A bit like how the tutorial was set out, but having this for each island.
      Just adds more to the game and more purpose for the player to do certain things.

    • #1886

      *Excuse my English, I am Spanish .

      I just get myself Knights Portal few hours ago and I have to give congratulations, because the game is proving to have its own personality and not be a copy over Minecraft. Very well done. The prints have been so good that I convinced my wife and some friends have done with it.

      Now, to help improve the product, I would like to list some things I’ve seen and I think are vital and in turn easy to add or correct:

      -I have created several worlds to prove that such is the subject of randomness when creating maps and I’ve realized that you can not customize not know the name of the worlds is done. (Rather the name of the game). It would be nice to put something other than WORLD WORLD 1 or 2.

      -The faces and hairstyles are fine to have started a few days ago a lot of choice, but I think it takes some features that diferiencien a little more to men as to women faces.

      -There is no way to loose objects on the floor, or I have not figured out how. The only way to share things with my fellow players has been leaving it on the workbench to create or storing it in a chest. It would be nice to throw him to the ground, although this afternoon shortly to disappear.

      -I see this a little more difficult, especially in the short term, but larger islands to explore and have several biomes would be fine. (I say this having reached the floating island only 5 to level 3 of my character … and 3 hours of play. If already included did not say anything.)

      -A mini-map to remember where the shelter is on the island when you come back after a long time away.

      -And of course, the best way to keep the game full of interest is to variety when decorating and build. More materials are always welcome, but I recognize that the idea of ​​adding furniture like tables and chairs was a great idea. I always hated that in other games (like Minecraft) had to pull imagination to discover that there were two squares together. So if in next updates there are more things like that it will be great. Very good interact with the mobiliary.

      More features such fish farms animals, etc … Variety is power.

      A little more than fear of death. So far it seems that dying does not cause any negative effect.

      That eventually admitted the game servers would be great, we all know that these games are best enjoyed in the company … and if 20, 30, 50 people can see our character with the best equipment and a super cool house and the desire to improve build increase per thousand.

      And, THANKS for the spanish language on the game. ^_^

    • #1916


      I wanted to write this to inform the devs of my thoughts, and an alike playerbase whom thinks like myself. I have enjoyed this game very much in the past day that I have played it. But my one concern is that so many of the new items are given in a tiered order, and there is not enough items which are unique.

      I know many other players that do not want to play tiered games where the armor follows a simple linear progression such as in minecraft… ex. copper -> iron -> silver -> gold : the next tier is always better in every way, with no reason to use past tier armor. This makes the armor much less diverse and very boring to speculate when coming to how to equip yourself for combat.

      This game has so much potential, and if it were to implemnt a system for armor / weapons unlike minecraft/class 1,5,10,15,17 ex, it would have a far greater appeal to myself and the playerbase which I represent.

      It is okay to have tiered armors but, I would like to see much more variety added with unique armor/weapons and special abilities given to the armors in lower “Class” aka tier, that would sometimes warrant using them in combat over higher tiered armors. Also just much more uqniue armors in general.

      A further suggestion would be for station upgrades – do not simply make upgrades cost the next tier of ore ex, for the anvil copper -> iron -> gold … this is boring and feels like a linear/tiered progression. Instead make us collect unique items to upgrade the anvil/any station, such as a new, stronger hammer, fusion core, fire core (for the furnace, ex).

      Additionally I would love it if chests would have a small chance to contain, randomly generated, rare/unique items with random special abilities:

      I know this would take some work to code, but if a system like this was implemented, this game would be a true gem and have a high appeal to the playerbase which I am a constituent of and not just the playerbase which is looking for a somewhat upgraded version of minecraft.

      Basically this was written in a effort in hope to show the devs that the can appeal to an older playerbase if they add more diversity and variety to the games armor/weapons (ex. stat or abilty bonuses, so they aren’t all the same in a linear progression), unique weapons + much more of them in recipies, possibly enchantable items to add even more diversity. I have high hopes for this game and hope that it will not be further developed to be one that has a simple linear tier system which is reminiscent of minecraft and other alike games. This game could truly be something great depending on what decisions the devs make. But it is in your hands, not ours.

