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      Don’t get me wrong I love this game. Have built myself a very, very good base. Have nearly the best armour and best weapons. But there seems to be something severely lacking in this game.

      1) all the dungeons are the exact same. They consist of 4/5 flying eye monsters that take 2 seconds to kill. 4/5 falling soldiers. Maybe a mummy/fallen wizard. And that’s about it. They all have th EXACT same layout and the rewards in the chest are very, well, ‘meh’. This games been out for 2 years and you haven’t ever thought about maybe making this better? Make it harder, make it longer, make it like a raid or something.

      2) there’s no real point in even levelling up or getting gear seeing as you can do all the activities in this game with just basic armour. You could do the end boss with just a wooden bow if you wanted, there’s no real need to even get loot apart from the portal shards. All you do is go to one world to another where it’s the exact same dungeons to open up another portal to go to a new world to open up a new portal etc etc there’s no real need to even actually ‘loot’

      3) so I got to ‘The gate’ yesterday, expecting there to be a whole new world for me to explore, (seeing as this game has been out for a year on pc) to discover that there isn’t… it just teleports you to the portal knight base where you get a few more pointless quests from the people in there. And then after that…. nothing.

      1) make the rewards for doing quests and the events actually worthwhile, at the moment you do a quest and it just gives you xp and like 6 coins. And when you do one of the ‘events’ YOU DONT EVEN GET ANYTHING

      2) make the dungeons more like raids. Change the layouts, add some mechanic Into the game which requires some thought (don’t just hide a portal in the middle of a load of dirt… nobody likes that)

      3) give us more loot when we are out and about rather than just recipes. I want to be able to get barrels full of weapons, or books to put on the bookshelves. More ‘decoration’ items would be amazing. Rather than just furniture. Maybe pictures to hang on walls, or clothes for a wardrobe or just something

      Overall the end game In This game is pretty appealing seeing as it’s been out for a year already on pc and it seems like you’ve hardly added anything, I doubt we will even get DLC for this game.

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      I, completely, agree with the above suggestions. Implementing them (and more) would make this game even better.

      I would like to be able to make Signs as well. My OCD is just screaming to label stuff. Lol

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      Yeah I know same it’s very frustrating, at the moment my base is empty because I’m not satisfied with where to put stuff. I’d like more decoration items to just put in corners and stuff like barrels with weapons in etc

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      I agree

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