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      Hello. I apologize if this has already been asked but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I just bought portal knights Via digital download on my switch. My son was Really excited for two player split screen mode, but we cant seem to get it working. Whenever we go to “local” and it says to add another player by pressing “+” we get an error message saying that there are no other users permitted to play the game. It seems to be suggesting that I have to buy the game separately for another “profile” on my switch but it seems silly that a game that advertises itself as split green multiplayer would require this. Not only that but I’d have to make up a separate Nintendo account for another profile because I’m the only account holder in my home.

      Ive seen on some threads that controllers are the issue so I should state that I’m using dual joycons for one controller and a wired pro controller for the second.

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      Instead of going to local on the main menu, you need to go to single player and then you press start on the second controller. Sorry for the late response. Hopefully this helps.

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