      Many thanks for reading, your time, and your consideration


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    • #1920

      Also I would like to add in a separate post:

      Tiered armor can be OKAY if there is a great variety within tiers… ex once you reach the iron tier there are multiple 3+ versions of armor in the iron tier for warrior all with different advantages and disadvantages. Example, they could all offer the same defense but have variance in the auxiliary/special ability they offer. The more versions available in the tier the better 🙂

      This would be another way to do what I am suggestion. What I want to avoid the most is a simple tiered linear progression system where ex. iron tier reached, 1 new armor w/ better defense than that last, mine for silver to the next tier, 1 new armor w/ better defense than that last, mine for gold to next tier, 1 new armor w/ better defense… this is boring 🙁

      Again, thank you very much for your time


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    • #1988

      hmmm okay, so you’re saying you’d want a system where all armors are equal (in defense) and you just upgrade them up with new material? So you can pick certain abilities/perks and looks without feeling like you have to replace it every so odd?

      Maybe they could make something like all armor is a blank slate (base defense), and you slot in abilities/perks/stats and upgrade the blank slates with new tiered material to increase defense?

    • #2041

      Since there is magic in Portal Knights, why not legitimate using older armor by having them take more enchantments?
      This would mean you can find every kind of armor design and have it be just as strong as the current armor.
      A leather armor for example could be as sturdy as diamond armor (no idea if that exists but…yay minecraft).
      It means leather armor that is as good as diamons armor would be rare, but given the right enchantments, could be at least equal to the better ore types.

      Having benefits for different classes would also lessen the effectiveness.
      Make heavy armor add armor but slow down the movement and attacks.
      Light armor would be adding speed but with less armor.
      Having heavy armor be unwearable for mages however would not be good (like in sooo many other games).
      I really like to see heavy armored mages. They would be slow, but hard to take down.

    • #2420

      i agreed

    • #1945

      I think the game is great, there are only a few suggestions.

      Really they are questions, when you say that you are going to have more in depth RPG elements i’m hoping you mean special gear such as legendary items in other games with special stats? That would be awesome, or items you can craft but have to collect the rarest materials that only drop rarely in remote places.

      I would also assume that the dungeons will be more extensive, also hidden dungeons that need to be found from digging through the walls. I ran into a little bit of this on my play through but not enough.

      One other thing is more diverse enemies, only a couple per world at the present time.

      I guess most of this stuff will probably be done, i just kind of wanted confirmation that these are being worked on? Hopefully not to much to ask.

      Ah Ha

    • #2071

      Thank you for great game hope you guys keep doing a great job with the dev

      so i been playing a and testing the fight , and i like to suggest some things for the fights or action for the NPC or movement,
      i would like the fighting feel more fast and your feel the npc you know there are hard to fight not just shoot

      a couple of npc i been cheeking from just the initial levels

      Sand Shell

      The enemy Npc only make one spin and then it just walk to your face and stay still
      need more npc aggressive , maybe it can do more spin and faster.

      Fallen soldier

      let the npc to roll o dodge at lest dont want to be just stand still and dead

      like the golem great combat fight simple fast and good you can try this skill or momento with others npc something whit the fallen soldier

      hollow knight of fire

      the timing between one ball and the other one is to long plus something if im above the npc he doesn’t even try to hit me just stay still

      – faster fire ball and maybe if he is on fire hes weapon can be to.

      Crustor the big turtle you can just clim far from it and shoot he will no do nothing should be do something like the golem jump . or use his back for protection so make you go close to him .

      hope you find this useful and helpful

      The game is great so far the crafting system is easy to acces and easy to understand the textures are great for the concept of the game plus the npc and boss fight are great ideas hope there can be like a lvl adjust so the boss fight for those like me who like challenges modes can do this boss fight i little more harder .

      in this case ill would like is this is helpful you the dev team so can post higher lvl npc to the end game thank you again and wish you the best with your product

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    • #2104

      I have played about 10+ hours now on steam, and I have very much enjoyed the game thus far but in my opinion I think theses are the things that should be added and fixed in coming updates.

      First of all better AI pathing, it needs to be fixed of course as the AI tends to get stuck on doors, walls, etc. There doesn’t really need to be much explained on that.


      Second of all, I think there needs to be a combat upgrade. Such as the ability to parry, or counter in Zelda Wind Waker, where if you timed your dodge at the right moment you would dodge there attack completely and then come up with a upwards swing. I also believe there should be shields, as it is annoying to take almost all attacks to the face if you don’t just dodge away. Other then that I think there just needs to be a little bit more for sword combat kinda like Zelda moves, such as a down wards lunge attack just to make the combat a little less competitive.


      Third I believe there should be NPCs, whether it be from a small village to just a single house with a man/women living inside, you could also make them sell things like potions, weapons, or blueprints maybe or even have npcs have randomly generated quests like “Hey could you go kill this monster for me, in return I will give you such an such item” or “Hey could you collect this recourse for me, in return for this item”, Etc. I think it would add a lot more to the game as just adventuring and only finding monster does lack after a while, it is nice to explore and find new things like civilization.


      Fourth as I kinda mentioned above I believe there should be more quests, like main story quests instead of the side story quests I brought up. So that you feel like you are accomplishing stuff as you travel through the portals and kinda set a goal for your self.


      Fifth I think there should be new classes, like maybe a pirate class uses old muskets/guns, or an assassin class all based on daggers and sneaky stuff. I could literally come up with so many classes I would love to see, to just make there more choices to choose from but then I’d be sitting here typing all day.


      Sixth is an easy one, I would like to see water. Like ponds and stuff because when it is all dry land it makes the scenery just a little less appealing </3


      Seventh more dungeon variants kinda like the game Trove, so if you are in a fire biome there is lava and other stuff to avoid inside the dungeons. I think traps would also be nice, like a spike trap, or pressure plates that shoot arrows, etc.


      Eighth I think that should be added is more Biomes, and larger islands to explore.


      Ninth I think there should be more armor and weapons. Like all games the more weapons and armors the better, because then there is more loot to collect and then there is just people like me that like to collect clothing, armor, and weapons for ascetics or stats.

      I hope people read this and agree with me on these suggestions, and I hope to see these things implemented eventually into the game, thank you for the read 🙂

    • #2147

      Just a suggestion that kind of comes from the Diablo model. When you start to add more craftable items and start dropping weapons and armor from chests and enemies I think they should have random stats. Say one time I craft a leather tunic and it has 7% to poison resistance, if I want to try for a better level of poison resistance for my tunic I can craft it again and maybe this time its 9% resistance to poison. Same thing with the dropping of items. This way there is always better gear out there that you can try and get. At least this is why I go back and play Diablo 3 every few months or so to try and get better stuff.

      Ah Ha

    • #2204

      I understand what are you saying.

      So we are crafting a Golden Bow

      Atk Dmg: Random value between 100 – 140
      Crit Dmg: Random value between 5% to 10%
      Crit Chance: Random value between 5% to 10%

      So we are forced to craft multi recipes to get a good weapon/perfect roll.
      I guess we still we slow the game pace, and thats a good thing.

    • #2230

      I like the idea of randomized stats.

      Why not instead have a randomized stat booster that you can craft?
      Instead of having to craft 100 bows to find a perfect one, you can just craft 1 bow and tweak it using the stat booster (or call it a randomizer. Whatever works).

      Still a nice concept for stats.


    • #2231

      Yes i agree, but we have to slow down the game pace from low tier to high tier gear. because if we only take only a few hours / days to reach to gold/platinium level, people will skip crafting low gear like iron or stone.

    • #2232

      Well slowing down the game pace would strictly be up to the player.
      After all for:
      1) The game IS only Early Access so there is tons more to be had here.
      2) Any sort of stat enhancements could be scalable to the players level and/or gear piece that is being upgraded.

      From what I’ve seen, anything you do is strictly up to how you play the game. If you want to grind out max level and all worlds in 10 hours then make other max characters, so be it. Some players like that option, others want to take time and experience the full game/zones. And even some who just want to build. Whatever the matter, if you’re a player that runs out of things to do because you’ve simply done all you feel you can do, then dont panic. Theres plenty more you can do as well as plenty more updates and expansions coming out.


    • #2311

      First sorry for my english.

      I find rather unpleasent how common for me is finding a new treasure not expactating something new or cool to reward me, at lv 16 it’s becoming realy boring exploring to find new stuff, or i must say “wich a purpose that isn’t solely on exploring” My opinion is.

      Let chests drop more recipes and not progress recipes list just by upgrading your stuff, let they drop normal recipes etc… more scrolls (it could have also summoning scrolls) and thing like that, but of course, as i said, more things in the chest would be nice.

    • #2410

      at least they could change the tresure from a destroyed thing for a chest you can keep after

    • #2317

      Running through each world brings it’s own sense of adventure and resource, monsters and dungeon. However, when I come across ruins of houses, I think, “What if some worlds have a small NPC town with NPCs walking around”. As I started thinking more about this idea, I realized how beneficial this could be.

      – Gives the player a sense of companionship when playing solo
      – The ability to add merchants able to buy/sell furniture, seeds and plants, cotton and other cloth like materials, bags with more space for increase player inventory capacity, and other such resources/materials.
      – Blacksmiths that can do greater repairs and sell crafting recipes, weapons and armor (needing to reduce the repair percentage on sharpening stones and add a durability bar to armor)
      – Trainers such as Wizards, Knights and Rangers that sell abilities and spell recipes
      – A currency system giving increased value to all items and creating a need for gardens, the creation of multiple weapons/armor, stockpiling recourses, and so on.

      – Some worlds are too small to house towns and NPCs (A solution would be to simple make worlds bigger. Not Minecraft big, but at least something that takes like five minutes to run across)

    • #2337

      I would first like to say I think this game has amazing potential and is in a wonderful spot to start from. I have beaten what is available and I am at “the gate” which took about 6 hours of gameplay. I understand this is an early access game and in no way is it finished, so I’m not going to give it a review but I do want to give some feedback and ideas.


      Right now the combat is pretty much holding down left click until the mob dies. Spells are cool but forcing them to be on your bar is annoying when you have take up space just to use them. I do really like the dodging mechanic it adds to the movement of the combat.

      Here are some of the things I’d like to see added to the game for combat:

      1. A charged attack that does more damage or something like guarantee crit.
      2. A separate bar that you use for spells where you don’t have to switch from your weapon to use them.
      3. A rune system for weapons where you can slot runes that have extra stats or special skills.
      4. Possibly class specific spells i.e rapid shot for ranger or whirlwind for warrior.


      At fist it was fine when you only needed 4 copper to make a bar, but then you needed 30 titanium to make 1 bar and that is brutal. If all this game is going to be in the future is mine more and more ore to make a single ingot I don’t see how this game is going to appeal to anyone.

      My proposed fix to this would be to make large amounts of ore be a quest reward or the drop off a dungeon boss. See End game section for more detail.

      1. The only thing that really annoys me about the action of mining is the time it takes for a block once mined to come to you. Any blocks on the edge of the map 95% of the time just fall off.
      2. Lower the amount a block jumps when broken/mined. Blocks go through the roof if below or jump away off the edge of the map.


      I know the game is early access and we don’t really know what is to come past “the gate,” but if it is just another world with more different ore I would be disappointed. As I explained earlier in the mining part it is not very fun/rewarding to mine 30 ore for 1 bar of something.

      Here are some of my ideas for the end game and other things I’d just like to see:

      1. The addition of currency from killing mobs and selling items further explained in # 4
      2. Quests with rewards like a lot ore, crystals, or money/xp.
      3. Some sort of endless dungeon or maps system like in Path of exlile or torchlight to be some end game content.
      4. The biggest thing that I want which would bring together the last 3 points would be to create a general hub where all these things are. This would be a world that is an established as a town which you could:
      a. Receive and turn in quests
      b. Sell items for money
      c. Purchase items, outfits, or whatever from NPC’s
      Something cool if this were to be implemented is being able to purchase/build houses to unlock different NPC’s that sell you various items like runes or weapons.

      5. Worlds that are strictly dungeons and have some sort of mini boss with a better reward than X amount of a metal decor block.
      6. Better interface for exchanging items in a chest so that both inventories are shown at the same time
      7. In multiplayer one player can be in one world while one is a different world.
      8. Another big piece is a better skill tree. Right now it is not even kind of rewarding to hit a milestone or even level up.
      a. Give players more options at milestones and keep them relevant to the specific class.
      b. If you did add class specific skills they could be unlock/upgraded through the tree or a different separate tree.
      When I do level up I never notice any difference. I’m not asking to be OP and a god after each level up, but it’s not fun having such a linear progression when leveling.
      9. The ability to fully clear an island meaning mobs will not spawn anymore. This could be done by placing an item at the alter that stops them from spawning. The requirement for this would probably need to be “Player can not block spawns until 5 levels over island level.” so that it wouldn’t be easy mode.
      10. Allow for old sets to be used in the upgrade to the newest one. This would be helpful only if you didn’t address the issue with needing 150 ore to make one piece of armor in the late game.

      If you have any questions about anything here please ask and I would love to explain more.

    • #2379

      Ok, I confess it: I love myself, I love to read myself, and I love to reply to myself.
      So it will again be a long post cut in several (2, I think) parts where you will have to endure my thoughts. And I’m not even sorry.

      So, From what I see there’s 2 “good” ways Keen can take to improve Portal Knights:

      1- Evolve to a Building game with some little parts of RPG (and face Minecraft, its fanbase, its mods, its fanmade maps full of quests and so on -guess what I think of it-), or
      2- Evolve to a RPG with a cool little building/personalisation part (and I’d say “HELL YEAH!“).

      “Choice of not choosing” would probably result in a waste of resources to finally build an average little game, with pretty cool mechanics but not developed as far as they should. And the “All at maximum” is not feasible at a short/medium range.

      For the rest of this post, let’s suppose you guys want to follow the 2nd way, to RPG (and beyond). If it’s not the case, all this message is useless. But if you want to go RPG-style, you currently need a major add:


      … and it will be the theme of this first post. Just work on those guys (and girls). And all the rest of the game, it’s universe, it’s goals, will naturally follow. Examples:

      => Brigands, marauders, cultists, would add diversity to the game’s ennemies.

      => “Human NPCs” means “Human connumities”, like villages, merchants…

      => Humans could invent ways to travel to close islands, allowing the creation of “sky archipelagos” whose islands would be linked by airships, bridges, trains or whatever, reducing the redundance of the “farm shards, combine shards, place blocks, go to next level” system. Portals would be reserved to the discovery of new archipelagos, improving their importance in the player’s progression.

      => If you have people that can build airships, they can obviously build traps and other mechanics. Dungeons become suddenly more interesting…

      => Note that they can also build sorts of “factory islands”, that would be a cool biome from time to time: almost nothing to farm but many treasures.

      => Humans open the way to dialogues, that open the way to quests (you already have a quest system in your game, 20% of the work is done here). People could ask you to bring them back an object, free an hostage from a dungeon on another island, etc.

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      Spirit is All in Nothing.

    • #2382

      Ok, the main dish has passed now, I will expose here some other little things I thought of, not directly related to above (but still related to RPG).

      => Not a rush, but I’d like to see some more character personalization. Height, weight, voices… Cause you see, it’s rather cool to have the possibility of having a bearded character, but if possible i’d like to play a strong noble dwarf archer, and not a wierd bearded 10-years-old kid. Thanks. 🙂

      => Crafting named items is… Ok, I don’t know how other players react in other games, but for my part, in any game, when i see a weapon with it’s own name I think of a unique weapon, with ancient and outstandong powers, last witness (and actor) of epic battles and majors changes in history of the world. So, to be put back to the basis of this story feels strange to me, it makes the whole epic part fade away.
      I feel like the blacksmith that once forged a sword, that later was stuck in a rock, then pulled out of it by king Arthur. The blacksmith himself just forged a sword, not more. It’s the events that will later make her legendary and give her the name of Excalibur.

      => You will need “fixed” islands from time to time. By that I mean islands that are not automatically generated but designed for a certain purpose. Not only boss arenas, but villages, bigger dungeons, and so on.

      => Speaking of islands, I like universes where the world don’t automatically go darker as you approach the final boss. Why not put some high level tropical islands from time to time, to surprise (a little) the player just after he leaves a volcano?

      THat’s all for the moment, I will come back to this subject when I get inspiration. 🙂

      Spirit is All in Nothing.

    • #2439


      (Sorry for my English)
      After a week of play, i think of few upgrade/idea to add to that really cool game:

      The RPG part need to be change for obtain more custom in the way you fight
      option 1: make more in deep skill tree for each class.
      fire more damage or more crit/ fireball deal aoe or your fireball deal burn over time
      ice more damage or slow you opponent/ more chance of frozen
      heal more quick or over time/ more crit on heal etc
      Warrior: knock down or push, stun or swirl etc
      More skill tree by class:
      mage: Ice/fire/lightning/nature/light/shadow
      warrior: berserker/two hand/two weapon/tank
      ranger: assassinate(2 dagger)/poison/range attk/shadow walk

      give the opportunity to choose in each tree (level 30= 30 point) so 30 point too max one skill tree or you can make 10 in 3 different tree.

      Option 2: Same as the above for skill tree but no class and a totally free custom from each skill tree from each class.
      Your heroes could choose from each class tree the way he want.
      so you can have a shadow hunter or a berserker fire mage or healer

      Make more difference in the weapon
      mage: wand faster but less damage/ the staff slower but more damage/ sceptre aoe damage
      For warrior: 2h lot of damage/1h + shield for lot of protection/ 2 weapon quick but more hit fail
      ranger:longbow/short bow/crossbow

      Also give a second hand weapon for 2 weapon or 1 weapon and shield/magic stuff or only a 2 hand weapon.

      Skill Bar
      Give two skill bar, one for combat whit all your spell or potion
      and one for craft whit your hatchet/pick/scanner/mineral
      because whit all the item you need too use one bar is too little.
      Its also help for the place in the inventory.

      Like so many people said already you need to add dodge and jump on different button for in combat
      Give charge to warrior so he can be better in battle, add shield (like said before) for better armour for them. Maybe a hook skill to bring the enemy to them.

      Your game its really good

    • #2509

      I think you’re a RPG fan! 🙂 But here we have some really good ideas! I totally agree with heal more quickly or over time or the mage/wizard should have some heal ability to yourself and others.

    • #2585

      Add off-hand weapons and shields as executable special attacks specific to each individual weapon, using the current Magic Bar as a resource. (I.e. I earn dual wielding through leveling and decide to use a dagger as my off-hand, daggers special attack might be a short, thrusting dash forward that damages and hinders armor. If I choose a sword, perhaps the special for swords is jumping downward slash that bleeds a target. Things of that nature. Even two-handed weapons could be given individual special attacks specific to them, like a whirlwind for two-handed axes. In the case of shields, have an equipped shield provide an armor bonus and chance to block, but when used with the special attack it is held at the ready for a magic cost per second and can reflect some magic effects or ranged attacks.)

      Connect resource containers to the creation tools to expedite crafting.

      Add unique, named Items, as rare drops or a wandering rare monster with superior loot. (I.e. Treasure Goblin)

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